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Bastard and Marath (Bloodwritten)

Interview with Bastard and Marath from Bloodwritten
by Ilias Halastanis at 10 February 2011, 11:02 PM

Metal Temple interviewed Bastard and Marath from Bloodwritten about their latest release, live shows and their views on life in general, in a rather humorous mood.

Hello Bastard! I am Ilias Halastanis from Metal-Temple. Greetings to the beautiful Warsaw! Bloodwritten started as a black metal band, with the Thrashin' Fury album the sound changed. After the release of your last album, November 2010, what are your plans for 2011?

Marrath: Nothing…absolutely nothing. We’re just sitting in our cages placed in a high tower, and waiting for a prince to release us.
Bastard: We are now in the middle of writing process for our new album which will destroy your ears.

What is the reason you seem to prefer thrash metal now?

Bastard: Your question suggest we are now thrashing band and before we were not. It’s not true, because we have always been old school metal band, with influences from old thrash, old death and old black metal. Bloodwritten’s music is a combination of all our influences and creativity.

Above all genres of metal what is the specific one you follow, and from which ones you believe you are influenced by?

Bastard: As I said in previous answer, we are influenced by few different metal styles, as well as other music genres. As for metal – we prefer metal as it was in the old days – obscure, dirty, straightforward. CELTIC FROST, DARKTHRONE, old SLAYER, old german thrash.

Which are the lifestyles you are influenced as a person and as a musician? Influences like music styles and patterns, social ideas or political, religion, education, books and writers, cultural.

Bastard: Who cares what we think about all the above ? We’re here to fuck you with our music. Enough said.

You see any future in metal today and why? You think we should look from the past or sail anew to the future?

Bastard: This is always difficult, to explore new ideas and in the same time not to forget about foundations, roots. Metal is both conservative and avant-garde – you must keep that in mind.

Have you encountered problems concerning you as a metaller and the society? Have you encountered discrimination, police arrests and societal problems in general?

Bastard: Generally we are in prison all the time if you know what I mean…

Did you encounter any problems in particular during your career?

Marrath: Yes. Shit, lack of alcohol…there’s a lot of problems all the time.

How much time do you spend making a song? Is it easy? What about other members, is it easy to cooperate in the studio?

Marrath: Usually from the beginning to the end, but sometimes we’re making an exception. Cooperating…hmmm…it’s hard to drink while recording…
Bastard: It depends on our vein. Sometimes we make a song in one evening, sometimes it longs few months. It’s never easy, cause we are all ambitious and independent. That’s why we compose only good stuff <laugh>

Which things influenced you and your musician point of view?

Bastard: Everything around us…and inside us

Which live shows you performed are your favorites?

Marrath: Each one, except ones that were shitty.

What is your opinion about the political situation and the global economic crisis?

Bastard: Do you know this OVERKILL song ? We don’t care what you say… !

What would you say to your fans?

Bastard: We’re the Thrashin’ Fury, we’re the sounds of hell!

Thanks for your time man! My best wishes to you and your band.


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