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Arkadius (Suidakra)

Interview with Arkadius from Suidakra
by Michael Dalakos at 18 May 2005, 5:55 AM

Suidakra is one of the few bands that amazed me with their blending of epic / folk and death Metal. Their brand new album, Command To Charge, has just been released so it was essential for me to talk with the band's mastermind, Arkadius. Let's see what he had to say…

Hello Arkadius how are you? I always wanted to chat with you…

Thank you, I am fine. It’s always good to speak with people who like our music.

Congratulations on your new album, Command To Charge. It’s really good but to be honest with you it took me a while before I started to really like it.

Thank you, yes, I think the new album needs a little more time than our previous ones for people to understand it.

Let’s start this interview with an assumption of the band’s activities after the release of Signs Of The Fallen…

Well, after the release of Signs Of The Fallen we tried to play as much live as possible but unfortunately we were a little disappointed with the promotion our previous company did on it. We tried to work on our first European tour but we couldn’t make it without the support of the label. Actually the tour was canceled two days before it started. We only did a small German tour.

We used a new studio this time and we actually recorded the new album on our own. Then we got in touch with Armageddon Music that really liked the new album. So signing with them was the best possible choice we had.

Please give us some general info about the recordings of the new album…

We decided to use a new studio near the town that we live and it worked out fine for our schedule. The production took around three and a half weeks and that was a little bit longer than our previous album. It was a very cool time period for us since the producer was also a musician.

With your new album you try to diversify your sound with modern elements. Where did you base your decision for such a move?

You know, to be honest, there wasn’t a certain time where we decided to follow such a road. It came out naturally in the rehearsals and the whole process. Of course the fact we now have some new band members also brought some new influences. We are very open minded persons and we like all kinds of music.

I think that our music style changed from album to album, maybe this time is more obvious then ever.

However through the years your fans have established a certain image about the band. How do you think they will react to your new sound?

I think there are two categories of fans. In one hand there are the fans who liked us because of our bombastic, folk elements and maybe they will be partially disappointed? I think that there are many elements of this sound still in the new album. As for the others who liked our more extreme side, I don’t think they will have any problem.

Can you tell us what happened with Century Media?

Yes of course. As I have mentioned before there were several problems with the promotion the label did for us. Our first album for them back in 2001, Emprise To Avalon, was actually not promoted at all. Still, the press sent a very positive feedback. At that time period we thought that this had something to do with the fact that this was actually our first album with them? So when the release of Signs Of The Fallen took place we expected their support 100%. The press was satisfied with this album but still there was almost no promotion at all.

To make a long story short, when we started recording the new album we met with the company and they told us that they don’t really like our new sound. They wanted us to play exactly like our previous albums. Why do that? To get no promotion at all, again? There was no reason to continue with the label.

Let’s talk about more joyful stuff. There is a hidden track in the new album. A cool one by the way! I just want to ask who the gal singing on it is.

Thanks, we also liked the song. It was a funny idea doing it. The singer is a friend of my girlfriend which I met two years ago. I really liked her voice because it has a Rock vibe on it, not like most female vocalists today. I think that her voice rocks!

You have also included two live videos. Is this mostly a gift for the fans or do you think it is essential nowadays to add such extra stuff to the album?

Both. The problem here in Germany is that the new CDs are really expensive. They cost like 17 Euros. If you imagine how many albums are released every month, you need at least 100 Euros just to buy 4-5 albums. So yes, I think it is essential to include other stuff apart from the music, in the albums. On the other hand we haven’t toured as much as we wanted to in the past years. So a lot of people don’t know how Suidakra is live on stage. Now they have this opportunity since both clips are live recordings.

Touring plans. I have noticed some gigs are mentioned in the promo. Will there be more?

We will try to add as much live shows as possible. We want to add as much live shows as possible outside Germany. Armageddon Music wants to help us as much as possible. We have already booked some appearances in summer festivals and today I booked two shows in France. As for Greece… we want to play as long as someone will like to call us there.

Since you have probably heard the above questions a million times, here’s some new, less serious ones. If the band gets abducted by aliens, what song will you play for them?

I would play… a slow, acoustic version of one of our songs. A really slow version so they will fall asleep and maybe we will get to escape.

While renting an adult film you realize that your music has been used as a soundtrack. How would you react?

I would be very happy about it. Oh wait a minute… you mean a porn film \[Laughs]. Sorry. Yeah, I guess it would be great. Actually this will be the first porn movie with great music since most porn movies have this jazz music from the seventies. Really terrible stuff.

While on stage you realize that the crowd has almost fallen asleep. How do you react?

I will take the microphone and fart on it. I guess that will wake everyone up. Farting is great to draw the attention of people around you.

Thanks for the serious answers. Suidakra has been around for more than a decade. Tell us: as a musician what is your unfulfilled dream…

Oh… there are many. It there weren’t many, I guess there would be no reason to keep on doing what I am doing right now. One of the biggest dreams is a world tour. Of course to make a very good video clip. When I started playing the guitar, real young, I was sitting in front of the TV and did a lot of air guitar tricks and headbanging. Yes, I can say that I am a normal metalhead \[Laughs]

Arkadius I want to thank you for your time. Please close this interview with a message to all your friends here in Greece…

I want to thank you. I would like to send a big hello to all the metalheads in Greece. We are now on a new label and this time we really hope we will make it to play for you. So, see you soon!


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