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Adrienn Antal (Mattson)

Interview with Adrienn Antal from Mattson
by Yiannis Zervos at 08 August 2008, 9:52 AM

Adrienn Antal (a.k.a. AdryA) is the new discovery of Lars Mattson; this lady proves her amazing talent on the new MATTSON's album Dream Child with an outstanding and sensual voice. Beautiful Adrienn talks to METAL TEMPLE about her new musical experiences with MATTSON and more.(All photos from

Hello Adrienn and congratulations for your performance in Dream Child and thank you for taking the time to answer to METAL TEMPLE's questions!

My pleasure, I'm glad you like the new CD!

You began your musical career in Hungary. What do you remember from your days back in Budapest?

I started to write songs and sing when I was a teenager †at that time it was just a serious hobby however my heart has always belonged to music.  After finishing high school I joined a couple of bands, either as a lead vocalist or a keyboard player/background vocalist, with whom I managed to acquire stage experience. However, due to re-occuring musical and personal differences, sooner or later I quit all bands and decided to walk my own path. At that time I had quite a lot of ideas in my head and I determined to make them come true on my own. So, I recorded the majority of the tracks alone, having just one helper on board: the guitarist of a legendary Hungarian rock group called PIRAMIS - as I can't play the guitar. This is how my solo project was born. As far as Hungary, it is not the best market for the type of music I represent. Talking about career, I can only imagine it abroad.

During that time, you chose the stage name AdryA. Does this name mean something to you? How do you like to be called, Adrienn or AdryA?

AdryA is the integration of my nickname Adry and the initial character of my surname - which is a capital A.

My first name Adrienn means woman from Hadria. Hadria is not only an alternative spelling for the Etruscan city that is now Adria in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, but the name of the sea lying between the eastern coast of Italy and Croatia (Adriatic Sea), origins from it as well. I read about this after having found out my artist name. I wouldn't have thought that my actual name is so nearly related to Adria which exactly sounds like AdryA. An other parallelism is that deep inside I'm constantly waving like a sea thus the chosen name perfectly reflects my individuality.

I don't really mind which of the two names I'm called but I listen to both of them! However, an artist name is always more special.

Lars Eric Mattson is a well known guitar player and songwriter in the Progressive Rock music. How did you meet Lars and how did you come to sing in Dream Child?

Lars heard a few song samples uploaded to my website and became very impressed. He e-mailed me to ask whether I could send him a promo package. So, I put my demo CD and bio into an envelope and posted it. Not too much later, I received an e-mail from him again, saying that he listened to the material and would be interested in working with me. I felt amazingly honored as I consider Lars a musical genius. So this was the very beginning of our collaboration.

In the middle of 2007 he contacted me to ask if I was interested in singing 2 songs on one of his projects' upcoming CD. I told him I would be more than happy to get involved. When I received and listened to the 2 mentioned songs I immediately knew that they would be pleasure to work on. So, I recorded the vocals for the first song and then sent the vocaltracks back to Lars for review. I was more than surprised to read the following question in his reply: Would you be interested in 10 songs instead of 2?.

Your voice impressed me from the first hearing of Dream Child. Your tone matches perfectly the mood that Lars wanted to give to the album. How long did it take you to reach this high level on your vocal skills?

In my opinion it is not really the skills but the emotional filling one sings with and the capability of understanding what the songs are about, that make a vocal performance full of content. I have been singing regularly since my teenage however I started to take singing lessons a few years later. After acquiring the basic vocal skills I personally didn't require more training as I felt I was responsible for configuring my own style.  

I know it takes hard work to record and mix albums.  Was this the first time with Dream Child that got you in the studio to sing in a full length album? How long did it take you and Lars to record and mix Dream Child?

Actually Dream Child is the first full length album I'm featured on as a lead vocalist, however prior to it I had recorded 2 mini albums of my own song.

It took 15 months for the whole Dream Child Team to finish the material, including songwriting, recording and mixing. But listening to the CD gives a perfect explanation to why it lasted this long. I really respect Lars for putting this extremely complex, colorful and exciting composition together. Not only did he write all the songs and record all the guitar tracks but he plays the bass and the keyboards on the whole album plus added really impressive arrangements as well. He also did a great job as a sound engineer as he mixed the whole album.

I can imagine that Lars did the main song writing work on the album, but have you added anything from your song writing style in Dream Child?

To be honest, my task was actually to follow the instructions I was given. I received everything ready: the bare tracks for the songs plus a separate track for each, containing the vocal melody only. Lars noted that if I had had problems with any parts of the lead vocal melodies †such as not fitting my vocal range †we could have amended it. But fortunately there was no need of it. As I recorded the vocals with my own equipment I had the possibility to work on them for as long as I needed without being bothered or pushed.As far as songwriting, the credits go 100% to Lars. Only the backing vocals were written and created by me.

Female performers on Hard Rock and Metal music survive really hard in the scene as the time takes away their beauty. What is your opinion on that?

Sorry, but I disagree with that part of the sentence that time takes away their beauty. I really don't understand why mankind is so unable to accept natural changes. Probably this is the effect of trends and the media which is constantly trying to wash people's brains helping companies sell their products. Unfortunately, these days looks are way more important than inner content and real quality. Personally I prefer artists having experience, individuality and who are mature enough for their roles than young artist wannabes having exactly the same style as the other ones in the industry and who just wish for exposure. It is not the beauty taken away; it is people influenced by the media. And consequently, it is hard to survive for female Rock/Metal performers in long term.

What are your influences vocally? Which are the female singers in Rock that you admire the most?

As far as vocals, the first thing that grabs my attention is the tonality of the voice. The second one is the style and the way phrasing. I don't care about the vocal range or how many skills a particular singer has if the performance is unique. There are many singers who are technically great but remind me of someone else…I admire vocalists having recognizable voice so whenever I hear them I will know it's them singing. To mention a few examples, from my childhood I'm a fan of Joey Tempest from EUROPE and I consider Glenn Hughes the best singer on Earth (not accidentally did he get the name The Voice Of Rock). Amongst female vocalists, my most favorite one is Ann Wilson from HEART.

Adrienn, I know that since the release of Dream Chid you are a busy woman but, you have any free time or hobbies? You surf around the Internet at all?

In civil life I have a stable job aside from music so I indeed have a very busy schedule and don't really have time for spare time activities. But at the end of my days it feels good to do exercises at home, I hate the gym (laughs), or watch something interesting on National Geographic (I can't miss Air Crash Investigation). I love to go to nature when I have the chance. Later on I would like to study more languages but I don't know when that time will come. Yes, I use the internet regularly but usually just for a shorter time.

How do you feel about people that download your music instead of buying your CDs? You think internet and downloading is a way to increase your popularity by making your music accessible to more people? Or you think that your work is been stolen in a way?

As most artists, I'm against illegal downloading. Most people who obtain music for free don't have a clue how much work is put into just one song. Entering the music store, grabbing a CD, throwing it in your bag and leaving without paying is almost the same as pulling the material off from a file sharing site. What else is it if not stealing? However, some performers allow their new albums to be downloaded from their websites for free. Firstly I didn't see the logic in this but then I read somewhere on the internet that a separate code is assigned to each song so the number of the downloading can be followed up and the artist gets paid accordingly. As long as artists are given credits for their work everything is fine.

Adrienn, what are the future plans for MATTSON and what are your personal expectations?

Hopefully our collaboration with Lars will continue, last long and we will create several albums together. I consider him the most reliable, most patient and most talented person I have worked with and I feel lucky to be discovered by him.

By joining MATTSON I had the opportunity to explore new dimensions as I have never sung in a band like this before. I hope to have the same experience in the future.

Do you have anything to say to your fans and to our readers?

Thanks for reading this interview, hope you have become a bit more interested in MATTSON. Keep rocking and be yourselves.

Adrienn thank you very much for your time, I wish you all the best.

Thank you for the great questions and hope to answer to some more in the future. Cheers!


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