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Athenar (Midnight)

Interview with Athenar from Midnight
by Eric Poulin at 22 March 2020, 9:41 AM

Metal Temple writer Eric Poulin recently caught up with MIDNIGHT's Athenar to talk about his one-man project, and the recently released album titled "Rebirth by Blasphemy." Check out what they discussed here!

We have seen a developing interesting in the "black n' roll" style over the last few years, what would you say are some of your biggest  musical influences?

Musical influences are the same ones I've loved as a kid until now. there are tons but the obvious ones I think you can guess. some of the not so obvious ones would be the more rock tinged bands like van halen, kiss etc… but I take influence from whatever leaks into my system then I shit it out very nasty.

Did the recording process for this new album differ from some of the previous ones?

No the process has always been the same. it can't really change that much. just start with the drums and go from there. keep it simple as possible. there's less to fuck up that way.

When reviewing the latest album, I noticed a few nods to the early days of the band, was that something that was done intentionally or just a coincidence?

Probably just a coincidence. I guess like ac/dc, motorhead and the ramones i'll start ripping myself off.

Has there been any change in the musical direction of the band since being distributed by Metal Blade or is there still a great deal of freedom in the creative aspect?

It's freedom rock!!! that's the reason why I do this stuff solo. nobody likes to be told what to do. even when somebody at a store or restaurant tells me to "have a nice day" I shout back at them "don't give me orders!"

What were the biggest challenges in recording this album?

I just want there to be hooks upon hooks. so I attempt to make to solos memorable, the lyrics memorable etc.. but nothing is really that challenging, which is maybe a bad thing. maybe I should challenge myself in life and get a bit more ambitious.

Are there any plans to change the band's sound for later releases or possibly experiment more musically?

No real plans I just do whatever comes naturally. you can always plan for a nice piece of doodoo to come out of you after eating lots of fiber but then it just comes out lumpy and nugget like. then you're disappointed.

What would say are the biggest differences between the studio recording portion and the live performances?

The difference is the live guys really know how to play their instruments well and confident. for me I play like a hack. I couldn't do the guitar live at all without it sounding like i'm wearing winter gloves. in the studio there's a certain charm to the amateur style that I have and i'm ok with that.

If you had the chance to choose some of the bands you would play with (from the past, present or future), what would they be?

Like be a member of that band? i'd play bass for jimi Hendrix experience. or if you mean share a gig with? doesn't matter to me much who we play with. although I would liked to have seen led zeppelin early on.

What are your biggest vocal influences?

Vocal influences. there's many but the top ones I think of right away are david lee roth, cronos, lemmy kilmister, iggy pop and little Richard, oh and Geoff tate.

How was it touring with Obituary and Abbath back in 2019?

That was a great and memorable tour for many reasons. obituary have to be the most laid back coolest bands to tour with. they offer us their gear to use, carry our shit in their trailer, very fair with the daily food situation. can't say enough good things about them. and musically they're heavy as plutonium every night.

What are the touring plans for Midnight in 2020-2021?

Well we plan to play everywhere but now just sitting at home waiting out the viral situation. can't wait to get out and slobber all over inside my mask and sweat like a pig in my leather.

Have you been contacted by other projects in regards to produce a split EP?

Yeah pretty often but i'd like to concentrate on just making full albums for now if I can.

Do you have any musical plans in performing in other projects?

Not for now. doing this takes up most of my time. but who knows what's in store for the future. thanks for the time and questions!!


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