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Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (Overkill)

Interview with Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth from Overkill
by Lior Kraisler at 04 June 2015, 1:59 PM

OVERKILL has been one of the major forces in Thrash Metal since the mid 80's, and up till this day is a might power to be reckoned with. Following their latest release via Nuclear Blast Records, "White Devil Armory", the band has been extensively touring. At the first days of June, OVERKILL will head to Europe for a few shows, including one in Tel-Aviv, Israel, a first time for the band. Lior Kraisler was able to catch up with Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth, just before leaving to the airport to talk, to talk about the band's upcoming Israeli venture and more. 

Hello Bobby, how have you been? It is a pleasure having you for this interview for Metal Temple.

I feel great, we recently played in the Russian Federation, playing there two shows, then heading towards Germany to play in Rock Hard Festival, and soon enough will be getting to play in Tel Aviv for the first time.

Following your previous statement regarding the former dates, I understand that you will be performing in Europe at additional festivals and later on for a US tour, any time to rest here and there?

Well, yes of course you know time passes we get older, but the idea that we spread out in Overkill is all about high energy level. I don’t know if you have seen the band live, but the one of the many things we are proud of is the fact that we can do it now like we did back then. We will be off to Europe for some festivals in August then a US tour – Overkill & Symphony X, and then we will be focusing on the next record for a 2016 release.

First time in Israel, as there is always first time for everything, how does it feel to know that you will be performing first time in a place after so many years on the road?

I think that this is the most exciting thing about touring. The fact is that, for long Overkill has been conquering places and to go to a place for the first time is always a great for the people who have been listening to our albums and has yet had the chance to see us. I am looking to hear and see the Metalheads in Israel.

Thinking of all the extremities worldwide, what is your opinion about it and does it have a larger piece within the current music of Overkill?

Not really, you know I think that as a band we didn’t have an identity crisis, both fans and others, know who and what is Overkill and what has been keeping us alive in the past three decades.

Let's head to your latest album "White Devil Armory". This is a kind of a name that I am positive that only the band itself knows its meaning, like the previous "Ironbound" for instance. I haven't read any of the publications regarding it. What does it stand for you personally?

I think that you always look for something you can take as strong, you might also add a little from my last answer and fly with this. Over time we have always been looking for that great word to make things happen. Let's say on "Ironbound" the word was Iron and we also had Electric for "The Electric Age". For the latest we chose Armory, therefore I chose to finish it up as "White Devil Armory" for a worldview to go back to, and it sounded cool to us to use.

Let's go back to Israel. What are you plans other the performing, will you have some time to see a few sights?

Of course, we will be going to Jerusalem and also visit the Dead Sea etc. We like the fact that the band has the opportunity to see the world. In total we may be spending a day in Israel.

This is a topic that I always like to ask bands, especially veteran artists. The music industry has been consumed by the factor of internet downloading, some as a means for free promotion. As a member of a band that has gone through the tape trading period and performing tons, what is your take on this issue? Is the internet good for the artist or the other way around?

Well you know that downloading is not great for sales, I would be an idiot and a liar that it was. From a personal prospective, you have to embrace it and you if you won't adapt to the changes you would eventually be left behind. I think we embraced technology, we reinvented ourselves   to survive in a world that started with a vinyl and now is majorly in digital information that is available throughout the internet, we still create records that can compete in the modern day and we know how to do good with it.

Bobby, I wish to thank you for this interview. It may have been a last minute, but it has been something else. It would be an honor having you and Overkill over here in Israel. The Israeli Metalheads will be waiting.

My pleasure I glad we have the time to talk 


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Edited 05 December 2022

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