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Ali Richardson & Steven Jones (Bleed From Within)

Interview with Ali Richardson & Steven Jones from Bleed From Within
by Emily Coulter at 19 August 2018, 10:51 PM

Scottish metal tyrants, BLEED FROM WITHIN, sub headline the S.O.P.H.I.E Lancaster Stage tonight at Bloodstock Open Air 2018 and are about to rip the place apart. Running on the highs of their latest release, ''Era'', the band is touring various festivals and venues around the world bringing their rage and riffs. Metal Temple’s Emily Coulter speaks to Ali Richardson and Steven Jones from the band about their new release and beers.

Ali Richardson - Drums
Steven Jones (newest member) - Guitar, Vocals

How are you finding BLOODSTOCK so far?

Steven: Sadly, we are super late today and only just arrived so sadly, not seen much so far.

You're sub headlining the SOPHIE stage tonight, how excited are you?

Ali: We're absolutely ecstatic to be playing later on today; we're sub-headlining with Doro, who is an absolute legend, so there is some pressure there.

You released your latest album “ERA” earlier this year; how do you think the album has been received?

Ali: We couldn't be happier, as it's been a long time in the making. We were all very anxious about how the release went down, in a good and a bad way, as we had no idea what response we would get but so far, we're very happy with how it's been received.

The band had a pretty big gap between releases, especially between albums “Uprising” and “Era”; do you think the time away helped the bands focus and material?

Ali: I definitely think the time away helped and to come back with something that we know is great. We definitely felt we've come back with energy.

What has inspired the sounds and lyrics of ''Era''?

Ali: The lyrics are more based on social topics, like a social commentary. I think we're all a bit upset with the state of the world right now so it was putting that into words.

Steven: No two songs are the same; each song feels like a different part of the band.

Do you feel that the band is getting stronger with each album?

Ali: The first one was cr*p, the second was a bit better, but this one we absolutely love; I guess any band will say that. So many tears and sleepless nights went into this album and we can say it was worth it.

What is your favourite track to play live?

Ali: Probably has to be “Ruina”, as it's probably the slowest song we've ever written, as it's quite simple.

Steven: “Alive” is probably the most fun one for me.

Ali: That's probably one of the turning points of the set as I always look over my cymbals and see the crowd absolutely loving ''Alive''.

You've announced that the band are bringing out a beer; what was the choice behind that?

Ali: Well it's not really a secret that we are all beer drinkers! I have a friend who is a manager at a restaurant/brewery called Drygate back in Glasgow so I reached out to him and asked if they would be interested in bringing out a beer with us. Thankfully, the guys over there love our band so there was a lot of mutual respect; within about 2 emails we had everything pretty much sorted.

If you could bring out any random product branded by the band what would it be?

Steven: Not sure if this would be appropriate, but due to the name of the band, probably sanitary towels. We've had plenty of suggestions so watch out for BLEED FROM WITHIN Reusable Tampons.

What does BLEED FROM WITHIN have planned for 2018?

Ali: We've got some shows in the UK in November, which we are super excited about and obviously the beer release. 


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