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Arkadius Antonik & Sascha Aßbach (Fall of Carthage)

Interview with Arkadius Antonik & Sascha Aßbach from Fall of Carthage
by Jean-Francois Poulin at 21 April 2018, 1:49 PM

So what's in store for 2018, we already have three months done and we have a lot of new bands making their mark and a lot of Album of the Year candidates. 2018 has been persay a year of discoveries and younger bands are etching their marks in the scene and one of these bands is FALL OF CARTHAGE. This band is considered as the future of Groove Metal and have taken flight in 2018. Metal Temple writer Jean-Francois Poulin had the pleasure to interview with guitarist Arkadius Antonik and vocalist Sascha Aßbach from this up and coming band.

You guys just released a new album in April, how was the recording process different from your earlier releases?

Sascha: We wanted to use less electronic sounds and samples, more real and natural sounds. More roughness, less editing. Since our debut album already, we never wanted to release an overproduced record. So many bands nowadays use a lot of programmed effects and in this way lose character and individuality. We had like 14 days for 10 songs and used a good amount of the time to play around with sounds, test things out and find the perfect mood for what we had in mind.

You guys seem like a cohesive unit, there seems to be a genuine chemistry and every band member adds their own thing to the band, how did you guys first meet to create FALL OF CARTHAGE?

Akki: How we met? I knew Martin for years cause he is Suidakra’s producer, when we both decided to start this “project” we had no singer at that time, so he suggested someone he knew for a long time. It was Sascha. I listened to some of his recordings and loved his voice right from the beginning.

As for the upcoming release, what is the meaning of the album cover and who is Emma Green?

Sascha: Gotcha, asking this question means you did not listen closely to the lyrics, hahaha. There’s a song called „Emma Green“ on the album, which tells the (fictional) story of a young girl that has been misused. It was not intended to be the title track or in any way more important than the other songs on the album, but somewhere along the way i had those pictures in mind that also made a nice and untypical cover for the album. Martin and Arkadius liked the idea and layouts so we followed it. Just like with our songs, we love to be a bit different with our design as well.

I saw a number of videos of you guys in the studio, you seem to have a whole lot of fun and it shows in your music, what is your perspective as the uncompromising work that is involved when creating an album?

Sascha: We’re not making a living from this so fun is one of the most important things about the band. It’s no fake, we share outtakes and fool ourselves a lot. People seem to like it even though it’s untypical to be authentic nowadays. As for the studio videos: yeah, we love to share these impressions with everyone to bring them closer so we capture lots and lots of moments. They end up in at least one studio-video for a single of the album, that is true for all three albums. But please don’t forget the professional video-clips we released for „Dawn of the Enemy“ and „Suffer the Pain“ which are on a totally different level visually!

What were the bands to influenced you guys as young musicians?

Sascha: Pantera of course, Machine Head, Korn, Refused, does anyone remember Breach from Sweden? Such bands … but also House of Pain, RATM, NWA and a bunch of other crossover- and Rap-artists.

Akki: As a young musician I was influenced by guitarists like Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix and Kirk Hammett but also by bands like The Beasty Boys, Clawfinger and Pantera.

Any bands you guys would love to tour with in the coming future or with the upcoming release of the new album?

Sascha: Until now we have played most gigs with bands that were not really close to our kind of music. So it was fun but probably not the perfect combination for the audience, except for those that came to see us anyway. So in the future - we’d love to play shows with bands that are more compatible with our shit. No specific band though.

How has the band grown since the beginning of the band in 2014?

Sascha: Well, not in the amount of band members ;) … but yes, we have definitely grown in working together, in the song writing process, while recording and when we’re on stage. Guess this happens when you spend time together and get to know and deal with each others’ quirks, hahah.

Any plans on new material from SUIDAKRA? You guys rocked the house in Montreal a few years back with the so underrated ORPHANED LAND.

Akki: We will record a new album in May and Sascha will also be part of this album as a guest singer, Martin will produce it, so you see Fall Of Carthage will be a part of it somehow…this time it will be an acoustic album called “Cimbric Yarns” because this is something we always wanted to do but never found the time to realize. I’m very excited about this upcoming release and I hope we will get an offer to return to Montreal in the future cause I still remember the show. We had such an incredible time there! Loved it!

How has been the reception for the new album throughout the Metal Scene?

Sascha: Really good so far. There are a few public reviews and the feedback we got from people that have the album already was great. We believe some people expect our music to be somewhat similar to SuidAkrA and Perzonal War, which is not the case. Our style might also be a surprise for people that know other bands signed with MDD-Records, that mostly do death or black metal. But that’s what we love about MDD. They’ve been open for our shit since day one and their support is awesome.

So what's in store for the rest of 2018 for the guys in FALL OF CARTHAGE?

FOC: Gardening, parenting, liquor and sleep.

Thanks for the opportunity to interview you guys for Metal Temple and I wish you guys continued success!

FOC: Always a pleasure, thank you as well!


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