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CJ Krukowski (Threatpoint)

Interview with CJ Krukowski from Threatpoint
by Chelsea Jennings at 17 June 2015, 7:21 PM

Metal Temple's very own Chelsea Jennings sat down with THREATPOINT's CJ Krukowski to discuss all things THREATPOINT. THREATPOINT has just released their latest LP titled “When Karma Comes”. In this exclusive sit-down interview, Krukowski discusses how THREATPOINT's latest LP is being received by fans, the band’s busy upcoming tour schedule, plans for THREATPOINT in coming months, and where the band see themselves in the longer-term future. Thank you to CJ Krukowski for taking the time to answer Metal-Temple’s questions! Best of luck to THREATPOINT going forward!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to Metal Temple today! We really appreciate it!

Thanks for having us!

Threatpoint have just released their latest full-length LP titled “Careful What You Wish For”. How is this latest release being received by both fans and critics?

It seems to be going well… we've never had such positive remarks about us as a band. We've come a long way from our first album "Dead to Rise" to this one and it's really shown. The musicianship has stepped up, along with our singer Chris doing more with his voice. The songs are a blast to play live, too!

Threatpoint seems to have quite a few tour dates planned across the US? What locations are Threatpoint looking forward to playing the most, and what makes those locations Threatpoint’s favorites to play?

We've done several dates down South, in VA and WV in particular and we definitley have a bit of a cult following there. I call it our home away from home… we always seem to do well there. This past Memorial Day weekend we did a little Southern run and it was great… there really are some great people down that way.

As far as what's coming up, we've got a West Coast tour planned for mid September that we're all anxious to be a part of. New territory and people are always fun!

Are there any plans for Threatpoint to play any international dates on this tour? If so. where would those shows be?

Nothing right now but we all have Europe heavy on our minds. Hopefully sometime next year.

Threatpoint seem to be playing a lot of music festivals over the spring and summer. Which one is Threatpoint most excited to play at and why?

We just did two festivals NEPA Metal Meltdown and the Finger Lakes Metalfest and they are BOTH a killer time. Next, we got the New Jersey Metalfest coming up later this month being put together by a good friend of ours and we're absolutely looking forward to ripping it up with some new bands and fresh blood.

“When Karma Comes” seems to basically state that what goes around comes around. What inspired the theme of Threatpoint’s latest album?

Reality! Take a look around… what you see isn't even always what you get. Sometimes there's skeltons in the closet or secrets beneath the surface of what REALLY goes on with people.

This is more Chris' question to answer but he writes alot about the people on this planet and what they go through but with a positive vibe. You gotta keep your head up in this world because there's always someone out there who loves to see someone fail or struggle.

“Be Careful What You Wish For” seems to be something that a lot of people say nowadays. Were there any special lessons or incidents Threatpoint has had that inspired the band to write a song with the classic cliche title?

It speaks for itself. Everyone gets their day, man… everyone gets humbled eventually. There's even times in this band we feel we've gone in too deep already and we can hear that "be careful what you wish for" saying in the back of our mind but we keep going deeper regardless!

What is personally your favorite track on the latest Threatpoint release? Why is this your personal favorite?

If I had to pick one, probably "Collapse". That songs a crusher… truly one of the best we have to offer. It doesn't stop moving and the crowds always seem to dig it.

 While Threatpoint just recently released their latest effort “Careful What You Wish For” is Threatpoint possibly working on any new music? When can fans expect to hear more new material from Threatpoint?

We absolutely are working on new music as we speak. Don't wanna give too much away but some of the songs are heavier, faster, more melodic and I dare say even better hooks. Groove is the bottom line, as always in Threatpoint.

Hard to say when exactly but 2016 is looking good for a new release.

Where do Threatpoint see themselves in 5 or 10 years? What do Threatpoint hope to have accomplished in this time?

Hard to tell but hopefully we've got a few country's under our belt… onward and upward!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to Metal Temple today! We really appreciate it! Best of luck to Threatpoint in the future! Have safe travels on the road!


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