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Adrie 'Aad' Kloosterwaard (Sinister)

Interview with Adrie Kloosterwaard from Sinister
by Elina Papadoyani at 20 March 2011, 11:38 PM

Sinister hail from Holland and they've been around for two decades; well, technically only Aad since they've been through many line up changes. They deliver straight up -in-your-face- death metal and they received a positive review recently from Metal Temple. Let's see what their frontman had to say.

So the 9th album was recently released "Legacy of Ashes", what would someone expect before listening to it?

You can expect really the old sound from Sinister again. I think its a good mix from the first 3 records from us. "Legacy of Ashes" is a Brutal,fast and aggressive album. So what i sad when you are a fan of the first records you will like this for sure.

In what ways do you believe it outstands or takes Sinister a step further compared to your previous album "The Silent Howling"?

That is always hard to answer because everybody have a different taste right? There are people how love "The Silent Howling" record and others sad this is not Sinister at all. I think that people will understand when you did already 9 records its not easy to make them everytime better and better, the only think that you can try is to make them good as possible and not that evey records start sounds then same.

Who is behind the "Legacy of Ashes" cover artwork and how did you decide on this particular cover?

That’s me i have to say. I am always the one how thinks about the new cover design how i like to have it and the rest of the members are oke with this. When i have a new idea than i need a great artist how is able to do this and understands what i like to have. Than there is only one person how is the master of sickness and that is Mike Hrubovcak this guy rules and for sure i will ask him again for the next record that we will do.

What was the reason for you to break up in 2004 and how did you rejoined as a group in 2005?

Because we had so many problems with old members from Sinister that Alex and me had no fun anymore in playing. When everything was behind us Alex and me started to make music again and ofcourse it sounded like Sinister hahaha. So after some time we really started to miss doing live shows record new records and everything that comes with a band that we sad why dont we start again… and so we did.

You've been a drummer from 1988 until 2003 and then, after the band went back in action, you chose to be the singer. What was the reason behind this change?

It was time for something new for me. I was playing already for so long time that i lost fun doing this. Another reason for me was that i also didnt had that much time anymore for practise drums because of my dayjob and my family. But i am really happy now doing vocals i have all the fun back and that feels good.

You are a band with many former members (12 if I remember correctly) and therefore there were numerous changes in the band's lineup. What caused this and what difficulties did you face because of that?

This is making you sometimes crazy but what can you do about something like this? …it happens thats it. Some of the members had to fuck off from us and some quite out off them self because they had no motivation anymore. You only can play in Sinister when you do it for 100% and not for 95% than you will get problems with Alex and me. Dont understand me wrong we also always like to stay with the same members but when it's not possible than you have to look for new ones because the band have to go on.

How do you feel about the Dutch death metal scene? You think there are other promising Dutch death metal bands and what about the death metal fans in your country?

What can i say about this? When you are in Sinister you always have to look out what you are saying about other bands from Holland. We have a couple of good bands here like Severe Torture, Supreme pain (my other band) and a couple more ofcourse, for the rest i dont like to say to much about this.

What would you say you've learned about the music industry after being signed to 6 record labels?

That the music industry is so FUCKING UNFAIR and that is for sure. It looks that you dont have to be that good to come really far. It's more important to know the right people how can bring you there and with this i mean playing on the big festivals and stuff like this.

What are the touring plans for 2011?

We like to play many shows as possible around the globe with Sinister for Legacy of Ashes. A tour from 8 weeks is not possible for us because of dayjobs and family so everything will be more short tours from 8 till 10 days, and we can not wait to start with this.

Thank you very much for you time, I leave the last words to you for the Metal Temple readers

Like to thank you for the interview, and like to say to all extreme metalheads check out "Legacy Of Ashes" .. maybe you like to buy it and not take it for free from Internet hahaha !!!! Horns up& Hail the beast! 


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