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Black Sorcerer Battle (Battle Dagorath)

Interview with Black Sorcerer Battle from Battle Dagorath
by Morgan Djevelbjörn at 15 April 2011, 1:36 AM

BATTLE DAGORATH play pure Norwegian Black Metal and they hail from the… well, not so frozen sunny shores of California, which makes even more surprising the quality and the "trueness" of their second album "Ancient Wraith" which received a "Masterpiece" rating.

Congratulations for your new album. It's just awesome and among the rare cases that got a 10/10 rating from us.

Greetings Morgan, Black Sorcerer Battle here, thanks for the interview and the support!

How is it possible for you to have this "freezing black metal" mood in your music considering that you live in sunny California?

The essence of Battle Dagorath is arcane visions that reach into the primordial angst of existence! Dark Anthems to the Deepest Cosmic Obscurity! We perform Black MetalLandscapes that represent nihilism, darkness, solitude, the infinite void, the chaos of eternity and our fleeting existence! All the photographs of this freezing nature we’re taken here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. We use winter because this is the season where everything must die before nature will be born again. We use imagery to portray things in a metaphorical sense, Black Metal is an internal state that contains the struggle and energy of our destructive emotions, these are forces that cannot be escaped as a human being, regardless of if you are in “Sunny” California or
“picture-perfect” European places. This group is a symbol of this, we are two Americans and one German. This album is a “FUCK OFF” in the face to those who’s opinions are useless!! In the future these weak-minded posers will be eliminated!

Who is the main composer of the band?

Everybody has done their part to create this unique alchemy of sound which is ours. Christophe is the main composer of Vinterriket, Atomtrakt and other projects on which he focuses himself on.
I’m glad to have him contribute to this project and give it a piece of his style. ShadowVoid is the main composer of a great Funeral Doom project called Thy Desolation, which I am also a member of as the vocalist.  Ancient Wraith also contains some guest female vocals on the 2nd part of “Kingdom of Black Abyss” from Hexannacht.

What are the bands that influenced you most?

Black Sabbath, Slayer, Death, Dark Angel, Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Sadistic Intent, Darkthrone, Burzum, Emperor, Abigor, Mysticum, Moonblood, Kvist, Lunar Aurora, Manes, Paysage d’Hiver, Vinterriket, Atomtrakt, Nortt, Deathgate Arkanum, Forteresse, Cryfemal, Grim Funeral, Tymah, Nordheim, Lorn, Kathaarian, Katharsis, Tenebrae in Perpetuum,  Nehëmah, Uruk-Hai (Spain), Evoken, Summoning, Law of the Rope, Until Death Overtakes Me, Darchon, ic rex, Nasheim, Skepticism, Winter, Drudkh, Horna, Thunderbolt, Forest, Akerbeltz, Behexen, Fear of Eternity, Graupel, Forest Silence, Tangerine Dream, Astrofaes, Old Wainds, Drowning the Light, Drastus, Empaligon, Vordr, Godless North and many others…

What's your opinion on "nu black metal" that is being played nowadays?

In regards to newer bands, there are some good and some bad!

Do you share anti-christian beliefs in the way Scandinavian black metal bands do?

Yes, ofcourse. Black Metal is darkness and destruction, anyone that understands about these things knows that ultimately everything ends in apocalypse.

What is the status of the U.S underground black metal? What about California?

Many American groups have their own identity and their own styles but unfortunately most people follow popularity before they follow originality. Here in America there is not the same support systems that you have in Europe to help groups develop. Labels, promoters and booking agents lack integrity… Labels that once did help with the underground now look to “cross-over” and “cash-in” on new trendy “retro”fads, other labels only want to support “old”or “classic” acts, the scene becomes stagnate with labels recycling over and over again… and now with the state of the music business and the internet poisoning, it will become harder and harder to “build” something.  Here in America you have an overly-commercialized culture that is contaminated by trendy sheep and weaklings!
What's your opinion on the black metal documentaries that came out over the last years?


Let’s assume that someone decides to listen to black metal music for the very first time and he picks  "Ancient Wraith". What kind of emotions do you hope he will feel?

Ancient Wraith deals with all the unsolved mysteries of the world and the great unknown cosmic emptiness, esoteric supernatural ideas and also the influence of books such as “Sinister Forces” which talks about how this world is controlled thru witchcraft for thousands of years now. Another influence was the classic “Chariots of the Gods”by Erich Von Däniken. These are all stories about the bigger questions in life and man’s insignificant place in the universe. We honor the foreboding planetary cold winds and storms that point us towards the everlasting ice-age. This album for us is like a séance to the spirits and prophecies of annihilation. We explore the dark sinister forces that manipulate and control this world. A testimony to the ultimate human demise…  It is a warning of the Doom that is to come.

What is the vision-dream-ultimate goal of the band?

We only deal in visions of creating these plagues of sound, the reality is the dream and the goal. We have 2 split releases in the works now. One will be a full-length split with Darchon (Greece) and the other is a 7“ split with Lorn (Italy). When we did “Ancient Wraith“ we actually had written and recorded 2 albums worth of material and instead of releasing a double CD, we wanted to release the material in these splits with our metal brothers. These splits are special and personal to us because we feel these groups capture the true spirit perfectly! Both these groups provide me with inspiration and motivation to continue making Black Metal. Look for these releases coming out later this year. Beyond that we can’t foresee an “ultimate goal” of Battle Dagorath, only to survive for a 3rd album of annihilation.

Say the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word:  Humanity

Failure! Condemned to failure!

Thank you very much for you time, I leave the last words for our readers to you

Our Doom is revealed in the echoes , we come from the stars and will return there!


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Edited 05 December 2022

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