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Anders LA Ronnblom (Killer Bee)

Interview with Anders LA RonnBlom from Killer Bee
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 23 April 2015, 12:08 PM

As stalwart Hard Rockers for nearly 3 decades, Swedish-Canadian band KILLER BEE made a comeback after 15 years with studio albums in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and a new compilation album titled "Rock Another Day" this year, comprised of previous work and designed to introduce the band to the US market. Aaron spoke bassist Anders about the new piece of work, and a new studio album of original material, tentatively titled "Eye In The Sky" due later this year.

Hello Andres, how are you?

Fine thanx.. there's a lot in the works right now with the band.

How excited are you for "Rock Another Day" to be getting its release?

Great.. it's gonna be really exciting to see what the response gonna be with the US Rock Radios. As we speak the album has been added to 44 Rock Radio Stations in the US.. and the official release is on the 13th of April, so we're hoping to see more of this positive feedback.

So this is the forth album since your reformation, correct?

That's correct.. the compilation ALMOST THERE 1990-1998 (2011) FROM HELL AND BACK (2012) EVOLUTIONARY CHILDREN (2013) and now ROCK ANOTHER DAY (2015) ..and there's another studio album coming in the fall!

Guess there won't be another 10 year break, eh?

The holidays are over.. hahaha!!!

This album has very little about it on the internet, even on your website. Why don't you tell us some of the stuff we don't know about it?

This album is first of all an introduction of the band to the US market.. It includes 14 tracks from the 2 previous albums. The songs on the album has been picked by rock journalists, producers and musicians round the world – we have had nothing to do with what songs that got picked.. we wanted the people to have their say. At the same time we're exclusively releasing a new single to the Rock Radio Stations in the US.. JOYSTICK WARRIOR, from the upcoming album in the fall and a video is planned to be shot in Nashville on the 3rd of May.

You're also a "Swedish-Canadian" band, musicians from both Sweden and Canada write music differently, do you think this helped in making you guys have a unique sound?

Absolutely.. I believe our different backgrounds is the key to what we are.

What are the current tour plans? Anything involve running across Canada with Helix?

We're starting a 5 week US Tour on May 1st in Gainsville Florida and it ends on June 6th in Verona Beach California. Initially there were plans to go to Canada, but due to the schedule we're hoping to go on a Canadian Tour soon.. to go out with HELIX would be awesome!! never know.

You guys don't seem to be showing any signs of giving up, so will your next album be called "Alright, Today We'll Rock"?

Hahaha.. good title, actually the working title is EYE IN THE SKY.

If you could choose any song to sum up your career, whether it be your own or someone else's, do you have any idea what song you would use?

Are You Ready To Rock (Thin Lizzy)

Who do you look up to when you think about the fact that you're in a successful touring band? Who inspired you to be here?

All the hard workin bands in the 70's and the 80's, such as Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple..

Have you already begun work on the next album? All your albums come out so quickly!'s already recorded. We recorded it at SHELL LANE STUDIOS with Paul Milner in Prince Edward Islands (PEI) last summer, and we're planning a release in the fall of 2015. When you're living on the other side of the pond from each other.. we need to have a 6-12 month strategy of planning, and when the creativity is on a high spin.. Let It Rock!

Last but not least, are there any specific bands over in Sweden or in Canada that inspire you? Whether they be Country, Rap, Rock or Metal?

I've always been a huge fan of melodic music, no matter what.. so I would say Yngwie J Malmsteen and Triumph.


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