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Aversions Crown

Interview with Aversions Crown from Aversions Crown
by Andrej Romić at 16 March 2017, 12:07 AM

AVERSIONS CROWN are an extreme metal band from Brisbane, Australia, formed in 2010. They weave the cool parts of Deathcore into an interestingly atmospheric form of melodic Death Metal, sharing a fandom with bands like THY ART IS MURDER and THE ACACIA STRAIN. "Xenocide" is the band's newly released album, and Andrej shot the band a few questions regarding the new material, their fans enthusiasm for merch and album artwork.

Hello guys, as a huge fan, I feel so honored that I got the opportunity to interview you. My first question would be:

 When was the band formed and have you guys had this name from the very beginning?

The band formed around 2009 and has always been called Aversions Crown.

Who were the past members of the band, and who are the current ones?

There have been quite a few past members now, but the current line-up is:

Mark Poida - vocals
Chris Cougan - guitar
Jayden Mason - drums
Mick Jeffery - guitar

Are you guys satisfied with your current label, Nuclear Blast Records? Since when are you on their roster?

There is honestly no label we would rather be associated with. Nuclear Blast have been at the forefront of extreme music for many years now. They first signed the band in 2014 and released the Tyrant album.

What inspires you to write your lyrics? By the way I simply adore them and the style you are using.

The lyrics on Xenocide were inspired by lots of science fiction movies, books, video games etc. There is a concept story that flows through the songs, we encourage listeners to read through the lyrics.

Your newest album ‘’Xenocide’’ will soon hit both the digital and physical shelves, are you excited and what do you think the feedback from your fans will be?

So far all the feedback and reactions have surpassed our expectations. We've been receiving messages from all over the world with people telling us they're really enjoying it. I'm personally really looking forward to seeing the fan reactions to the new songs once we start touring and playing them live.

’’Xenocide’’ is your third studio full length album, how will it be different from your 2014. one entitled ‘’Tyrant’’?

The first big difference will be the addition of vocalist Mark Poida. This is our first full length release since mark has joined the band. He has an incredible vocal range and has really opened up some new possibilities for the band's sound to evolve.

So far the label has debuted 2 songs, ‘’Ophiophagy’’, which got an official lyric video, and ‘’The Soulless Acolyte’’ which was first presented as a single track and then got a drum playthrough too. Are there more planned before the album’s official release date?

We've released a music video for the single Prismatic Abyss. As well as a drum play through for the song Erebus. We haven't thought about if we will release any more videos after the album release, we might try put together some live footage during the touring cycle.

I see you guys have prepared tons of different merch items, I especially like the sunglasses, that’s a huge plus for creativity. Were you satisfied with the quality, and the amount of preorders?

We were actually blown away by the amount of presales we did. Even in countries where we've never toured before. We tried to include some different items like the sunglasses for a bit of fun. But people seemed to love those ideas so we might do more of them.

Who did the artwork on your upcoming album? It’s pretty sick, and even better than the previous one (which was also intense!)

The idea came up to contact the artist Ryohei Hase who designed the cover for our Servitude album, and to see if he'd be interested in working with us again. We have him some lyrics and some songs and basically wanted to see what he would come up with. I think the Xenocide cover might be our best one yet.

The last question, and this goes out for all of you in the band, which were your biggest influences as a band and as musicians? Thank you for your time!

The band was influenced by a lot of modern and classic death metal bands. I'm sure listeners can hear various influences in our sound. Some of my favourite metal guitarists include Kris Norris, Kiko Loureiro, Joe Haley, James Hetfield.


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