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Christian Liljegren (Narnia)

Interview with Christian Liljegren from Narnia
by Aris Stremmenos at 17 April 2001, 1:00 AM

Since we are from an internet zine, our first question naturally is what is your relationship with the internet.

Internet is very good and people can reach you in a very fast way. You can also read news about the band. I use internet a lot. I think it’s great.

Now tell us a few things about your new album, Desert Land.

On the new album we have went to a heavier direction, with less keyboards and more guitars, more elements from the 70’s like Deep Purple, Rainbow and Uriah Heep, and with more epic songs. I think we are moving to the right direction than the previous ones. I’m pleased!

Where was it recorded, and who was the producer?

Carljohan Grimmark, the guitar player is the producer and it’s recorded at his studio, Dreamfactory Studio and Baricamp Studio, in Sweden.

Are you planning to promote Desert Land with a tour?

Hopefully Nuclear Blast are working to find us good dates and also tours, for us, so I hope I will know in the near future. It depends on the status of the album. It will be great to come to Greece. I hope we will to Greece!

Will you support any band, or will any band support you, on the tour?

No plans yet! I can’t say anything yet.

Have there been any line-up changes in this album?

No! It’s the same line-up as the last album.

Will you tell us a few things about the lyrics?

The lyrics deal with daily-life situations as well as the world’s situation in general. And also my Christian faith is a natural thing in my lyrics and I think I write lyrics from my heart, and that’s a natural thing for me.

You write all the lyrics?

Yes, I write all the lyrics and Carljohan Grimmark writes all the music.

How do you look upon your previous album, Long Live The King now?

I think it’s a good album. It’s a very pompous or symphonic album and we reached many countries with this album. We played in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and also England. So it was really a great experience. And we will do the last concert for the Long Live The King tour on Saturday (Saturday the 27th of January) in the northern part of Sweden.

Was it as successful as you’d like?

Yeah, it was quite ok. We hoped it would sell more and we should have had a bigger tour, but in the end when I look at the result, I think it’s ok.

Back to your new album again. What does the cover stand for?

The cover stands for, that some times in your life you have tough periods and you are in the desert land, but you are not alone. The lion is always with you, and the lion stands for the good things in your life. So that’s the reason behind the cover.

Is the lion the warrior inside you?

Yeah that’s it. Like the Christian symbol. The book of Narnia has the lion like Jesus. It’s the same thing.

How do you look uppon the future of hard rock and the metal scene. What will make it survive in the new millenium?

I believe that his kind of music will survive. There will always be a market for this kind of music. Time will come and time will go but I think that we always gonna have great bands in the metal movement who give quality.

Do you think quality will prevail in the future?

Yes, I think that it will survive!

What are your plans for the future as a band?

Our plans for the future as a band are to reach many countries with the tour and I also will release my solo album. On Massacre records, they say in May. I hope the best for both bands. (the band is called Wisdom Call)

What about a live album?

I hope that we’ll do a live album after this album. It’s not decided yet.

Will you make a videotape or something too?

No video planned yet. It depends if the new album sells well.

What are your interests as a person? What are you doing on your free time?

I to play tennis, flowball. I love to fish and take walks in the mountains. I’m a sports guy. I also spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and my friends.

Now another question. About your past. The band that existed before Narnia. Modest attraction. Does it still exist?

Now it’s not. We’ve been together for six years and we did two albums. I left the band in 1997.

A few words for your fans on the internet?

I thank you all so much for the support. I hope you like the new album. Keep melodic metal alive. We are looking forward to see you in the web world.


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