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Arrayan Path

Interview with Arrayan Path from Arrayan Path
by Kiriakos Athanasiadis at 10 November 2011, 3:09 AM

ARRYAN PATH is really the personal project of singer Nicholas Leptos although it started out as a real band with friend and guitarist Clement Fung. Throughout the years Nicholas has had great help from his brother Socratis Leptos and friends Nicholas Philippou, Chris Ioannides, Nicholas Demetriou, Paris Lambrou and from special guest appearances. They so far have their debut release "Road to Macedonia", as well as 2 old demos "Return to Troy" and "Osiris". 2010 marks the band's return with their new album "Terra Incognita"!

Hello guys!
First of all I would like some words about your course as a band so far.

Hello! We started the band in America in 1997. We have 3 albums so far. ‘Road to Macedonia’, ‘Terra Incognita’ and ‘Ira Imperium’. Before that we released 2 demos. We have played many concerts in Cyprus and abroad and we hope to keep doing this for long time!

“Ira imperium” finally has been released. Are you satisfied with the final result?

Yes I am very satisfied. I think the album is really strong and I like it as a whole. A few minor details could have been different but I don’t really think about it!

Which are the differences between “Ira Imperium” and “Terra Incognita”?

‘Ira Imperium’ is more powerful I think. It contains faster and heavier songs. ‘Terra Incognita’ had many ‘hit’ songs like ‘Molon lave’, ‘The blood remains on the believer’ and ‘Angel with no destination’ for example. The new album is more like a ‘unit’!

Why did you change your name from Arryan Path to Arrayan Path? What’s the difference?

The difference is in the pronunciation! When the pronunciation changes then the meaning changes! It was just something that needed to be done I guess.

Let’s talk about the new album more analytic. The album has been produced by Vangelis Maranis who is also a member of Arrayan Path, tell me more about that.

Vagelis is not a member of the band but he has played the bass in the last two albums. So in a way, he was more like a session musician. For technical reasons our bass player could not record in Germany so for better result and instead of recording the bass from long distance, Vagelis offered to play it himself. He has also done a lot of voice harmonies. We were very happy with the sound of ‘Terra Incognita’ so the choice to record at the same studios was expected.

In this album we have two new members. Vangelis Maranis (bass,vocals) and Alexis Kleidaras(guitars). Would you tell me a short story for these changes?

As I said Vagelis is not a member and Alexis has played some lead guitars on ‘Terra Incognita’ as well. But this time he also played rhythm guitars. His style is for heavier stuff so maybe that’s another reason the album came out heavier and faster.

What’s the difference to work with two guitarists instead of one? Why make this change?

More guitarists mean more music ideas so why not? I am not a person who likes to limit himself into working with the same people over and over. And all the members of Arrayan path know that and respect that. So basically I didn’t work only with these two guitarists but with a few others as well!

I noticed again that every song has inspired lyrically from Mythology. Well, would you tell me the story behind “Gnosis of Prometheus”, “Kiss of Kali”, “Hollow eyes of Nefertiti”, “Amenophis”, “Lost Ithaca” and “The fall of Mardonius”?

Well, we always like to tell stories, describing events and people. For these songs it is quite obvious that we are telling the tale from our own point of view. Prometheus who gave fire to the people, King Amenophis of Egypt and Queen Nefertiti of Egypt as well, the story of Odysseus in ‘Lost Ithaca’ and ‘I sail across the seven seas’ and the battle of Plataea in ‘The fall of Mardonius’. An important battle in Greek history.

Who is the female singer in “Katherine of Aragon” and how did the idea come up?

It is a young artist called Natalie Kyprianou and she was referred to me by friends of the band. It seems now that she was a great choice and she sang beautifully!

I read that Tony Martin is giving his voice to your new album. How do you feel to have this charismatic voice to your album and how did you characterize his voice according to Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan and Ozzy Osbourne?

I feel fantastic to have him on the album! He used to be one of my favourites and I used to listen to all his albums. Especially ‘Headless cross’ and ‘Tyr’! All these singers that you’ve mentioned are unique in their own way. Ozzy may not have the best voice but you couldn’t imagine the earlier Sabbath without him. But my favourite Sabbath albums are the ones with Tony Martin! Dio is of course a god as you know haha! Gillan also used to be fantastic and I give him credit for influencing my favourite singer in the world (Bruce Dickinson), so even just for that he has my respect!

Metal scene of Cyprus is not as famous as in other countries. I know only you and Armageddon from your island. Have you got anything to suggest?

Yes, try Quadraphonic, Winter’s verge, Blynd and R.U.S.T.

Are you going to have a European tour for the promotion of “Ira Imperium”?

We are going to tour Greece and Cyprus at the moment. We will try to play some gigs in other countries too but it will not be a full tour. We will have more news in the following months. Also we are continuing with the song writing for the next album ‘Stigmata’ which will hopefully be about before summer.

The band had been formed in USA and after you moved out to Cyprus. How much different and also difficult was?

It was very easy haha! I was studying there and when I finished my studies I returned home! The guy I started the band with, went to live in Hong Kong but he came to Cyprus to record our first demo! We never played a single gig in America. We simply wrote some of the music that would eventually end up in ‘Road to Macedonia’.

Well, thanks for the interview and I wish every success for your band! The last words belong to you…

Thanks for the interview and check our new album ‘Ira Imperium’! We are waiting for your comments!


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