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Alexander Palma (Luna Field)

Interview with Alexander Palma from Luna Field
by Katerina Kladisiou at 07 November 2005, 11:22 AM

Germany's a country well known for its (mainly) Power Metal legacy of bands. But what about other kinds of Metal? Luna Field's a good example in this case and after the release of their brand new album, Diva (Black Lotus Records), Katerina took a deep dive into this band's dark abyss and interviewed the band's bassist, Alexander Palma.

Congratulation on your new album, Diva. What are the reactions from the press so far?

Thanks a lot! Most of the reactions are really positive. We’re glad that people feel the same like we do about Diva.

Could you outline in few words the background and the history of Luna Field?

Luna Field was born in 1998 when we were at the age of approx. 18. We imediatelly started off with the gathering of ideas and soon we managed to write some songs and to perform live. In 2002 we produced our debut Close To Prime which was released via Season Of Mist in 2003. Close To Prime gained a lot of really positive reviews though we didn’t expect that by far. After Close To Prime was released, we split up with our former drummer and joined forces with T. Janiszewski, our present drummer

Do you think that you have developed since the release of Close To Prime and in what way?

We have matured a lot since Close To Prime. In songwriting as well as in our tightness in playing together. We have experimented a lot with song structures and sounds and tried to combine each single component in the song structures.

Our workflow was completely different than for the first record. A really complex project with many weird and chaotic moments. But everything went fine. After all the sweat, blood and tears, we’re very pleased with the result. The sound is merciless, the artwork unique. What else to is there say?

How would you describe your sound to a fan that is not familiar with Luna Field?


What are the main inspirations and the influences for the writing of the lyrics of the new album?

Humanity, Kant, paranoia, Nietzsche, schizophrenia and I.

For the recordings of Diva you entered Mastersound studios of Alex Krull (Atrocity) and you worked with him. In what way, do you think, he contributed in the final result and how was it to be work with him?

He did a really good job in the end, in the mixing as well as in the mastering. He gave  the room that Diva needed to work in the way we had in mind.

Luna Field is signed to the Greek Metal label, Black Lotus Records. Are you satisfied?

Sure. The guys at Black Lotus do a really good job. Everything went on fast and uncomplicated.

How important is for Luna Field to create a live-act show during the concerts?

The show is the concert itself. We can’t part these elements. They belong together.

You are one of the bands that had the chance to tour and perform with many well known acts since the creation of the group. In which way do you think that this helped you?

Well, in fact we didn’t really have the chance to go on tour yet. It always failed due to the financial thing. We still don’t have the luck to be sponsored for a tour. Sad but still hoping.

Are there any touring plans

Yeah, there are some touring plans for early 2006 but nothing concrete. If everything works fine, it’ll be a really cool lineup of bands. We’ll see…

Thank you for this interview. Some last words for your fans and our readers.

Thanks for the interview and the support! Greetz to all fans around!


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