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Interview with Cadaveria from Cadaveria
by Katerina Kladisiou at 27 October 2005, 8:33 PM

Cadaveria, was and always will be, one of the most important presences of the extreme Metal field, worldwide, and one of the few Metal ladies with such a unique attitude and voice. So, I wouldn't lose the chance to have an interview with her and learn about her band Cadaveria and their future plans. Enjoy the mistress of Darkness…

Have you written any new material? When will a new record be released?

We are composing new songs this period. We are planning to start recording our 3rd album in January, but I cannot say when the CD will be released ’cause we have no label agreement at the moment.

In the second album there is an evolution in the sound of Cadaveria and your voice. Will we see another evolution in the future?

For sure. People change and the music they play changes with them. There will be more middle temples and very strange guitar riffs. The voice will be always both growl and clear, with a prevalence of melodic parts. The songs’ structure seems to be a bit less complex than in the past.

Do you consider using Black Metal vocals again in Cadaveria in a next release?

Yes, less screaming and more Death Metal.

You are a member of Cadaveria and DyNAbyte too. Do you have any other projects? Would you like to create a Black Metal band?

Two bands are enough. There are many other projects in my mind but they don’t concern music. I started painting this summer and I like it very much!

Do you think that Scarlet Records is the most suitable label for you?

The contract with Scarlet finished with Far Away From Conformity (2003). We will surely involve Scarlet in listening to the new material, but it is not sure that we will sign with them. We will propose the master to a series of label and see what happens.

In Far Away From Conformity you covered Blondie’s Call Me. Do you consider attempting something like this again?

You mean to do a cover? Why not. Actually we are thinking about it but we have not chosen the song yet.

What are the musical influences of the band?

Many, ’cause each member of the band listens to a different Metal genre. Actually I listen to Tool and Rammstein, John is more into Fear Factory and Motorhead and so on…

What do you imagine yourself doing, except from music?

Exactly what I’m doing now besides music.

Do you read? Which is your favorite literature style and maybe your favorite book?

Yes, I’m used to reading. I just finished Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and now I’m reading Io Uccido by Italian writer Faletti. I like all well written books that talk about strange stories.

What inspires you when writing lyrics?

My life, people I meet, emotions I feel, thoughts passing through my mind….

The Italian Metal scene is very strong at the moment. What do you think of that? Do you know/like any of these bands?

I’m very happy things are going well for Italian Metal, but honestly I’ve been a bit out of the scene lately.

Cadaveria could be characterized more as an underground band rather than a mainstream one. Does this bother you?

No, it is the truth. I play music ’cause I like doing this, not to be defined as a popular band.

What is going on with your project DyNAbyte. When will the new album be released? Are you making any new performances?

Actually I’ve totally dedicating myself to Cadaveria’s new songs. DyNAbyte’s new album will come after Cadaveria’s new one, even if a mini tour in Holland is going to take place with DNA in April 06.

Which are the 5 best albums ever written in your opinion?

Killers (Iron Maiden), The Sound of Perseverance (Death), Aenima (Tool), Paranoid (Black Sabbath),  Post Orgasmic Chill (Skunk Anansie).

Do you think that a female vocalist can give credit to a band or is this a disadvantage?

It depends on the female vocalist.

Some last words for your fans. Thanks for the interview!!

Let me thank all fans following and supporting me since 1993. A great hail to you all, stay metal and be yourselves! Don’t miss our next album… by that time enjoy


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