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Brian O'Connor (Deadlands)

Interview with Brian O'Connor from Deadlands
by YngwieViking at 22 May 2013, 12:01 PM

After leaving VICIOUS RUMORS years ago, vocalist Brian O’Connor took part into two Power / Thrash bands, following the paths of the old school US Metal along with modern harshness. DEADLANDS is one of them. Signed to Massacre Records, the band issued its debut, “Evilution”. YngwieViking talked with Brian about the new band, some history and more… 

Hi there Brian, how have you been?

I have been very busy but well thanks.

First I think that “Evilution” is a very good album and as a fan of Traditional US Power Metal It was for me a real treat…what will be your words to describe it?

Right on thanks, I feel the record captures elements of power metal but it also has a real thrash / heavy metal feel to it as well with some rock overtones here and there.

Can you first tell us about you, your background as a musician…your past or actual involvement in other bands! I want to know everything…go!

O.K. I started out like a lot of other musicians in the garage jamming with friends in my early teens, then I started doing shows in the California club scene making records with bands that I was jamming with trying to catch a break from a record company. VICIOUS RUMORS approached me in my early 20s to audition for the lead vocalist position after Carl Albert passed away. I went on to do tours, records, videos with them, after about 8 years with VR I felt it was time to move and walk my own path. I hooked up with some friends from Europe and started a project CONSFEARACY that led to a deal with Massacre Records. I started DEADLANDS a year later with good friends from the Nor Cal music scene and Massacre Records liked what they heard and signed us too. I am currently working on two new records for both bands.

Concerning your other band named CONSFEARACY, can you tell us more about it, it’s one off affair or do plan to keep on recording some new songs…Which project is the more important for you?

CONSFEARACY is in the process of writing the new record. Both band are equally important to me, but DEADLANDS is closer to home so I play out live with them all the time.

Tell us more about the great line up of guest-musicians involved in "Evilution"…It’s amazing all the KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE's related legendary guitar players in the same track…To my knowledge it’s the only time that those players are performing together…It’s a kind of Guinness book thing!

I know its fuckin killer man, I can’t take all the credit for their appearances, my guitar player Mike Gardner is a huge fan he approached them and they liked what they heard so they laid down some solos for us. We are very stoked to have them on the record.

Are you a KING DIAMOND’s coven worshiper?

We are all big fans but my guitar player Mike Gardner is a worshiper.

In my review for the Great “Evilution”, I states that the album is pretty much dominated by the same sound style of VICIOUS RUMORS/HEATHEN/FORBIDDEN…What is your feelings about this quote?

I can see were people might say that and those are great bands to be compared too, but we are in the key of B so to me we are much lower and heavier sounding but it’s cool to mentioned with those bands.

In the same review, I also wrote that in your time with VICIOUS RUMORS you were the only one that was able to make honor to the memoir of Carl Albert, did he influenced you in a way or in an another?

Thank you so much, I really was not familiar with any of VICIOUS RUMORS stuff until I joined the group. After learning and seeing how people felt about Carl and the songs it helped me grow as a musician and artist.

What do you think of the new state of the market in 2013! What is your opinion concerning digital downloading legal and illegal?

Things are constantly changing so fast with technology; I love digital downloading but not the illegal kind. It’s tough to be an artist and get paid in today’s world but it’s an evil reality that we all have to deal with.

Tell us what we have to expect from your side in the future to come?

More records and hopefully a tour soon.

Please let us know your US Metal TOP 5?

Megadeth, Pantera, Metallica, DIO, Testament.

Please let us know your All time TOP 10?

Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Anthrax, DIO, Scorpions, Slayer.

I wish to thank you for the interview and wish you guys the best of luck with the new album. Any last words for the fans out there?

We hope to see you out on the road soon. Please go and pick our debut record “Evilution” and spread the word. Horns High!


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