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Aaron Aedy (Paradise Lost)

Interview with Aaron Aedy from Paradise Lost
by Harel Golstein at 26 October 2015, 9:29 AM

Attending the upcoming Paradise Lost show is Israel crew leader Harel Golstein, and was able to catch with them for an interview. Here he chats with PARADISE LOST's guitarist, Aaron Eady, about touching down in Israel for the umpteenth time, the new upcoming concert film "Symphony For The Lost", working with a live orchestra, and his drumming aspirations

Hey Aaron, how are you?

Hey! Well we've just returned home after some shows in Belfast and a few more venues around England.

Busy week! Paradise Lost has already performed in Israel like 6-7 times in the past. Why do you guys come here so much? Do you have any special memories from those shows?

I think the first time we performed there was around September '92. At first we performed in Haifa and the two nights after in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. The years after it was only Tel-Aviv. They were great shows! I remember going to the Bazaar, the dead sea, you know, some sight-seeing.

I've recently seen the trailer for the upcoming concert film "Symphony For The Lost". How was it like performing with a live orchestra and a choir? Which one of you thought of the idea?

I did! (Laughing). To be honest we've been wanting to do that for a long time, and the label always supported us and encouraged us to do so. It was quite a unique experience. It was quite demanding too but we've had a lot of fun performing with them. We've been wanting to perform with an orchestra and a choir for years.

It seems like a real treat for the fans. Quite the theatrical experience.

Yeah. Kind of like mixing tender and rough. Truth is it came out fantastic and very edgy. It was a real meaningful experience for us.

Did you guys feel like you're Metallica for a moment?

I'm a big Metallica fan but I think the fact they did it, kind of pulled us off for a few years, making us postpone the idea. Paradise Lost's music is full with harmonies and classical aspects that really suites an orchestra and eventually that connection came almost naturally.

Your last album, "The Plague Within" has been received extremely well and been getting great reviews. Was there anything different in the writing and recording process than it was in older releases?

We have a different approach for each album we record. And we wanted to work in the studio we've worked 20 years ago. It's quite special, the sound, the amps, those kind of things. We wanted the album to echo material we've done in the past and mix it what we do today. It's something we've aimed for and really wanted to pull off. Working with a producer like Jamie Gomez Arellano (Ulver, Ghost, Angel Witch) is absolutely killer. One of his many advantages is he's a phenomenal drummer and he gave the drums in the album a beautiful sound. Very unique. And the album's sound came out to be very organic.

On the artwork for the album you chose to work with polish artist Zbigniew Bielak (Mayhem, Ghost, Solstafir). He's a big name these days. Describe meeting and choosing to work with him.

I got to be in an exhibition of his art and it was unique and intriguing, absolutely beautiful. So we just decided to go for it. We've been working for the ideas for quite some time and went back and forth with it. Nick sent him some of the lyrics and he would send us drafts back. Of course with the internet these things go way faster than they used to. But that was a part of the process and we've spent a lot of work on that too.

You've been in the band for more than 25 years now and pretty much helped shape and create the genre. What would you be doing today had you not help found Paradise Lost?

Well I'm an electronic engineer by profession; I've even studied it for 4 years before really getting into music. I don’t know. Maybe production and work in the studio. But I've always wanted to work in music.

Are there still days when you just sit around playing your guitar all day long? Like, just writing riffs and jam for hours?

Sometimes. Well, it happens but sometimes. There are days where I don’t pick up my guitar at all too and all of a sudden inspiration comes and I'll just sit and write a lot. But I don’t really sit on it for hours. I've never really been one of those, just sitting playing scales (he goes on humming tam-tam-tam-tam). I do play a lot on the drums lately.

How does it feel like to be a pioneer in the metal world, to be considered an actual godfather of genres?

Umm really humbled I guess. We've never really perceived ourselves as such. But it is satisfying to hear people tell you how much you've inspired them. I believe that's the best compliment one can get, when somebody tells you your music has inspired them to write music of their own. And it's the best when they take that inspiration and transform it into something completely different as well. It's nice to think of us as young musicians trying to make our way and starting early and all that. But we don’t really don’t of it that much. We've started as good friends who just wanted to play music and create art that we would love listening to ourselves. Releasing records together as friends; now that's rewarding and satisfying. But musically and artistically speaking we started by doing it for ourselves and that's probably why we're still around.

What about bands from your era, like My Dying Bride, Anathema etc, do you still listen to those guys?

Well kind of. We're real good friends and we've just seen the guys from Anathema like 2-3 weeks ago. It's great we're all friends and it's a lot of fun meeting in concerts and such. But  basically it's just great that these bands are still around making music.

Paradise Lost has changed and evolved it's sound and approach many times over the years. Any chance of that happening again?

Never say never (laughs). I think as Paradise Lost we've always created the music that was best for us and that we really wanted to make. Some people may expect "Draconian Times" over and over again, and I know some people were surprised by some of the albums when they came out. But a lot of people still tell us how much they enjoy them album from our more alternative era. Then again, never say never. We never really plan up front what We're going to do next. We never plan like a concept or a certain sound upfront. We've always just kind of went along with it and embraced that sort of inspiration.

Have you heard the new Iron Maiden (The Book of Bouls) yet? What did you think of it?

(laughing) Haha well you know what? I've bought it but I haven’t really listened to it yet. Some of my friends already did and they're urging me to give it a spin already. To be honest I'm even a bit scared I won't like it. Iron Maiden are one of the reasons I'm here doing what I do. As a teen I used to listen to their tunes and say "I want to do that!". So there's a lot of expectations from the album and I don’t want to be disappointed (laughing again). But I'll give it a proper listen this week, I promise. Some of  my friends still really pressure me over it. I think I already have too many expectations from it.

What about modern metal bands? Any you especially like?

Some of the bands that toured with us recently are really good. But I mostly like those who kind of imitate the sound of those major iconic bands.. Like Maiden, AC/DC. I still buy a lot of remasters too, by Rush, King Diamond, Maiden, and such. I still listen to a lot of the stuff I used to when I was growing up. So I still play lots of those. Maybe that's what happens when you grow old haha! (laughing)

What about non-metal? Is there any artist you'd like to perform with?

Well some. There's this American band which I like, called Midlake. They released a really good album called The Courage Of Others. Very acoustic but I love it. Now that can be combined with a live orchestra and a choir, haha! But I'ved already seen them a couple of times and they're real good.

How about those super popular acts? Like, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Jack White, stuff like that. Do you like any of those?

Well not so much since I'm already in a rock band. But I would play drums in a band if I could.

Well you could always try getting into Bloodbath…

Haha! Well I'm not the best drummer so I wouldn’t keep up. But I am a drum enthusiast and play a lot.

Have you read any good books lately? Something you'd like to recommend our readers?

Yes actually. I've read quite a few recently. A book called At Home by an author named Bill Bryson. It's about the history of every-day stuff just lying around in the house. Ive also read Ken Follet's Century trilogy. I Really liked that.

Were you expecting Ken Follet's latest? Are you one of those who keeps calling bookstores waiting to see when new releases will ship in?

I Always order them in advance. I have a friend who works in the business so I take care of it early. I've even got around buying books twice! Paperback and digital for the kindle.

(Now I'm laughing..) Well that's kind of ridiculous.

They should sell those together! It doesn’t make so much sense if you ask me. Maybe they should give out a discount for whoever buys a book twice haha.. Anyhow his latest is great; I've really enjoyed that.

Is there anything else you'd like to add to our readers and the Israeli head-bangers who'll see you perform soon?

We're real expecting to be there already. We've always been accept very warmly there and the shows were tremendously good. See you there, it will be fun!


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