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Advorsus & Stryzga - Cultus Profano

Interview with Advorsus & Stryzga from Cultus Profano
by Caio Botrel at 02 October 2020, 7:12 AM

CULTUS PROFANO recently released their newest album, titled "Accursed Possession." Metal Temple writer Caio Botrel recently caught up with this Black Metal due to talk about the album, and their inspirations for writing music.

Hello Advorsus and Stryzga, it is an honor to have you both here at Metal Temple online magazine. How have you been doing?

Advorsus: Hails. Thanks for having us. We have been busy writing new music and adapting to this crazy year.

First things first, how are the situation in L.A due the pandemic? Are you guys able to play gigs yet?

Strzyga: At this time, concerts are still not an option. It looks like in 2021 things may reopen again, but everything is uncertain. We will see what happens…

As I said on the review, I was surprised when I discovered that Cultus Profano is from Los Angeles, the city where palms springs and sun seem to rule. I have heard from a few artists in the past, that the climate and landscape influence their music, so I would like to know what inspires you to write that brutal, dark and aggressive art.

A: For us, geography has no influence on our music. That is not what black metal is about. It is about creating a dark energy. The dark music that we write comes from within our minds. There is an unnecessary obsession and focus on geography. Dark music can me conjured from any part of the world. Whether we live in a burning bleak dessert or in a cold forest full of life and trees is irrelevant.

Can you share any words on the start of the band?

S: We formed in 2016. At that first rehearsal we composed two songs. Since we both had the same mindset and goals, we decided to move forward and form the band.

Cultus Profano have just released a new album album "Accursed Possesion" throughout Debemur Morti Productions, and I must say that I truly enjoyed the record, even if I am not the kind of guy that usually listen to Black Metal. With that being said, I would like to know how the writing and recording process worked on that album, especially with the pandemic going on.

A: We began to work on Accursed Possession back in 2017 and entered the studio in 2019 which was before the pandemic. All our writing is a complete collaboration between the two of us. Since we both play guitar and drums it really allows us to combine our ideas and enhance the writing process. The recording process was fast and efficient. Everything was tracked in two days then sent to be mixed.

The experience starts when you check the artcover, which is truly beautiful, sad, and dark. Who did the art for you and what is the concept behind it?

S: Khaos Diktator Design painted the masterful piece of dark art. Our concept can be interpreted as the corruption of innocence and the impending possession of evil. We do not like to give any more details since art is subjective. Everyone will have their own interpretation.

Does Black Metal means something more than just music for you?

A: Black metal is a dark and evil energy conveyed through sound, but it is also an expression of anger, hatred, and blasphemy.

Are there any plans to release a music video? If yes, which song and why would it represent the album better?

S: At this time, things are still very uncertain, so it is hard to say. However, we will see how the following year progresses and decide then. A visual representation of “Devoted to the Black Horns, Op. 16” would be a very dark and blasphemic offering.

I have asked a few people about their thoughts on the streaming platforms, some of them said it is a good deal and some said that it kills art. Can you elaborate on it?

A: The streaming platforms have really changed the entire music industry. Purchasing the actual physical art has unfortunately become somewhat obsolete. Like anything in life, there are pros and cons. We understand that times are continuing to venture into a digital age, but we will always stay true to the original physical formats.

Last but not least, I would like to thank both of you. Feel free to share anything with our readers.

S: Thanks for having us. Currently, we are planning tours throughout the world so that we can spread our blasphemy! The black flame will continue to burn…


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