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Creamy Mimi (Chach)

Interview with Creamy Mimi from Chach
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 28 August 2005, 12:05 PM

I find the internet to be quite useful (apart from it having to do with my job anyway) when it comes down to discovering bands. Recently I had the pleasure of coming across Los Angeles' Rock extraordinaire  act, Chach, which though you might not know, is what your horniest, most intoxicated dreams would be like if they had human form…and were given musical instruments and a microphone. Creamy Mimi (guitars) spoke to me about their EP, To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence, some issues the band's recently had with and la vida Rock 'N' Roll. Hit it, baby…

First of all I’d like to say hi and welcome to Metal Temple magazine’s featured interviews. By the way, do you read online magazines?

If there’s mention of semen, boners, hineys or drugs in the online magazine, you can count on Chach’s attention.

Before I carry on with asking you extremely intimate questions concerning sex, drugs and stuff like that…(Laughs)…I’d like to ask you to introduce yourselves to our readers because as I stated in my review of your To Destroy Your Boyfriend’s Confidence EP, I have no idea about your past.

This is Creamy Mimi from Chach. Also known as ’Burnt Heat’. For those who aren’t in the know, Chach is musically speaking, a locomotive of sexual tension baked in the hedonistic glory of the Los Angeles sun. We’re the best.

As you probably remember, I came across Chach while surfing through It seems like there’s an entire community of bands over there. Do you feel MySpace.Com has helped you guys in terms of online promotion? Or would you rather use conventional means of advertisement (a.k.a. the old way) because I recently noticed you had some serious issues with MySpace. What exactly happened?

First off, we think that the concept of is great as far as being a networking tool for anyone who’s looking to promote whatever it is that they’re working on. However, once the management side of MySpace steps in and begins censoring material, whether it be a photo, or rhetoric, that’s not pornographic or harmful to the viewer, that’s where we really have a problem. In our case, they took issue with the use of our album artwork as being the profile icon for the band. It’s basically a photo of two chicks in front of a muscle car on top of a hill in the middle of Los Angeles. The shot was taken during the filming of the From The Throne video. We had spent quite a bit of time making sure that every detail of the photo/video would ultimately represent the kind of image and vibe we want the listener to feel. When we had mentioned to that we were under the impression that bands were allowed to use album artwork for their profile icon, the response was, not in this case. We went back and forth with them for a little bit, and a week later, the Chach MySpace profile was deleted, losing 14,000 friends, and over 90,000 plays.

They denied responsibility for it, although no one else had the password to the Chach profile. We can’t, with complete certainty, point the finger at them, and I don’t think we’ve got the clout to fight then toe to toe. What we can do, however, is take advantage of the opportunity to express what we think about the scenario on, and the media in general, while remaining compliant with whatever guidelines are set by the forum we’re using. By nature, anything Chach is going to do is going to be fairly radical in nature, yet still maintain a sense of being well thought out.

When exactly did the To Destroy Your Boyfriend’s Confidence EP occur and under what twisted circumstances did the recordings take place?

Frequently, and this is not a joke, sessions were tracked without pants or undergarments, for a rawer feel. We really tried to take advantage of the availability of drugs during the recording process, which was largely done in the Hollywood Hills. There was a reasonable amount of puke, the occasional wetting of the pants, and intermittent wrestling in the hallways. We’ve got big ones, by the way. Except Dawn \[bass]. Hers is huge.

Who wrote the songs? What were your main lyrical influences for these tracks?

The songs are a collaborative process, blah blah blah… pain and suffering, blah blah blah… just kidding. It’s never been a case where we actually write the material. Generally what happens is, we hit the streets looking for hookers and blow, crawl into the rehearsal space, and Blammo!!!!… out pops From The Throne or Monte Carlo. I don’t know that lyrically we’ve tried to come across as being poignant. Kind of like the album cover or the video, it’s more a case of painting a cool picture with words. We’ll leave poignant and critically acclaimed to the emo bands and Tori Amos.

What’s your take on Rock, nowadays? Happy about it? Disappointed? If disappointed, what do you think is the ingredient missing from the recipe?

If you look in one direction, Rock N’ Roll is still breathing fire, with bands like Turbonegro, The Icarus Line, Kasabian, Autolux and Chach floating around. These bands really, in our opinion, make putting headphones on to listen to a record feel cool. Like you’re in on something. If you look in the other direction, there are of course going to be a handful of some pathetic, unoriginal acts out there who’ve made their mark piggybacking a formula already made successful by another band, risk free. These bands, by the way, should be shot.

OK, it’s silly but I have to ask this: Do you feel you’re living a Rock N’ Roll kind of life? What would a Rock N’ Roll life be like anyway, according to you?

As cliched as this might sound, I think we live what the norm might consider to be Rock N’ Roll sort of lifestyle. Some of us enjoy hookers, some of us love drugs and booze, some of us have been through rehab, and some of have body organs that are suffering from all of the above. Where I think this is unique in today’s musical climate, is, if you’d meet anyone in the band at the grocery store or at the beach, you’re going to get the same character that you’d see on stage, or in the video. It can be frustrating to see how many bands out there map out their mayhem, and succeed at it, knowing full well it’s bogus. And until Chach, or any other band who’s maintained their integrity, cashes in on what it does best, it’s difficult to say the joke’s on those guys.

Talk to me a bit about Jeff MacDonald (producer), Frank Gryner (A Perfect Circle, BT, The Crystal Method) who mixed the EP and Tom Baker who mastered it. I think I read you’ve been friends with Jeff MacDonald for a long time now. Were you also friends with Frank Gryner?

Jeff MacDonald is a Hollywood Canadian that we’ve been friends with, and worked with, virtually since day one. As a band, the concept of taking someone else’s opinion and direction regarding your music can be a tough pill to swallow and you really need to have faith in that person. Jeff is that guy for us. The guy has got an incredible handle on how to make a good hook a monster hook, and really is like a sixth member of the band. We can honestly say that Chach wouldn’t exist in the capacity it does without Jeff. Frank’s a bud of Jeff’s from Canada, and we were introduced to him at a pool party in Hollywood. I actually ended up puking for about 4 hours that night. As far as Frank goes, I think we all hit it off in regards to having a vision of something musically that would sound huge and sexy - kind of like our wangs.

Are you in talks with any label?

That seems to be a work in progress at this point. Frank had done some of that kind of stuff a little bit ago, but, I must say with a tear in my eye, that we are still holding down day jobs. Maybe we’re not as cool as we think.

And what about a full length album? Will there be one anytime soon?

We spared no expense or attention to detail when doing the To Destroy Your Boyfriend’s Confidence EP, and I think doing a full length would need to be done under that same circumstance, which would likely require a budget larger that what the Chach camp can muster at this time. Securing a budget prior to recording the full-length would likely be the first step. We will guarantee, however, that a full-length Chach album won’t reach the listener’s ears until we’re confident the material and recording is on par with the impact of Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction, Slayer’s Reign in Blood, or Roxy Music’s For Your Pleasure.

What did you grow up listening to? What do you listen to at home, nowadays?

For my personally, I was really into bands like Fugazi, The Jesus Lizard, The Cows, Bad Brains, and shit like that. I think that as a whole, there are some records that all of us were into as youngin’s like Motley Crue’s Shout At The Devil, anything by the Pixies, and the Concrete Dildos. These days, our musical tastes are across the board - from Frank Zappa to Funkadelic, The Icarus Line, Air, The Locust, Velvet Underground, Blonde Redhead, you name it. I think we’re all drawn to music that makes you feel like getting into trouble, whether it be with drugs, sex, or bad grade on your report card. We like to hear farts as well.

What’s the best experience you’ve had till now while being in Chach and what’s the worst?

I’d like to think that the best experience has yet to come, but it’s probably at this point been listening to the EP after all the work that went into it, and being able to say to yourself and anyone that’ll listen, This is some big shit!!!, with a straight face. As far as the worst goes, we’re pretty happy campers, so there’s not a lot that’ll upset us. Maybe hearing some of the shit that’s on MTV or radio, and thinking to yourself, are these people, meaning the bands coming up with this crap, really our peers?

Which musician(s) would you slap, followed by what words and what would the reason for that be?

We’re glad you asked this. There are of course the easy]8:30 am rolls around and you’re hammered with the bulk of the shooting ahead, you’re in trouble. Rest assured knowing that the folks you see in the video are indeed fucked up.

Ok, which one of you woke up in the lawn of his neighbor’s house wearing their son’s pajamas?(Laughs)

Fuck dude. You might need a new server to support a website with that much data.

Which bands would you love to tour with? And have you toured with any known acts?

We’d love to tour with any band that would be fun to see on a nightly basis - primarily bands who’ve made names for themselves as being the real deal live. Maybe Turbonegro, David Lee Roth-era Van Halen, old Motley Crue, The Melvins. We actually just toured with Flaccid Penis.

What quote do you use the most, in general?

This one’s easy: Hot Fuckin’ Action to the Max!!!!

If Chach was the most famous band on Earth and there was going to be a movie about you guys, what would the movie’s title be and which known Hollywood actors do you think would impersonate you?

I think the film would probably be titled, Why Semen Makes For A Good Mouthwash. PS - there is a plan in the works for Chach’s first adult feature film. It’s the first installment of the Double ’O’ Boner series, titled Roll Over Again. It’d be so cool to have the Backstreet Boys play the Chach men, and Avril Lavigne play Dawn. I’d love to see any of them in some of the positions we’ve gotten ourselves into.

What’s your opinion on what went on recently at Ozzfest, between Sharon Osbourne and Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson?

First off, I think Sharon Osbourne’s obnoxious, and I love old Iron Maiden. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I hope Bruce Dickinson kicked her ass.

Cheesy question: What do you think of Metal Temple magazine (I’ve sent the bribe through the post office, it should be there in a couple of days…)?

I think we want to sleep with the staff over at Metal Temple. Orpheus is one cool hombre. I hope y’all are around for a long time.

Thank you guys for this interview, I had a great time conducting these questions (and I’m not being sarcastic about it, hehe) and I hope this interview doesn’t cause any mental damage on anyone reading it! The final words belong to you. End this in any way you want to. Send out your message to all our readers across the globe.

Thanks so much to Metal Temple. Here’s our parting message to the public: We sincerely want to bring our version of the party to the masses on a global scale. If over the top behavior, fun at all costs, and wigglin’ butts sounds good to you, join us. Pick up the CD at


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