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Acid Death's Savvas Betinis: " Breaking up in 2001 was a really BIG mistake! If the band was on the road all the previous years, things would be totally different today. There are many cases that some people out there think we are "newcomers"!"

Interview with Savvas Betinis from Acid Death
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 08 May 2019, 4:13 PM

The main goal is never to stop, never let go of your dreams to become something. The best time is now, and the present offers countless of options. The Greek Acid Death, since their return, have been infesting upon time's flesh, consuming as much possibilities and thought patterns they can. After recently releasing, “Primal Energies”, Steinmetal had a talk with the band's chief, Savvas Betinis, regarding the album's creation process, material, going forward and more.

Hello Savvas, it has been a while sir. I hope you the passing time has been good to you. How have you been doing?

Hello and thank you very much for this presentation! I am fine! We are so happy for our latest album!

Well, we are here for an interview for Metal Temple online Magazine due to the new album, entitled “Primal Energies”, of your longstanding band, Acid Death. Let’s start with the album’s chosen title. It made me feel, at first at least, that it is some sort of a “back to the roots” intention. What is your assessment of the matter?

Yes, in some way the album title can give memories like "these guys are returning to their roots". Actually the album title gives the generic spirit that the album carries. The entire energy spirit that rules the World…

Before I approached “Primal Energies”, the last remnant of the band’s music I had as a reference was with the “Eidolon” album. I believe that you started something with that early album, which eventually converged into a fine piece of progressed type of Death Metal. I have to admit, quite an evolution. Do you share this opinion? How do you see the band’s developed style up till now?

"Eidolon" was the album that we made 10 months after our return in 2011, actually it was a great album for us! Although we always are positive with all our releases, I think that "Primal Energies" is an album that stands out of everything that we have released so far. You know, it is not easy for a creator to stop thinking as creator and start thinking as listener, at least to his own creations… We tried and finally got to think as listeners after finishing album's recordings… The result was a shout like "Wow! This is a really great album!" It is not only the songs structure, the way that the tracks are floating in the album, the extra instruments that exist…It is the entire atmosphere that this album carries. I have to admit that "Primal Energies" wasn't an "easy-created" let's say album! "Eidolon" was! But this one was really-REALLY-hard on creation, that's the way we are feeling so proud for it.

What led you to write the material for “Primal Energies”? What were your influences that based your vision for how the album imagery would be?

Well, when we started processing the new songs, back in summer/2016, we saw that there is something different here…More melodies, more "dark" atmosphere, more "catchy" themes…Everything was different from the previous tune, "Hall Of Mirrors" of 2015. Our vision was: "ok, let's create an even better album from "Hall Of Mirrors"", that was the first thought… During songwriting process, that lasted till the day we started recording drums, in April 2018, we saw that some new doors were opening for us… At first new lyrical paths, having to do with even history and science. New musical paths, adding even Post and Ethnic music themes… You know, it is not easy to keep everything you have in mind and add it in the new music, we had to find a way to work around with all these new influences. Everyone has a positive opinion on that! "Yes! You, guys, made to do it!"

How do you feel working with ex-Cororner’s guitarist, Tommy Vetterli, as producer on this release?

It was an honor for us to work with Tommy Vetterli and Martin Zeller (CORONER's sound engineer). Tommy was at CO-Production point and Martin was at engineering point on mix and mastering. Album's sound is tremendous! It is the best production we have ever had! Tommy and Martin and of course everyone at New Sound Studios/Zurich, are true professionals!

A little bit of objectivity for this one. I have been listening for more than a handful of technical / progressive style extreme Metal albums. There are those that are able to capture attention with various features, with melody being the foremost. What makes “Primal Energies” a standout?

At first, melody is album's strong element. On this album, melody is the A thing. After that we strongly believe that the entire song structure, the way that the songs are floating and of course the lyrics are giving a strong atmosphere that a Death Metal fan will like to listen.

Please shed some light regarding some of the themes that have been focused on the album? Elaborate regarding whether there are themes that mattered to you that you believed are important for the listener to bear witness to

Of course we didn't stop the "classic" way of lyric themes we use, I mean horrible stories, coming from the horrible side of life. The same time there are even some historical themes, like "My Bloody Crown", a story about Herod The Great, one of the most bloodthirsty emperors on the Earth… Some themes that have to do with Science, like "Primal Energies". As I told you, "The Inner energy that rules the world"… Even "Regret / Repent" that is a personal story that everyone could have it. A man is arrested and tries to say "I Am Sorry" to his wife…

Which of the album’s songs is your top of the line, your best work? Please explain what your pick means to you

Of course "Primal Energies" that will be band's official video clip for the album. "My Bloody Crown" that starts the album… "Reality And Fear" that includes a traditional Greek instrument - Zither instrument-. And not only of course! It is really hard for me to say "I love this" or "I love that"…They are all our "children"!

“Primal Energies” also marks three decades of Acid Death. You have come a long way my friend, and I trust that 2019 is a year for festivities. Please share your plans

At first yes, three decades on the road, although there was a big pause between 2001 and 2010. We are working hard to promote the album and from the autumn we start touring, at first in Greece and after in Europe. You know, we are a live band and touring is what we love! We wish we had some more chances for touring…

Continuing with the three decades' topic. Do you believe that Acid Death should have been in a better position in the market of today? Do you think that you have been skipped in a sort of measure?

Yes…I strongly believe that. Breaking up in 2001 was a really BIG mistake! If the band was on the road all the previous years, things would be totally different today. There are many cases that some people out there think we are "newcomers"! Now we are chasing Time to make things faster and faster. But we are really happy to be here and offering good music!

Savvas, I wish to thank you for the interview. It was an honor having you interviewed. Your new album is a true form of Death Metal in progression that shouldn’t be under the radar. Good luck.

Thank you so much for this interview and presentation! We appreciate that Metal Temple mag give us this opportunity and supports is in every release! All the best!


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