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Bob Meadows (A Life Once Lost)

Interview with Bob Meadows from A Life Once Lost
by Katrina Cannon at 21 July 2005, 7:21 AM

In the midst of one of the biggest summer festivals this year, The Sounds of the Underground Tour, A Life Once Lost's vocalist Bob Meadows takes some time to share some info about their upcoming tours, new album and pretty interesting stories about their previous tours.

How are things going?

They’re good. Everything’s going really good.

You recently got off tour with The Red Chord, Bury Your Dead and If Hope Dies. How did the tour go?

That tour was awesome. It was a lot of fun.  It was very long, like 2 months long.  I think we played like 52 shows on that tour but it was awesome just to be out playing new songs in front of a lot of different faces.

How did A Life Once Lost come to form?

I think it was back in 1999. There are 3 kids that are not in the band any longer, they’ve all quit and moved on to do other things. The band name was formed from them so I’m not even sure what the band name even means.  As time went along,  members joined.  Doug \[Sabolick, guitarist] was the first to join. I joined the day of the first show, after our guitarist quit the band to join This Day Forward. We picked up Bob Carpenter on guitar. Sometime later our bass player, Richard Arnold, left, we then picked up Nick Frasca on bass.  Then we lost our drummer T.J. to Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer and we picked up our drummer Justin Graves.  So we’ve had quite a few member changes and a slow progression in to what we are today.

You signed to Ferret Records back in October of 2004. Are you happy with the move to them from Deathwish Incorporated?

Yes, very much so.  It just seems like Ferret really has their shit together more than Deathwish did.  At Ferret you’re getting at least 4 or 5 people that are constantly working for you.  It’s a good feeling to be on that label just to know you have so many people that do care and do believe that you can be the next big thing, so it makes you want to work harder.

Your new album, Hunter, came out on June 28th. How did the recording go for that?

It was good, it was a very long writing process and a very spread out recording process.  We worked with Rob Caggiano of Anthrax and he had some time that he had to take off during the recording for Anthrax to tour South America.  So it just took a bit longer but the end result of the record is by far the best work we have to date.

Is there any particular theme behind Hunter?

It’s just the whole idea of hunting for your security, safety and sanity. Whether it’s for security in friendships, love, trust, joy, just trying to be happy and find internal struggle to conquer and defeat it.

How was making the video for Cavil?

It was cool. We recorded it at a skate park in Philadelphia. During the shoot, the cops came out because we couldn’t really technically be there because it’s closed after dark. We just did a video for Vulture that aired on Headbanger’s Ball and honestly that whole shoot was a million times better than Cavil. The video itself is a lot better. It was a lot of fun to do that one.

You are on The Sounds of The Underground Tour with an array of metal bands. How do you feel about being on this tour?

I think it’s awesome. It’s definitely a very diverse lineup and it’s giving people who aren’t familiar with a lot of those bands a chance to see them. And it’s very, very cheap, ticket wise. It’s only $30 to get into compared to a $70 ticket to sit on the wall at Ozzfest, so this is more personal and more intimate. It’s gonna be very crazy.

What are your plans for after this tour?

Right after this tour we’re gonna be going to Europe in August with Every Time I Die and 12 Tribes. From there we’re gonna be going out with Unearth, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Zao for a full U.S. tour starting in September. So, we have some good tours lined up and a couple more on the table right now that are being worked out.  

Have there been any really memorable tour moments so far?

Yeah. We were in Oakland, California, our first West Coast tour. There were like 2 kids that paid to get in and we were like this is terrible, let’s just leave and we’ll go find something else to do that’s more exciting. So we met up with our tour manager’s friend from San Francisco and drank a bit. The next morning she took us to Height Street, it’s very notorious for drugs, hippies and shit like that, it’s just crazy. So, we were walking down and I ended up picking up an eighth of shrooms and I was gonna save them until I got home. The next day we played a show in Portland, Oregon, which was right down the street from a meth clinic, so it was just an insane night. We played a really good show. There weren’t a lot of kids but the kids that came out made us feel really good. After the show, me and Bob ended up eating the eighth of shrooms and basically just tripped our balls off for the next 5 or 6 hours.

Then we were just walking around, checking things out. The people in the house were watching Natural Born Killers and we came in during one of the killing scenes and Tommy Lee was there looking like The Joker. It was insane. So we were coming down and we were gonna go to bed, so we were sitting in the van and all of a sudden we heard the door moving like someone was trying to get in and we were like the guys are just trying to fuck with us. Then they went to the side door and did it again, then again to the driver’s door and the passenger door. We were sitting in there like What the fuck, so Bob sits up and looks and he sees these 2 kids breaking in to the band’s van that was on tour with us. It was just ahead of us. They weren’t able to get in so they moved on to the next one and finally got into a car. In the meantime, I was on my cell phone calling inside to get someone to come out. So everyone comes running out in their underwear and we get out of the van in our underwear, no socks, no shoes, just 8 dudes running around in their underwear. We ended up catching up to the dudes and kicking their asses. We kicked the crap out of them basically for all the other times bands have been on the road and had their shit broken into and never found the guys. We’re not about beating people up or anything, but when it comes to our lives, and this is definitely our life and everything in that van, don’t fuck with it, I’ll take death. \[Laughs]

What are some of your musical influences?

As a band it’s like Black Sabbath, Meshuggah, Pantera, Canderia, Queens of the Stoneage, just a lot of Metal. We’re not a band that listens to a lot of Metal but being a Metal band we’re influenced by a lot of Metal.  

I always like it when someone mentions Meshuggah, because they’re my absolute favorite.

They’re disgusting. Some people will compare us to a dead rip off of Meshuggah which is I guess for the person who doesn’t really listen to Meshuggah that much easy to day because it’s the only thing we could be compared to. But for someone that listens to Meshuggah, then listens to us, you can hear the difference. We use the same idea of the off time power rhythm and the just real insane kind of riffs that they use but they’re going in kind of an artsy direction now and we’re going more kind of towards Rock. You can hear the difference but not many people can but we’re nothing like those monsters.

If there is any band you could tour with, who would it be?

It doesn’t really matter who we tour with. I’d love to tour with different kind of bands, even like Meshuggah, I’d love to tour with them and Down, Superjoint Ritual, even like Queens of the Stoneage, Tool, that would be cool. We’re not really picky with who we go out with, just as long as they’re not douchebags.

Any last words?

Our new CD is out. Pick it up if you can, it’s available everywhere.


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