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Alex Michael Ksydas (Into The Gore)

Interview with Alex Michael Ksydas from Into The Gore
by Dimitris Antoniou at 08 May 2001, 1:00 AM

Starting a death/grind band is an easy thing to do in these dark days…To accomplish success and stay in the circle it's hard…Into the gore, a short of new d/g band from Thessalonikh/Greece has already released their cd and are ready to sign a contract…and believe me…they have what it takes to stay around…

Pain Must Be Amplified. A title full of hate…or just another gore concept?

The title and the lyrics have nothing to do about gore and yeah, you guessed correctly, the title reeks of hate, disgust and intolerance.

 Hmm…hate to whom?

Disgust and hate towards everyday situations that we don’t like. Our lyrics though are not social/political, they are esoteric and can be interpreted however each person feels like
We are not Messiahs and provide no solutions to social problems like all these bands who scream about social issues should do, cause when you’re talking politically and socially you must provide solutions.

 Well correct me if i am wrong but you are indeed one of the few death/grind bands speaking what they feel…and not what they want to sell…am i correct on that?

Well, I’ve never actually counted how many bands do this and how many band do that, which bands are true and which are not. One thing I know is that we play and sing about what we feel and this will never is going to change.

 Ok…now, how you feel after making a complete cd on your own? as a band and an individual…

Um, both me and the entire band feel like we’ve got a lot more to give and that this is only the beginning. It was a good experience for us, we learnt a lot of it and we’re going to apply what we learnt in our future recordings.

 Have you talked to a record company yet? if yes what where the replies?

Yeah, we’ve sent the promo to a lot of labels. All of them replied with very good words and some of them offered a CD deal. We’re most probably going to sing a contract with Metal Age Productions ( and there are possibilities that they will co0operate with an American label for a US release in digipack format but this is not sure. The distribution will be worldwide more or less.

 I believe that the in the large part u deserve it…but has it to do with the fact that many bands in the same style sell these days…and the companies want to ensure some bands so they can have their slice of success?

Companies are not doing any charity welfare programs…the bigger ones are there for the money and the underground ones to support the underground but profit is of course more than welcome. I can’t deny that brutal death/grind is popular these days, but it’s not close to mainstream.

 After the necessary questions so the people will understand who you are and what u stand for…would you like to tell us some things for the band…from the beginning and until now…

Into The Gore was born during the summer of 1998. In 1999 we entered the studio 2 times .First time during the Easter when we recorded an experimental song just to get experienced which was called The Art of Rape and then again during the fall of the same year when we recorded 5 songs as a promo. Both recording featured a drum machine and our old vocalist. In the beginning of 2000 we found a great drummer and as soon as summer ended we started recording
our latest offering Pain Must Be Amplified.

 Are there any other Greek bands like Into the gore?

Well not exactly like Into The Gore, but there are some brutal bands like Obscence, Homo Iratus, and Inveracity. All of them are good, but there are some more which I haven’t listened to like Bloodgore. A quite well known goregrind band in the underground are Atavism.

 Let’s move to another subject. The Greek crowd, how known are you and does the people in Greece embrace this new style? and how bout into the gore..

Well, you know, people in Greece listen way too much to heavy/power metal and in general to everything that the magazines are feeding them…The brutal death/grind movement had started rising here as well, but it has a long way to go. About Into the Gore, well to tell you the truth everyone who has seen us live has said only good words about us…same goes for the few people who have listened to the upcoming album, so yeah, I could say that we’re be
embraced by the Greek audience.

 So this is good news, I mean if you already are accepted by some… then with a good contract in your hands you could go all the way up right?

Well, potentials are there, we just need to work hard and also have luck on our side. This is the blend for musical success if I can put it that way.

 What are you influences…?

I don’t think I have immediate influences. I generally listen to a lot and different music and so do most of the members of Into The Gore.

 This means None of the bands in the deathgrind circle has given you ideas?

Um, as I told you, we get no immediate ideas. We may incorporate some parts of our favorite bands but we don’t do it intentionally.

 And which are your favorite bands?

From d/g you mean, right?


Nasum, assuck, the dillinger escape plan (well, not too d/g but anyway), Discordance Axis, dying fetus, brodequin and more.

 What do you think of the worldwide death and grind scene?

I think it has its good and its bad bands. The fans of death and grind scene though are probably the most devoted fans of any other music genres and that’s good!


Are you sure of that? i mean couldn’t this be just another phase? like the nu-metal bands…

There sure are fans who will come and go in the scene but the situation here surely isn’t like the one in nu-metal which is mainstream with new overnight stars being born every day.

 Yeah but many bands are starting to look like mainstream themselves in the d/g scene…of course this leads us to the saying only the strong survives…but are you annoyed when almost everyone has an opinion on a style that is fore many years and u where into it and he didn’t?

I’m no better than any newbie in the scene…it’s the passion and intensity that is supposed to bind us! Backstabbing and shitty attitude like that is something I couldn’t care less. And if a brutal band wishes to go nu-way like Dying Fetus for example who have added many HC and jump-around elements in their music and it’s OK with me as long as it’s done good and gives you the right vibes their music and it’s OK with me as long as it’s done good and gives you the right vibes.

 Ok…before we finish this…if someone wants your promo cd…he must wait or is there a way to get it?

Well, he/she will not have to wait too much from to
day (21.03.01)…the CD will be released soon and if someone can’t find it in their local distributor they will be able to buy it from us. Our website is located at and the band’s email is <>

 The final lines are yours…

Thank you for giving Into The Gore the opportunity to appear in MT webzine. All of you out there feel free to get in touch with ItG. Empower Intensity!


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