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Band (Atomic Blast)

Interview with Band from Atomic Blast
by CJ "Music God" Plain at 28 April 2013, 9:05 AM

Formed back in 2011, Italy’s ATOMIC BLAST have undergone some band member changes. Solidifying their lineup when drummer Ale was brought in the band was official. With the release of their first EP “Noise of Revolution”, CJ talked with the new band about their ambitions and plans for their future.

I want to thank the guys from the band for taking the time to answer these questions. Tell us the story of how the band came to be. What Fate brought you all together?

Hi guys! First of all, thank you for this interview, 1st in America! ATOMIC BLAST was born in November 2011, with an unstable line-up. The first official line-up was composed by Francesco (vocals), Simone and Daniele (guitars), Mattia (bass) and Alessio (drums); in the middle of 2012 Tobia took part of the project to replace Alessio, because he left the band. On drums Tobia bringing his personal style! ATOMIC BLAST started writing new songs, with the purpose of create something never listened before. We do it for fun!

I honestly wasn't familiar with your music before this review and after hearing the music, I was honestly blown away by your sound. You can hear the obvious PANTERA and LAMB OF GOD influences, what other bands or music has influenced you?

Well, each of us has his personal influences, for example (French) SEPULTURA, (Simo) TRIVIUM, (Dani) MACHINE HEAD, (Met) TESTAMENT and (Tobia) JOB FOR A COWBOY: we can say that TESTAMENT, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, METALLICA and MACHINE HEAD are some of the bands that influenced all the members of the band.

I'm seeing more and more bands, of all genres, coming from Italy these days. Are you finding the music scene there to be more open now? Or has it always been and it's just now something the rest of the world is seeing?

Dammit, here is full of kick-ass band coming from all over the country. Not only now, but also in the past! The only problem is that Italy seems to not appreciate talented bands. Preferring shit like VASCO ROSSI! AHAHAHAH!

Tell me about the opening guitar riffs for the song "Silence?" They're very unique and really set the tone. It almost reminds me of the guitarist Mattias Ia Ekhlund from FREAK KITCHEN.

Oh my god, sorry but we don't listen to FREAK KITCHEN! Well, those riffs were written by Daniele… He's a fuckin' asshole, he doesn't know what the fuck is doing, but his riffs really kick-ass and we fucking love it!

I want to give props to Tobia. The drumming on this EP is amazing. Some of the best I've heard this year.

Thank you very very very much! My drumming come from the inside, I don't really think about them! I started playing drums when I was 14 after 8 years of piano lessons. I love drums!

I was told there is a full-length record in the works. What are the details on this?

Eheh, it's TOP SECRET! We're writing new songs, new materials, some of this is classic thrash-in-da-face (with a TOP SECRET experiment), some are pure feelings and other songs are kind or thrash/groove experiment. That's all, but… we have a surprise! Top secret, its logic! If you want to know something more about this full length, you just have to wait the end of the year.

Have you ever considered including any cover tunes or tribute tunes on your record? I could definitely hear you guys doing a vicious version of "Fucking Hostile."

I don't know, we don't love doing cover because personal music is more satisfying… Well, we think about this fuckin' version of "Fucking Hostile"!!

If you could put together a "Dream Tour" with any 3 bands and you as the opening support band, whom would you pick?

Absolutely PANTERA, LAMB OF GOD and TESTAMENT. No doubt about it. They're 3 band that we all love so fucking much, for this "Dream Tour".

 So, I have to ask, what are your opinions on all the current news concerning the new Pope and has it affected where you live at all?

AB: Well, as in the other state, the Pope influence only religious people. Honestly I don't know if there are people interested by the Pope in Italy, for sure we don't!

Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this and I wish you great success. I can't wait to hear the new music and look forward to once again reviewing it.

Thank you, really like this webzine! Stay tuned on the ATOMIC BLAST website like Reverbnation, and follow us also on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace! Thanks one more time to you and to all the Metal-Temple staff, and also Spider Rock Promotion! See you on the road, stay METAL!


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