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Christofer Malmstrom (Darkane)

Interview with Christofer Malmstrom from Darkane
by Michael Dalakos at 13 June 2005, 8:01 PM

Darkane is one of those few bands that have managed to rise above the zillions of NWOSDM wannabies. Their previous albums show a band really looking out for its sound and trying to make a statement with its music. Their brand new Layer Of Lies took almost three years to be released but it was worth the anticipation. Guitarist Christofer Malmstrom was on the other side of the phone to give me all the answers I needed...

Hello Chris how are you? Summer in Sweden or is it too early for that?

Hello, I’m fine. No it is actually quite cold over here.

Oh man, over here it’s like 30 degrees! Care for a swap?

What? No, too hot for me! \[Laughs]

So, Layer Of Lies is about to be released. Why did it take so long for you to release it? Oh, did I mention that it is fucking heavy?

Thanks man, yeah I think the album is really heavy. Well, the problem was with our drummer who suffered from pain in his wrists. It took him a lot of time to heal. Now we are very happy since he is back again. We also decided to record the album on our own, so it took us a while to get familiar with all the equipment in the studio. To be honest with you the album was completed a year before we started recording it.

Most bands prefer to use a known producer, just for safety. You have chosen to record this album on your own…

Yes, I know it is easier to work with a known producer but this time we didn’t want anyone telling us what to do and when to do it. As I said, it was not an easy deal but I think we have achieved a very good sound. We also saw this as a good opportunity to experiment with the whole situation. After all Peter, Klas and Andreas invested so much time in the studio we didn’t have any doubts about it.

Indeed, the sound is very good. So where did you record the album? Can you give us some info about the recording sessions?

The album was recorded in a studio called Not quite a studio…

What? Nice name! \[Laughs]

Yes, I know. Well, the name is real since it is not quite a studio, it is our rehearsing room. And this is why we didn’t want anyone else over there. I mean it feels strange to have someone else in your rehearsing room. Like our safe home. The recordings took about six months. I know this sounds a lot of time but we all have day jobs so we could only work at night and in the weekend. Calculate it and you will see we spent less time than most bands do! \[Laughs]

Where did you base the decision to give the album this title?

Well have you seen the movie The Matrix?

Is that a trick question? Do you know anyone who hasn’t seen it?

\[Laughs] Yes, you are right. The song is inspired by this movie where the characters live in a virtual world without even knowing it. I always feel afraid that maybe one day I will realize that my whole life is a lie. The album’s title could have been Layers Of Reality since the character lives in such virtual realities but we though Lies sounds cooler…

In your previous albums the band always seemed to be trying to progress through its music. Do you think the same thing’s going on with the new album?

Yes. I think that in the new album there has been a lot of work on the vocals. I think that in our previous albums there were some times where the vocals sounded a bit annoying. It wasn’t all the time but I don’t think music should be annoying. So, I must say there has been a lot of improvement in this area.

How difficult and essential is - at the same time - sounding original, these days?

I think it is very difficult because there are thousands of bands out there. Sooner or later you will play something already played by someone else. You can have your own character in music but eventually it will bring in mind somebody else. For us it is important to sound different. With each album we try to progress our music but also always keep some elements from our past. Even in our newest album I think you can find some elements from our first release.

Will you shoot any videoclips for this album?

Yes, we have done a videoclip for Secondary Effects. You can find it online, check it out, it is very cool.

Will do so. Can you give us some hints on the way Darkane works on music?

Yes, no problem. Well, we don’t have a big secret. Me and the drummer usually sit down and start writing riffs. Some things we keep, others we throw away. Then everyone else is pretty much free to add whatever he likes. I think this is the best way a band can work. Don’t you agree?

Whatever suits you guys! \[Laughs] Touring plans…

Oh, it is too early I am afraid. We want to tour but we also have our day jobs. We will do as much shows as possible but it will take some time to do the correct timing. Hopefully we will play Greece this time? I always wanted to visit your country.

You have succeeded a lot of things in a short period of time. What is the key to your success?

There isn’t a key, I think. We work hard, we don’t let anything in luck. Our music, I think is well performed… I really don’t think we have something that special. Probably it is a combination of the above mentioned and maybe something else… maybe good timing?

If you had the ability to change one thing in the music industry, what would that be?

\[After a minute of silence] This is a very hard question. I really can’t answer it, I think it needs a lot of thinking. Maybe next time? \[Laughs]

OK. A set of less serious questions. While renting an adult film you realize they have used your music as a soundtrack. How would you react to that?

Ok, at first I would be surprised. Then I would make a lot of copies for my friends. In the end I would call our management to see if they have pay rights for this action. We are not that rich you know! \[Laughs]

While on stage you realize the crowd has almost fallen asleep…

Oh my god! I think this is terrible. I don’t think there is something we can do about it. I will probably have to leave the stage and go home! \[Laughs]

Thanks for the serious answers. What are the immediate plans of the band?

First of all we have a lot of promotion to do. Then we must work on our live shows. We will probably play in some festivals but nothing is certain. There is a lot of work to be done.

Thanks for your time. Please close this interview with a message to all our readers…

Thank you guys for this interview. The readers of Metal Temple ROCK! Check out our album, I am pretty sure you will like it!


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