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Apostolica's Ezekiel: "As Prophets, we will be successful if our Prophecy does not happen, because that would mean that we changed the course of the future…"

Interview with Ezekiel from Apostolica
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 October 2021, 11:30 PM

Usually its misery loves company, but this time around, mystery loves company. With everything little known, almost unknown let's face, one can only trust the music, without really seeing who is making it. There will always be joint forces and projects of high level musicians, but the option of a band totally covered up, now that isn't a commonality. The upcoming sensation of Apostolica is the next thing in a musical mystery, supposed to be known musicians gathered up, yet no one really knows. Their new album “Haeretica Ecclesia” is a signal that something good is going on, it is all over the place and has the potential. Steinmetal tried to squeeze out information from the vocalist, Ezekiel.

Hello guys, it is a mighty pleasure to have you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, how have you been doing? I sure hope that the masks are off for this conversation?

Hell-o, we actually never remove the masks, it feels comfortable after some centuries. Fresh air doesn’t anymore.

To be honest, at first at least, I didn’t know where to begin, as you simply landed into my consciousness out of nowhere. Now, I know that you are keeping yourself secretive, which of course I understand, but what can you really tell about Apostolica? What is it really? Who do you symbolize?

We are the symbol of a broken faith. In our concept, Apocalypse is coming, and it’s real. God revealed himself just as a Soul Harvester, who doesn’t care about Humanity’s Destiny

Each of your characters is a prophet from the old testament, or most of them, at least from what I could remember from my bible lessons, why is that? Why exactly did you pick these individuals?

That’s what we are. We are Prophets, Heretic Prophets of a broken faith

What was the motivation to begin with, when you four, decided to form Apostolica? What were the leading ideas that inspired you on the road to become a unit?

As you may know, this project is born from musicians coming from different bands. We found ourselves speaking about making something together when we met on the various festivals’ stages. And one day, we did it, nailing the sound we’ve been aiming at for years.

The existence of masked bands, or secret identities, hasn’t been a new fashion, from Kiss to Ghost, and there had been more between the two. Other than the impressive style of your images, what in the band’s image makes it different in your view?

It’s about defocusing on who we are, and focusing on what we are.

You are set to debut with a concept album, titled, “Haeretica Ecclesia”, through the Italian label, Scarlet Records. The concept is based on the Book Of Revelations, the final book of the new testament. The book in overall is the constant battle between good and evil, by some people. For starters, what does the album’s title mean?

Yes, it’s a battle between good and evil. But what is good and what is evil? In our vision, in our prophecy, humanity is good while God’s army is evil.

Since the Book Of Revelation on its own scours vasts periods of time, some are even not really known if those are past or future, on which events do you focus throughout “Haeretica Ecclesia”?

You can see most of our prophecy as a future thing. However, if you analyze the situation, you can see that some of them have already been here. I think the most evident is Pollution, as we talk about in our song “Pollution is my Name”.

As the images of Apostolica, do you, as the characters, represent a side in the stories, whether good or evil, or do you simply take the role of storytellers in your own way?

We are just Prophets, we can say things but we can’t change everything. It’s up to you and all the readers to make your own part. As Prophets, we will be successful if our Prophecy does not happen, because that would mean that we changed the course of the future.

In your view, how does the events and happenings within the lines of “Haeretica Ecclesia” refer to the present ongoing events of the present? Is there a record or evidence to the pandemic that is currently menacing the world?

We have not mentioned the pandemic in our album, we could, but is not what we really wanted to do.

When it comes to a system of beliefs, after experiencing the album, and its process, do you find a connection between your personal beliefs to “Haeretica Ecclesia”?

There is always a connection between what you write and what you are. But this connection can be quite strange, weird, and twisted. I can say for sure that our faith is in Humanity and not in God anymore.

Taking various elements out of European styled Power Metal, it appears that Apostolica is drenched in both Gothic and Popish driven features. The end result of this fusion, which I found to be quite intriguing, is a cut to the chase sort of songwriting, catchy and amazingly driving the listener for pure pleasure. I wonder, what do you make of your musical style yourselves? What makes you different in your Metal?

We have just focused on making some good music, the kind of music we would love to listen to. Thus we joined forces to make it happen. That’s it, that kind of magic.

Since I have no idea who you guys really are, boy I like the mystery and every minute of it, I suspect that you have experience from other bands in regards to songwriting. With “Haeretica Ecclesia” being a fairly new project, would you say that it changed your perception in regards to writing songs or you knew how approach the material as you set the style in your minds earlier on?

We knew the approach and the path we had to take. What has worked extremely well and in an unexpected way, is the fact that we have never worked together before, but it was flawless.

With some connection to the previous question, which lessons of the past, in regards to the songwriting and your approach towards arrangements, did you implement while creating “Haeretica Ecclesia”?

We think that should remain an unspoken secret.

The way you are utilizing your voice throughout the release is quite impressive, you have the deep tone, yet with a soaring pattern that provides you options of how to make the best out of it. Is your singing style here different from the other bands that you are part of?


What can you tell of the backing vocals production, operatic as it seems, quite impressive and adds another dimension to your voice?

We hired an entire professional choir and we are extremely satisfied with the results.

A song that was hard to escape its magnitude was “The Dusk Is Coming”, partially a modernized Heavy / Power Metal but shares peak points that are larger than life, AOR driven as a point of thought. I see it as a hit that should be adored and immortalized. How do you capture this track? What do you make of it?

It just easily came out from voice and Guitar really, but the turning point was to adapt it to some very dark lyrics in contrast with the open mood of the song that was possible through a big keyboard work.

Going a little bit traditional with European Power Metal attack featured on “Sword Of Sorrow”, one of the album’s powerful storming with menace. Moreover, it appears as divided into two sections, which I really liked. Overall, this tune feels like a loosen kind of spirit, yet quite dramatic. What do you make of its impact on the record?

This song is about the War Knight of the Apocalypse and his sword. And its violent nature is digging into the song’s mood and speed. It’s so red you can feel the blood in your fingers while listening to it.

Which of the other songs would you care to explore with the readers?

“Thanatos” it’s one of our favorites, but we haven't chosen it as a single, because of the long introduction. But it’s one of the best songs in the album, in our opinion.

Is Apostolica a live band other than recording in the studio? If so, of course if you don’t have plans to actually perform live this year, will there be a chance for a live stream show?

We don’t like live streams, and we will exclude them. For live performances, it really depends on how the pandemic will proceed during this winter.

Ezekiel, I wish to thank you for this mysterious interview, no doubt you are drawing interest, and I was glad to know more. Thank you for an amazing debut, cheers.

Thank you Lior, and thank you to all the readers.



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