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Andy Hudson (Harlott)

Interview with Andy Hudson from Harlott
by Laura Cosheril at 08 January 2016, 8:31 PM

Australian Thrashers HARLOTT are a remarkably modest bunch; both of their last albums proven to be real bangers, the second of which released in 2015, somewhat coinciding with a massive tour with ANNIHILATOR. As such, they have much to say for themselves; vocalist Andy had a few with words with Laura about the ANNIHILATOR tour, the enthusiasm of their fans, the loss of Australian humour on European ears, and talk of yet another album in 2016.

Hi there, I’m Laura; thank you for taking the time to talk to Metal Temple today. How are things going for you and the band at the moment?

Things are going really good at the moment! Taking some down time over Christmas to get stuck into writing for album 3 and looking to set up the next tour. Have to revamp all our social media and whatnot as well but that’s boring and awful and we don’t want to dignify it with acknowledgement.

You just got back from being on tour with Annihilator, how did it go?

Touring Europe with Annihilator was a pretty crazy experience all round and as far as we can tell it was all very successful for a new band. We made some new fans, sold some CD’s, signed some boobies (mostly on dudes), and just generally had enough of a good time that we are not completely turned off the idea of touring ever again.

Do you find a difference playing to European crowds and Australian crowds?

Well the size of the crowd was a big one haha! We play small shows in Australia because it’s a small place. Don’t get us wrong, the country itself is fucking gigantic, but there’s not many people here, and its pretty noticeable at most shows. It was great to be able to check out what the scenes were like all across Europe and see how crazy some of those countries go. It was also fun to see if any of our jokes make it across the language barrier. They do not.

What was your most memorable experience of this tour?

One thing that really stuck with us was during the second half of the tour, when momentum had obviously picked up, and people were waiting for us when the buses rocked up to the venues, or waiting for us out back for photos and autographs. People were travelling across borders to come and see us play and it was crazy to see that kinda passion for the music we have made.

You've shared the stage with a variety of bands in your career so far; who has been your favourite and why?

Sorry to Jeff! But we played with ACCEPT back in Melbourne, and their live show is just fucking amazing! So powerful, so tight, just awesome.

Your new album has been quite a hit so far; how have your fans been reacting to the album?

We have seen a tattoo or 2 haha! Crazy to think people will ink your logo into their arm. Really makes you want to write a shit album, to see if they will get it lasered off, or condition themselves to like shit music to save the hassle. The reception has been awesome, but we’ve been lucky enough to have Metal Blade and their promo team behind it, so we are just stoked that our music is being heard and enjoyed. Too difficult to process the love for now.

How long did the album take to record from start to finish?

We all work full time so it was an evening and weekend recording project, and it took us about 2 months to get everyone through the studio to do their separate parts. Our engineer is a busy man but he was able to fit us in most of the times we wanted, and the space between sessions helped us to stay fresh.

Is it a challenge to introduce new music when playing live as a lot of fans tend to prefer older material?

We try to play a bit of everything. Obviously our last tour was to promote the newest album so we played all our latest stuff, but we do our best to fill up the rest of the set with songs we love, that have also proven to be popular with the fans. Hopefully we are doing a good job…

If someone was about to listen to your music for the first time, how would you describe your sound to them?

Fortunately we have had plenty to reviews describe us with terms like ‘not reinventing the wheel’ and ‘nothing new here’! It’s Thrash Metal! If you like it fast, dark, angry and brutal, you should get a kick out of what we do. If you like to have a bit of a mosh and chuckle, come check us out on stage!

What is your best memory since you formed the band Harlott?

Most of the memories we form don’t really exist the next morning, so it’s hard to pick one. Every few months we do something that has topped what we have done before. It’s all onwards and upwards for us, and we have no plans of stopping any time soon. We just got back from 6 weeks in Europe and every day was new memory in a different city. Things are going well!

And finally, what can fans expect from you in the new year?

A new album! And new tour! Some more funny videos! And some fucking THRASH METAL!


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