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Bob Catley (Magnum)

Interview with Bob Catley from Magnum
by Angela "The Hunter" at 06 January 2013, 1:49 PM

Just like sweet old wine, as time passes it is richer than before. So is the longstanding rock of the English MAGNUM and their latest effort “On The 13th Day” via SPV / Steamhammer Records. Remaining loyal to the old Hard Rock antics of the late 70 and early 80s, there is never enough of MAGNUM. Angela “The Hunter” talked with the veteran vocalist Bob Catley regarding the details about the new album, recent projects and more…

Good day Bob! Thank you so much for doing this interview, we truly appreciate it. Magnum has been around for 20 plus years, save for your split in 2001. How does it feel to look back through the years? Is this where you envisioned the band?

I think back and see some great times. If you had said to me in the beginning some of the things the band would do over its musical career I would have said your mad! We have been to see some great things on our travels, met some fantastic people and made many friends on the way. The band has seen some changes musically speaking and where we are today is what we have worked hard to achieve and we think it’s the best we have ever been. It`s been a real great thing to have done, and it ain’t over yet!

On The 13th Day is out, how has been the response? Can you tell us about the album?

The response has been fantastic.
#28 German Album Charts
#29 Swedish Album Charts
#43 English Album Charts
#57 Swiss Album Charts
#03 English Rock&Metal Charts
#05 English Indie Charts
#24 German MediaMarkt/Saturn Charts

The figures speak for themselves. We have had so much great press coverage and positive reviews all over the world. It`s been brilliant.

Who produced it? Where was it recorded?

The album has once again been produced by Tony at M2 studios in The Midlands, where we have done the past few albums. There has been some new gear in the studio so we think the production has stepped up a level. Were very pleased with the sound of the album.

To date, you have many release, including studio, live recordings, and compilations. Do you have a favorite album, or one that you really enjoyed recording?

I can’t really say how many releases we have had, sorry, there are so many. There tends to be lots of things rereleased by companies and which we have no control over. There has been a few things put out were not overly happy with but can’t stop it. There has also been lots of bad bootlegs and torrent copies of live stuff that is terrible. There is no way you can stop a lot of this stuff. I always love the latest album the most, we improve every time and I really do believe the 13th day is our best album so far.

How has the band’s sound changed over the years?

Yes it develops all the time. From time to time some members have changed, not for the past few years and now the band have a very solid sound. We work hard at getting the very best sound we can, live and on albums. It`s very important to do your up most.

Do you have any bands or musician in particular, that have had a major influence on you, or the band, in terms of your style of music, or stage presence?

We all get influenced in some way, you take small parts of everything you listen to and see. But I would never want to copy directly a particular person or band, were Magnum, we have our own sound I think. So I can’t say any one person or band is a direct influence.

Are you going to be doing any shows in the USA, or just hitting up the amazing music scene in Europe?

We would love to do the States, if only some promoters would take the chance on us, we wish every tour that we could get over there again. May be one day we get back over there.

We all have favorite bands, who would you say has been the most interesting or exciting to tour with?

There have been a few, there are lots of stories we can say about touring but the rule has always been , what happens on tour stays on tour, so I can tell you too much. We have just finished a tour with 2 fab bands. Neonfly are a young band and they sound great you should check them out. Also we have had a band called Trillium, the lead singer is Amanda Somerville who I have worked with on the Avantasia tours, she was great on tour and both bands went down with Magnum fans so well, so I will say they were brilliant to tour with.

How about your favorite venue? Or, the worst venue? (no names needed… we have all been there)

We have played every flee pit and dog hole in Europe in the early days, I think, but we are lucky now to play some great venues. We all have favorites, for instance in Germany Ashaffenburg Colla-Sall is great, and we all enjoy playing Glasgow, one of my favorite shows on the tour.

Where do you see the band in 5 years?

Hope we are still firing on all cylinders and recording and touring, that will be great if we can still be doing what we do.

Care to mention any side projects of any of the members?

I will be on a tour with Avantasia again in 2013 and then back in the studio with Tony also and may be some Magnum dates at the end of 2013.

And finally, where can fans go to, to find everything they want to know about Magnum? or MAGNUM | Facebook

Thank you again for the interview! We wish you nothing but safe travels on your journey ahead. Cheers!!

My pleasure, anytime, cheers and very merry Christmas to you all.


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