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Aad Kloosterwaard (Sinister)

Interview with Aad Kloosterwaard from Sinister
by Elina Papadoyianni at 01 June 2006, 3:02 AM

Almost a month after their latest release, Afterburner, and with radical changes regarding the band members and their sound's style, Sinister return with a huge European tour and receive roaring acceptance by their fans. Here's an interview vocalist Aad Kloosterwaard gave me, somewhere in between the irlive shows, just before the band's arrival in Athens (May 26).

Hello Aad! How are you today?

I’m fine, and you?

Very well, thank you. Let’s start with a few words about the tour and the live shows you are currently doing. I know you are coming to Greece in a few days…

Yes, we have already began the Balkan Tour with live shows in countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia and it has been really great. When we played there for these people, it was amazing and I was very happy to be able to be there.

Greece is next in line, right?

Yes, next will be in Greece for two live shows, in Thessaloniki and in Athens, and we are really looking forward to it because last time was great and since then we really wanted to be able to come again.

Let’s talk about your latest album, Afterburner (Nuclear Blast Records) and all the changes that took place, with most important being your switch from drums to vocals.

The situation was that Alex and me had become very tired from the problems that occurred inside the band so we decided that we couldn’t go on like this and that we needed a challenge inside Sinister and due to the fact that Alex already played the guitar, he decided to do that instead of playing the bass and I wanted to leave the drums and do vocals. I really needed a new challenge after all these years and I think that everything worked out pretty good, so I believe that we made a very good job on our last album.

Yes, I will agree with you, Afterburner is a high quality work and has received many complementary reviews.

Very nice to hear that, thank you very much!

You’ve mentioned that you’ve faced a lot of problems, as far as Sinister are concerned. I imagine most of them took place the past two and a half years. Which have been the most important ones according to you?

The most important, I think, was that the old members weren’t motivated anymore and we couldn’t cooperate well together. That caused a lot of little problems as well and created a situation that needed to be changed. In a band like Sinister, members should play 100%, not just 95%.

I’ve read that you are already working on your next album, probably under the title No Mercyful God.

Yes, we have already started writing four new songs, but we do it slowly, because although we have many new parts for songs, we cannot create at the moment a complete one. We do have at the moment 3-4 songs at an early stage, but we have to wait to find out how everything fits well together because we have to stand up to the level of the latest album and even better. So we do not want to hurry up on the next release in order for the result to be something really good.

How do you feel about the Death Metal scene, in the way it is formed nowadays?

Well, I must say that I come from the old school Death Metal, so I’m more into old school Death Metal bands, but of course I also like some newer Death Metal bands. For me 9 out of 10 bands that come out sound like Suffocation or something like that. I believe that new Death Metal bands have to work on their own identity and their own sound.

Which album from Sinister would you choose as your best release?

I would have to say the new one, Afterburner and the Hate album. These are for me the best CDs of Sinister.

That’s all from me. Is there anything else you would like to add before we finish?

I’d like to say to all the fans in Greece that it is great that we are coming there and that we’ll try to give them the best show with songs from every Sinister album, especially from the latest one and we’d like to thank them for all these years of their support, we really appreciate it!

Thank you very much for your time, Aad. Looking forward to seeing your live show in Athens!

And thank you very much for the interview and I guess I’ll meet you at the show and see to whom I’m talking to!



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