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Brennan Chaulk (Haste The Day)

Interview with Brennan Chaulk from Haste The Day
by Brandy at 19 May 2006, 1:40 AM

With all the Metalcore and Hardcore shows played throughout the world, I was lucky to stumble across Haste The Day in concert in Nashville, Tennessee. It was amazing seeing all the kids at this show. Hundreds among hundreds of thrashing, two-steppin Hardcore kids rushing about to witness the brilliance known as Haste The Day. They energy these guys gave off is like no other. Minutes before the show started I was able to talk to Haste The Day's guitarist, Brennan Chaulk about the music, life and touring.

So how was the trip to Nashville?

Pretty good, we always try to have fun on the road, Where are you from?

I’m from Memphis.

Cool, so what’s that like a four hour drive?

Give or take, yeah (laughs)


Well I would just like to say that I am a huge fan of Haste The Day, and I want to thank you for taking the time to come out and talk to me and the readers.

Awesome, I’m glad to do it.

I guess to start off, what is the story behind Haste The Day…who came up with the name?

Devin, our drummer, my brother… when we were thinking about names, there was a H.I.M. song and in the third verse of it, I believe is says, Haste the day, and the day shall be saved. We just thought it was a cool name and it was kinda easy to remember, but it really defines what our band means, being a Christian band it absolutely speaks our lives.

That’s awesome, I actually did a review for you guys for the album, When Everything Falls, after posting it, I found out that Jimmy quit the band. So, what can you share with me about that?

Jimmy is twenty-seven years old and he got engaged, he got married in February. So, he felt like it was time to step back and start his family. I think he was just ready to start something new, something different than screaming.

Well that’s cool…So, now you have a new vocalist, Steve, how are the fans reacting to that and how are you with the new member of the family, so to speak?

He is a very good vocalist. We are so happy with his vocals. We were very confident about going on tour, being our first tour without Jimmy. A lot of kids haven’t seen us before, and they just believe it is regular old Haste The Day other than the people online, or that actually know about his parting. I have to say that they, everyone has reacted very well. I have yet to hear a legitimate complaint about it. I don’t know, a lot of people like it better and some like it as before or better than, which is awesome. He is a really good front man, and he likes to take time and be there for the kids. It was really tough to replace him, but we had really good luck, he is wonderful and we love him.

Well that is awesome, it is good that you know having a great connection with another member of the band, always makes things so much stronger.

Yeah, this it too right.

How is the tour going? I know that you all have been overseas, to do some shows. How is it?

Oh, it’s awesome. We have had a great opportunity to play for the new kids. It’s great playing in front of a room full of kids every night. Most have never seen us before, for those who have it has been a long time ago. We have had a lot of fun… so, so far it has been a great, great tour.

Awesome, awesome… what would you say your best performance has been?

On this tour? Actually, you know… I really liked Charlotte. We played there a couple of night ago. That had to be one of my favorite shows. No California…No, I am going with Charlotte… Charlotte was my favorite. (laughs)

(laughs)…awesome, Well while you’re on the road, what do you like to do to pass the time?

Well, I just bought a laptop, I’m loving it (laughs)

Most places have Internet access, hotels and all so… that’s fun. Then I like to explore our new surroundings, like today… I walked around here looking around for something to for the next time I come here. So, really just take advantage of what I do.(laughs)

(laughs) I don’t blame you… So, you are performing with Every Time I Die… How is the relationship there?

Every Time I Die, We got to tour with them last year and they are the reason why we are on this tour. They are great friends of ours. They are some of our best friends, I consider them some of my best friends. I love them a lot. They are very kind, very respectful, they are I don’t know. We are like here… and they are on a totally different level. (laughs)

Most definitely awesome… If you could work with another group, project, performer… who would it be?

Wow, um (silence) Probably… Still Remains, we just got off tour with them. Those guys are awesome. As far as that goes, I would love to be a part of a tour with them again. Just to work with them.

That is awesome, great choice… There is a lot of controversy about Haste The Day being a Christian Band in the Metalcore world, How do you feel about that?

Well I guess for us, like I said… we are a Christian band, we are all Christians, we like look at ourselves not to be titled as a Christian band. We have our own beliefs. We try not to be like a super preacher band, even though we do state our beliefs on stage but like we are just like everyone else. I think we have been respected by a lot. We don’t rub it in anyone’s faces. We are very open-minded ad we do this for the music. We love to play shows, we are just a Metalcore band, but yeah, we do have our own personal, strong beliefs of God.

Well that is cool, I give you mad props, because not many people will openly say that.

Thanks that means a lot…

Since Metalcore has become such a big music genre, What would you say that makes Haste The Day different from any other Metalcore band?

I’d say, I think our vocals. Our chorus, we have kind of a more poppier chorus, something a bit more catchy. We try to really write more melodic songs that sticks in your head. So I would definitely say our vocals.

Right on… So, is there a new album in the making or you guys focusing more on the tour?

As soon as this tour is done, we are writing. We have a couple of months left, then we are working on the new CD. We are working on what we are going to do, we are planning it right now, we are very excited.

Defiantly cool, I am looking forward to it, I loved that last CD. So, is there anything you would like to share with the readers of Metal Temple Magazine?

Well…( crash and kids yelling out and laughter)…well everyone, some one just fell down (laughs)


Yeah, anyway… (laughs) I’d say pick up a copy of When Everything Falls, I know you will like it, I’m confident that you will all like it. If you like Metalcore, check out a show and keep rockin’

Well, I appreciate you coming out and chillin’ with me, I thank you and I am really looking forward to seeing you guys perform.

Absolutely Brandy, it was awesome talking with you…


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