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Cruor (Endstille)

Interview with Cruor from Endstille
by Elina Papadoyianni at 17 May 2009, 12:28 PM

The German Black metallers ENDSTILLE have just released their new album and we of course wouldn't miss the chance to find the bassist of the band, Cruor, to answer a few questions for us!

Interview with: Cruor from ENDSTILLE

Hello Cruor! How are you today?

I'm fine.

So, about your new release, VerfÏŒhrer is a genuine Black Metal very brutal album, I totally enjoyed listening to it, plus I think it has one of the best art covers I've seen in Black Metal releases.

Thank you. We're also absolutely satisfied with the new CD. I really like the artwork of the new album, too. Kaiser Wilhelm II in the shape of a butcher fits perfectly to the music on VerfÏŒhrer.

Plus, the production of this album is very good, without losing the 'filthy' feeling..

Yes. Everyone I talked to about the new CD told me the same. The sound is very good but not overproduced, so it still doesn't sound like pop-music. It sounds like ugly Black Metal, like it should be.

How do you see the course of the band up to now, were you've actually reached your 6th full-length album in around nine years?

Of course, when you compare our first demo and our newest CD there're many differences and of course we made some progresses. But the style of our music is still the same. You can still figure out on VerfÏŒhrer that this is an ENDSTILLE release and not one of another band.

Who writes the lyrics, what are the main themes and where does the inspiration come from?

Most of the lyrics on VerfÏŒhrer are written by Iblis. His songs are mostly about hate, misanthropy and sometimes religion. On VerfÏŒhrer our drummer Mayhemic Destructor also wrote lyrics for three songs. His lyrics are more about war and one of the lyrics is about the history of the area we're from, about the North of Germany. I think Iblis's inspiration comes from himself. He's writing about what he's thinking. But we're writing lyrics about war, manly about WWI and WWII, because we're really interested in this subject. It's some kind of a hobby. Also it's a part of the history we're living in.

From past reviews I've read that you said each new album feels as the best one so far. That goes for Verfuhrer as well?

Of course, I think every band would say the same. The new one is always the best. The new CD is always the result of very long and hard work and on the new CD are all your new ideas for your own music. Also as I said before, we made some progresses in the last years. So you can hear on every new CD our progresses.

Do you believe that through your music and lyrics you make people think? In a sense that they think more extensively of issues that you talk about, like war.

Maybe…I think here in Germany people are talking a lot about our lyrics and the pictures we're using in our CDs. In Germany there is always the discussion if it's allowed for a German band to make songs which are about the world wars. So I think there is an effect on the people who are listening to our music.

I understand that you've switched to a new record label due to, apart from others, distribution problems. Are you satisfied now with the current label? Do you believe that problems like those you've faced before are very common?

We're now satisfied with our record company. Before we moved to Regain Records we had the problem that it was nearby impossible to get our CDs outside of Germany or Austria. Now we've got a worldwide distribution, so everything is fine. I don't know how it is with other record companies, which problems they have and which not. You know we're not changing our labels like our underwear, so I don't know so much about the work of other labels.

Do you listen to any music apart from Metal/Black Metal?

Yes. I listen to everything that sounds good and what I like.

What does the band do apart from music?

Beer drinking and hell raising ;-)

What would you like to see for yourself and for the band in the near future?

Hmmmm… I don't know. I hope everything will go well for us and we'll reach every goal we want. I would be satisfied when we continue to make good music (and I know that we will), have many good concerts etc.

I see this 'fuck hell' phrase a lot. Is something else there apart from the obvious meaning?

'Fuck Hell' is just a phrase. It has no spiritual meaning and we don't mean any other band with it. At the beginning, when we started to use this phrase in our band, we just said it for 'I don't care'. Then we started to say it also in interviews or we used it on photos. It was funny when we realized that other people started to say 'Fuck Hell' too. So it became something like a tradition and we continued to use it.

What are the touring plans? I know that you're preparing a European tour for next fall.

At first we'll play some open airs here in Germany and Austria in summer. After that we'll go on a European tour in October and November. But I can't say which countries we'll visit on that tour now.

You've just been in a festival in Portugal, how did it go and how did you see the fans there?

It was really hot there!!! But the festival was fantastic, nice bands and nice audience. The audience was similar to the audience we had when we played in Mexico. Very enthusiastic people, who are really into extreme music.

Thank you for your time Cruor, I leave the last words to you for the readers of Metal Temple.

Fuck Hell und gute Nacht!!!


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