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Abbath (I)

Interview with Abbath from I
by Elina Papadoyianni at 02 November 2006, 3:36 AM

The new band called I - featuring Immortal's frontman Abbath and drummer Armagedda, Enslaved's guitarist  Ice Dale  and Gorgoroth's bassist TC King - is about to release its debut album, Between Two Worlds, in a few days through Nuclear Blast Records. Under this occasion, an interview with Mr. Abbath followed in a rather cheerful atmosphere..!

First of all, what’s going on in the Immortal dept. What are the plans there?

Well, we are coming back next year with a few exclusive shows. For example we will be the headliners of Wacken Open Air and we’ll do a live video there, but we will continue with a few live shows so, then we’ll see, we’ll take it from there.

How come you chose this humble name for the new project?

I didn’t want to call it ’Abbath’ so…

\[Laughs]Ok, I get your point!

I thought it was a brilliant idea. It was Demonaz’s idea and while I was struggling to find a name, I didn’t want to call it Abbath even though it’s kind of a solo project and of course not Immortal because it’s not Immortal but a solo project. Demonaz suggested the name I and I thought it was just great! He also came with the name Immortal back then! So, yes, it’s cool and I think that this name. I, really symbolizes things; it’s like a column!

Ok, so we have a new band featuring members from Immortal, Gorgoroth and Enslaved. Indeed a killer combination…

Yes, well, it really works off with these guys you know. They are really dedicated to the project and they really wanted to participate on my shits, you know. They have done a great job and their signature is on this album.

So, in other words, there is a good cooperation with the other members.

Yes, we are working together very well. There is a situation like I’m the boss, but there is also democracy when we work.

And there is still the presence of Demonaz, but through the lyrics only.

Demonaz is always there!\[Laughs] I asked him whether he wanted to write some lyrics for the new project, if he liked some of the songs, but he liked all the shit and he wanted to write lyrics for the whole album. So, we seem to be like a good team off Immortal as well!  

What were the impressions from the Hole In The Sky Festival in August which was also the first appearance of I?

People liked it. I was struggling a bit on stage because I was suffering from an infection and after a couple of songs I was in a lot of pain and it was difficult to do a lot of stuff on stage, but I had to be focused until the show was over. We also didn’t have a very good sound on stage because we didn’t have a sound check so it was…well, it has been better! But, we did the best we could under that situation and the audience seemed to like it.

What about the song Far Beyond the Quiet and its dedication to Quorthon of Bathory? How did this occur?

Actually, when I composed that song, there wasn’t any intention to make it sound like Bathory but it ended up like that. So, Demonaz, when he listened to it, he told me that this could be a pretty cool dedication to Quorthon if he could also write the lyrics in his spirit, as he too is a big fan of Quorthon’s writing. So he did a fantastic job with that as well.

And as I saw from a few promo photos, you left all the corpse paint behind. Why’s that?

Why? Because it’s I!


\[Laughs]No, I’m just kidding. Well, that’s Immortal and we don’t want to mix up those too. It’s like showing a different side of us; we are more like warriors on this one, not demons!

More like warriors; really? \[Laughs]

\[Laughs]Yeah, whatever!

In what ways do you believe your music has progressed through this album?

It’s like we are on a balance point with this one. We have searched the golden past, but we have also opened new doors and made something fresh for this new era. That’s generally my opinion and I think that many people agree with it. A lot of people are actually waiting for this album

Are there any touring plans arranged?

We haven’t planned any tour or anything with I, but I would love to come to the Rockwave Festival with Immortal, although there aren’t any offers from its organizers, but anyway, I would like to come as soon as possible to Greece ’cause I really like it there and I also have some friends there.

Anything last you’d like to add?

The curiosity of men has become our fate!


\[Laughs]Yeah, and see you in Hell!

\[Laughs] Are you referring to me specifically or to all those nice people that will read the interview?

\[Laughs]Ok, seriously now, I would like to tell our fans that read Metal Temple to be patient; we will come to Greece for sure! As long as I live, I have my health, I will come!


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