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Arkadius (Suidakra)

Interview with Arkadius from Suidakra
by Maria Kallinikou at 17 March 2009, 9:09 PM

Just before packing their equipment for the North American Tour to promote their new album, SUIDAKRA, and to be more specific Arkadius, talked to METAL TEMPLE about Grogacht, and not only; and the conversation went like this…

Interview with: Arkadius from SUIDAKRA

Hello and greetings from METAL TEMPLE! So, let's talk a little bit about your new album, which is about to be released in the middle of February. Tell us a bit about it: the driving force, the people who participated in it - apart from the band - and the rehearsing/recording process.

It took over one year to finish writing the new material and one month to record Crogacht. Like mentioned  in other interviews before, the songwriting was different to the way of composing in the past. We told Kris Verwimp, our longtime graphic artist who was also responsible for the lyrical concept on Crogacht, that the new album will include about nine songs. He came up with the concept and an according division into chapters. So, before we wrote the first song we knew what the whole story and album should be about to express. We sent him the first recordings from the rehearsal room and planned which song would fit to which lyric. It was a new way of sound writing for us. This time we had the opportunity to create certain moods and atmospheres according to the lyrics. To keep the sound various we introduced a lot of new elements like banjo, bagpipes, and Tina's Voice on Feats Of War.

We would like to discuss with you the cover artwork, too. It is not so complicated yet one can get generally the music style that is expected to be heard. What is that you demand from a cover and how is your cooperation with Kris Verwimp, who has done the artwork for many SUIDAKRA albums?

Working with Kris is great because he develops his artworks from album to album! Also this time the front cover seems to be simple, but it's not. It's just a little section from a big painting which is visible in the digipack artwork. It's a collage of the whole story…

There is already a video for Shattering Swords, are there any plans for making a video clip for another track as well?

No, because it's too expensive for us to do another video clip. But hey, maybe the new record will sell better and we will be able to do another three video clips, hahaha!

Feats Of War was the track that stuck in my mind. Do you have a favorite track (or more) from this album? What makes that/these tracks special to you?

Not really, because in my opinion every track has it's own atmosphere and character. So, every time I listen to the album I can't decide which song is better because it's hard to compare them!

Tell me a bit about the production of the album. Are there any elements that you added or any that you chose not to include? Did you have a tough time building the sound you desired? How would you describe the band's sound in the new album, in relation to your previous effort(s)?

The recordings were also very special this time. We worked with martin Buchwalter for the third time and he never gets bored with us, hehehe. He likes to develop himself as a producer and to record bagpipes and other exotic instruments is very exciting for him. I knew that it's gonna be hard to mix the sound, because at some parts of the songs there are so many different instruments and you have to do a good mix to give each element its own place so it can be heard! Martin managed it perfect. For me the new album's sound is more powerful and bombastic at the same time. I think this is a perfect mixture!

You seemed to have problems with previous companies and now Crogacht is the third release through Armageddon Music. Could you say that you found what you were looking for from a record company?

Yeah, since 2005 we have been signed to Armaggeddon Music, a label that was transformed into Wacken Records/SPV last year. We're happy so far because SPV can supply a much better distribution now than we had before. They are really providing their support for our band and our new album.

Of course, every musician has the urge of composing under different stimuli. What plays the major part for you in order to make an album?

I have to admit that I don't really have to be in a special mood to become creative. When I grab my guitar and start playing it's like I'm leaving this world hahaha! I 100% concentrate myself on the music and then I get the flow. That's the first step. After I finish writing the first ideas we are working together with the rest of the band on the material and that is the moment where I get many ideas how to arrange the stuff…

You started in the mid of 90s. Which bands would you say that have mostly affected your style? Nowadays are there any new bands that have affected you as well?

First of all, I personally was influenced by Kirk Hammett & Angus Young to start playing the guitar. When we started with the band there were bands like AMORPHIS, BLING GUARDIAN but also EMPEROR who influenced us in the earlier days 'till we found our own sound.

It seems that you like concepts. In your previous release it was Scotland, now Ireland. What led you in choosing the story of Cuchulainn for Crogacht? Does it confirm you're fans of history and legends/myths?

That's right, we all really like the ancient mythologies. We had the idea that our graphic artist Kris Verwimp could create a lyrical concept for us, when we found out years before that he also released pagan comics & books that tell Irish stories. The problem was that we always were finished with the songwriting a few weeks before we were about to enter the studio, so there wasn't time left to work on that. After the Caledonia album was released, we met Kris at one of our shows in Germany and we asked him about our idea. He was very excited to work on such a big project. He came up with the idea of using that Irish legend and we gave him free space to create the story like he would like to.

One could suppose that choosing a concept story makes it easier in order to compose songs and write lyrics. Does this apply in the case of SUIDAKRA?

Not really, it's definitely not easier, but much more interesting. You don't have that much freedom when you write the single songs. You have always to keep the chronological order in your mind. And sometimes the ideas do not really fit to the concept so you have to change everything. But for me it's a very special feeling when we finish the whole album and see how well it all worked out!

I see that your North America tour will start shortly. In Europe there are only German shows confirmed. Is there any chance of visiting other European countries? What about summer fests, too?

After the four week US tour in March we will take part on a few summer festivals before we will go on a European tour in autumn. We're looking forward to play in many European countries as we can!

Now that you have done live performances in US as well, do you underline any differences in the way fans receive your music?  And after all, which market would you say that is more challenging, the American or the European?

Hmmm, to be honest I don't really spend much time thinking about any markets or something. I'm a musician and not really interested in all this business stuff that are part of our label's work, hehehe! For me it's important that many people like the new record no matter in which country or continent.

Counting already fifteen years of existence, can you remember how was the situation for a band to form back then? Are things easier nowadays in your opinion?

I think both eras have their positive aspects. I mean nowadays it's easier for a band to promote their stuff via Internet etc. Back in the days when we started it was harder, we had to record a demo tape and write letters but there were not that many bands. So when you had a unique sound and did something special it was easier to grow. I think that bands nowadays have to play much more shows just to be on the screen. It's not enough anymore just to make good music!

There are lots of bands that are adopting the pagan/folk style in Metal. What is your opinion for the music today, in the field that you are moving?

Hmmm, I noticed that there are so many new Pagan bands but I have to admit that I don't really care about this. It's like every trend, there are so many bands that start and disappear in a short time. We always followed our own rules and still do.

Thank you very much for your time. The last words belong to you.

We hope to meet many people this year on our tour! Feel free to check out SUIDAKRA on the net so you know the lyrics to sing along or the correct timing to bang your heads off at the show! See you there! Prost. Thanks so much, thank you for supporting SUIDAKRA!


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