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Adam Carroll (Warbringer)

Interview with Adam Carroll from Warbringer
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 16 April 2008, 10:31 PM

If you are into the old-school Thrash Metal then you should probably heard of WARBRINGER. This band has released War Without End and from that moment are on the road with bands like EXODUS and NILE. Metal Temple took the opportunity to ask some questions Adam Carroll about the band's recent actions.

Metal Salutes from the METAL TEMPLE! Congrats on your debut album!


Please introduce yourselves to our readers. Give us an inside look to the birth of WARBRINGER. How did you come up with this band name?

In 2004 Adam joined in on drums. After some shows and the first demo, there was a lineup change with Ryan on drums for the One By One The Wicked Fall demo. The name was originally ONSLAUGHT. But we later found out it was a u.k. Thrash band. We liked war topics for thrash lyrics, so we changed to WARBRINGER!

I first encounter your music in your recent Chicago show with EXODUS! You really earned me that night. How did the tour with them go?

It was awesome! We couldn’t have asked for cooler guys guys to play along with. Hopefully we can tour with them again.

In your music you there are some prime EXODUS influences; how was it touring with them? Do you think that you learned something from them?

Definitely. They showed us the ropes of touring, and showed us no matter how popular you may become, always do the same for other new bands and help them out to be comfortable touring.

I was really impressed by your sound that comes from the mid 80s Thrash scene. You have also expanded this vintage atmosphere to the lyrics as well as to the artwork. Did you plan to do all this before getting in the studio?

No. It kept getting more thrash as the production developed. With the artwork, the studio and the lyrics. It all just came together as one big thrash attack surrounding the music.

What was your working process in War Without End? Did you work all together or separately and then mix your ideas?

We would write riffs separately then collaborate at our rehearsal room. And we’d all chip in on song structure and lyrics. I think in the future we’ll write more as a whole instead of trying to piece together each others riffs.

What about the lyrics? How important are to you?

Well our lyrics are pretty thrash as far as being brutal, funny, and fast. But even the more direct songs are not to be taken seriously. We may say Satan takes his throne, but we don’t worship or believe in Satan or any deity. So the lyrics are important, but were not trying to express anything or certain message. The lyrics to us are more like horror stories to the suiting music.

You have been heavily touring with EXODUS and without stop you joined NILE. You have also booked some European dates until you return to the US and join OVERKILL. This is a hell of a heavy tour program. Do you think that will be difficult for you to be on the road for so many long?

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right? Yeah I think as long as we don’t kill each other we can do the long touring. As long as we can make new friends and music along the way!

Did you expect this more than positive feedback to your debut release?

No. We just thought it would be in stores and we could show our friends. We never thought we’d get such great tours.

I mean nowadays Nu Metal is the current trend especially in the US but WARBRINGER managed to gain much publicity by playing old-school Thrash.

Is there a special reason to this?

I guess we’re doing something right! Century Media really helped out with the studio, artwork, and music video set up. But it’s still weird for us to see a thrash band, let alone us, on Headbangers Ball!

What would be the perfect billing for WARBRINGER?


What are your goals with WARBRINGER? Do you think that there will be a certain point when you will say Now I am satisfied? When it happens, we’ll say, ok, this is cool, now let’s try for something better! We’re always trying to improve upon ourselves and not end up like METALLICA!

Taking into account the current situation in the CD sales do you think that you can make a living by playing music?

Even bands that have been playing for 20 years have day jobs. So I don’t know. If it gets to that level then that would be great! None of us will ever get sick of playing music and wind up with a desk job. So it’d be nice but we’re not gonna say, oh well we didn’t make it if we don’t become rich.

There is an interest increase in the Vinyl releases of the albums and I have to congratulate you on the vinyl edition of your album; why do you think fans are returning to the old good vinyl albums?

Because it’s a very underground fanbase who collect vinyl. Especially, thrash vinyls some of which are very rare. We’re thrilled we were able to release limited edition copy of the album on vinyl, and even better red vinyl. There is talk of a pic disc pressing as well.

Will you continue releasing the WARBRINGER albums on vinyl?

If we can, then yes.

When do you think that you will be able to work on the second

WARBRINGER album? Can you write music while being on the road? We have to start pretty soon! We only got a total of like 3 months to write it besides being on the road. And it should be out around spring 2009 maybe…

Ok these were my questions. Add anything to conclude this nice chat and Thrash on guys!

Yeah its been awesome. Keep underground metal alive!


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