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Ashley Enos (Terror Bite)

Interview with Ashley Enos from Terror Bite
by Jo Jo Hamilton at 25 January 2020, 5:28 AM

TERROR BITE is a four piece hard rock band from Sydney, Australia, consisting of Michael William Webb on lead vocals & guitar, Maxwell Megier on lead guitar, and Ashley Enos on drums. The band got together in 2018 and released their debut single “Don’t Leave” in March 2019. Today, Ashley Enos speaks to Metal Temple editor JoJo Hamilton at Metal Temple.

TERROR BITE, thank you for performing this interview for Metal Temple today, it’s a pleasure to speak to you today. Would you like to say anything to our readers that would sum up TERROR BITE?

Terror Bite is our shot at creating a career in the music industry by doing something we are passionate about and following in the legacy of our heroes. It's also our way of recreating the style of music that we love from the 70’s and 80’s but in today’s world.

Ashley, you guys have written, recorded, produced & released 2 singles, do we have a debut album or an EP in the making?

At the moment, no. Our plans for 2020 is to release two more singles accompanied with the release of two new music videos while growing our fan base internationally, through social media and focusing on putting together a better live show to grow our fan base in Sydney. Through the release of these two singles and music videos, we also want the band to grow as artists and better ourselves as musicians and songwriters.

So both your singles you have released so far, “Don’t Leave” and “My Desire” in November 2019. They both touch on mental health and creating positivity, is this a possible theme for a debut album?

It could be. I know Michael, our frontman does have a strong connection to his lyrics and feels passionately about what he writes so lyrical content is largely based on what imagery and ideas that come to him as we develop the instrumental side of the upcoming tracks. The other members in the band never limit him or try to enforce what each song is about, rather it comes very organically from Michael; so I guess it's all up to him.

The band list some of their influences as AC/DC, GUNS N’ ROSES, IRON MAIDEN & JUDAS PRIEST. Do you aspire to be like any of your influences or will the band have a style of it’s own?

I think it’s a mix of both. We definitely do look at those bands like you mentioned and see ourselves wanting to create a legacy like they did and aspiring to achieve the success that they achieved. However we also don’t want to be a copy of something has come before us. Throughout our music, you can clearly hear what bands have had a significant impact on our songwriting but we do try to take that and create something that is unique to Terror Bite.

So Ashley, at the moment TERROR BITE are unsigned. Are you looking for a record label or will you continue to release your material independently?

The idea of a record deal is something we’d definitely consider signing up to and would love the backing of a record label to take our career to new heights. In the recent past we have been approached by independent labels to work with them but until we find the right opportunity, we feel as though we can handle the releasing of music by ourselves and grow our fan base through playing gigs and social media.

Have you guys played any local gigs to gain fans, perhaps playing your 2 singles and some cover songs?

Playing live shows are a big part of us being Terror Bite and something we have been doing since the band first started, through a combination of support shows and headlining shows. Just recently, we played at The Hideaway Bar in Enmore, Sydney to mark the release ‘My Desire’ and had a great time doing it. We put a lot of effort into promoting the night and were very happy with the result.

“TERROR BITE”. What’s the meaning behind the name of the band, how did you come to choose the name for the band?

Terror Bite was our way of trying to create a name that best described the powerful and hard hitting nature of our music. We imagined a venomous spider, backed up on its hind legs ready to attack with its great, big fangs and we felt that that best suited the aggressive imagery that we associate with our music.

Ashley, how did TERROR BITE come together as a band? Was it a collective dream between friends or was it one person who recruited the other band members? How long did it take to form the band and decide on a band name?

Initially, Max, our lead guitarist and I met in university before meeting Tom, (our bassist who recently announced his departure from the band) and played together with other musicians until needing to find the right person to recruit as a frontman. Upon stumbling on an ad posted by Michael who at the time was looking to join a band and hearing his vocal capabilities; we knew he was the frontman we were looking for. This whole process took us half a year during 2018 and the latter half of the year was spent bringing the band together, playing our first shows between the four of us and working on writing what became “Don’t Leave”.

If you could collaborate with any artist or band to record an album with who would it be and why them?

Axl Rose and Slash for sure! Having Axl’s vocals feature on a Terror Bite song would be an ultimate dream and to top it off, some solo work from the man himself; Slash… that would be something I’d like to see.

What do you hope to achieve as a band in the future? Where do you see Terror BITE in 5 years time?

Our main goal for this band, is to create a successful career in the music industry and follow in the legacy of the heroes that inspired us to start a band and play music. I just want us to create a career that we are happy in, put out music that we are proud of and even create a legacy of our own. I want
Ashley Enos, can I take this opportunity to thank you for performing this interview to day for Metal Temple. I’d like to wish TERROR BITE all the very best for the future.


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