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Brian Eschbach (The Black Dahlia Murder)

Interview with Brian Eschbach from The Black Dahlia Murder
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 23 February 2008, 2:55 AM

Nocturnal kicked my ass with its incredible mix of brutality and melody, so I was more than willing to interview the band's guitarist Brian Eschbach. I had the impression that THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER were a bunch of kind and talkative guys, but what I realized is that I was wrong. Mr. Eschbach is not the talkative person I thought he was and there were times when he even became slightly offensive. Anyway, you can read what he said about the band's career until now below.

Hello guys and congratulations on your new album! It was quite a blast! Can you say some things about how the band started and stuff for all the people that don’t know the band?

We got together in the end of winter 2001. Trevor and I met each other at a party and a couple of months later there we were in the basement writing songs and rocking out.

Two years have passed since you released your previous album Miasma through Metal Blade. What has happened in THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER camp during those two years?

Well we toured, kicked out a drummer and a bass player. Found another drummer and bass player, toured some more, then the drummer left to be a cop. Then we wrote a new album while we found a new drummer. Hopefully this finished.

Nocturnal. Why did you decide to give this title to your new album? Is the mysterious cover somehow connected with the themes the album has in store for the listeners?

Nah, that’s the house where we live. And we only come out of it at night.

Is there a specific theme behind the lyrics or not? What do the lyrics have to do with?

They mostly have to do with things that rule and slay, mostly. Slagel.

Your new album is closer to the Death Metal scene than your previous albums were. The melodic breaks are still there, but I think that they have been reduced. Do you agree with that? Was it your intention to do something like this?

Our material has not changed our wavered.

How would you describe your music? Do you agree with the terms Metalcore/Deathcore?

This is more faggotry.

Can you compare Nocturnal with Miasma? What differences can you name?

The production on the new one is better, that is what we shot for. We are pretty happy to achieve it.

You had the chance to play with musicians like Tony Laureano and Kevin Talley. How was the experience of sharing the stage with these guys?

They are both great fucking dudes. Tony is a kick-ass dude. It was pretty exciting to be able to jam with pioneers of the genre that publications like yours refuse to acknowledge we are a part of.

Your previous drummer Zach Gibson left the band after Miasma. What’s the story behind this departure?

Zach Gibson was kicked out of this band. The only drummer that ever left this band was Pierre Langlois. Zach Gibson for one thing cannot play as tight live as he does on record with the much needed help of Pro Tools.  

Which bands have influenced your music?


How much time did you spend in the studio? I want you to tell me some thing regarding the recording sessions.

We were in the two studios we recorded in for a total of five weeks. Jason Suecof, the mixer, smokes more weed than cheech and chong. And he drags you down with him all day long. Only occasionally did we work on the album…

Are you going to schedule any tour to promote Nocturnal? Is there any chance of visiting Greece?

We would love to come to Greece. Anything is possible. I am not sure when exactly we’ll be booked there but I hope it happens soon.

What is the feedback you have received until now regarding your new album? I suppose you will already have been flooded by great reviews from the press, as well as mails from fans!

For the most part people have really embraced the album. It’s very gratifying when you can satisfy yourself with your music and your fanbase.

All of your albums have been released through Metal Blade Records. Are you satisfied with the support you get from your label?

Metal Blade is absolutely awesome to us. They took us under their wing four years ago and have totally nurtured and supported this band in everything we try to accomplish.

Have you met any label mates? Are there any bands that you like from Metal Blade’s roster?

CANNIBAL CORPSE, GOATWHORE, CATTLE DECAPITATION, AEON, THE RED CHORD, the list goes on and on. We’ve also met most of them.

What is the dream that you would like to achieve with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER?

Nothing. We have already achieved so much success.

Have you filmed any video clips for your new album?

Yup, you can check them out online.

Your music is a really nice combination between the NWOSDM scene and the US Death Metal one. Which scene is your favorite one and why?

I don’t understand how you can say that after asking if we’re a Metalcore/Deathcore band. There are faggots in every scene. There is no one that is better than another is.

Who is the band’s main composer? Which path do you follow to compose music and write your lyrics?

I write most of the music while Trevor writes the lyrics. We always write the music for the song first. Then everything else comes into play.


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