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Dalay Tarda (Rise To Fall)

Interview with Dalay Tarda from Rise To Fall
by Sharon Bar Or at 28 May 2012, 8:55 PM

There are many that say that melodic Death Metal partially ceased to be as it was twenty years ago. However, there are bands that still keep the old flame in check. RISE TO FALLfrom Spain have being doing so with their own touch. Sharon Bar Or discussed with Dalay Tarda, the band’s frontman, on the new album “Defying The Gods”, the band and future plans.

Hello there Dalay, how are you? I am delighted to have this interview with you to the Metal Temple web magazine.

Hi Sharon, the pleasure is all mine. Thank you for the opportunity!

Every musician has a history behind him. What is your background story?

Well, I started singing when I was 16 in a Basque Metal band called ZULDAR. A few years later I joined another Death Metal band called BIOTERROR and finally, in 2006, Hugo contacted me and we started the RISE TO FALL project.

The Concept of your new album “Defying the Gods” is quite interesting, who wouldn't want to stand and face the gods? What was your intention?

My intention was to give a continuation to our first album “Restore the Balance”. Here we can find three characters keeping the last thing alive on earth, after an Utopic Apocalypse. They are looking to the skyline, waiting for some help to come. In the new album “Defying The Gods”, this help has arrived, a new and maybe last opportunity to build a different world, coming from a better mind, more evolved, more conscious. This new mind, new being, is now incubating, getting ready for the final battle. If you want the resolution, you will have to wait for the third album…

What was your inspiration for “Defying the Gods”?

The inspiration came from different sources. On the one hand, is based on the ancient Greeks who created a galaxy of myths to explain the mysteries and complexities of the world around them, even the creation of the world itself. Despite of being myths and legends, we consider they also highlight fundamental similarities between modern people and those who lived long ago. We have lost touch with the old gods, but the natural forces are still around. On the other hand, I was inspirited by the big problems this society is living nowadays. We are now living big changes and I think we have the chance to restore this chaos. We have to face the fears in our inner trip to find the true self and realize of the importance of a new collective consciousness. We should stop thinking of our own interests and concentrate on what is worth, taking care of the others and the planet.

Would you agree that “Defying the Gods” means to defy commercialism?

Yeah, could be one of the meanings. Defy commercialism, defy capitalism, defy your own ghosts that don´t let you react, defy everything that is destroying us. Fake idols lead our lives, they fill us with dread with the only aim of nullifying and controlling us. They inculcate us fake values and lifestyles that limit our freedom and only benefit big corporations and politicians. We live in blissful ignorance, ”happy” inside our “massive consumerism bubble”, while millions of people die of hunger. Our leader´s greed and vanity is finishing the resources, is killing the earth. We use the technology to destroy rather than to create. Things are not going well, big changes are about to come and we must brace ourselves to turn this inside out.

What do you think it is more important thing that has to be done while creating a Death Metal album like “Defying the Gods”?

Well, working hard is one of the most important things when creating a new album. First of all, you have to think in which way you want to focus the new stuff and then start working on it. It is a long composing and producing process. We do not agree just to the first ideas and we keep on finding new melodies till we feel the songs are complete. Personal work is very important too, I mean spending time on your own playing your instrument. But what I consider most important is to have a good relationship between the members of the band, to work as a group, to help each other and of course, to be fully happy and satisfied with what you are doing to be able to transmit it that way to the people.

What are the main differences between “Defying the Gods” and your debut?

We wanted to make a more mature album, trying to improve the first one. We worked a lot focusing on the guitars and the vocals. We looked for more aggressive and fast riffs, keeping the harmonies in the vocal melodies and guitar solos. We wanted to keep balance between harmonies and strength trying to show different faces to the public. We tried to create new atmospheres, a new mix of feelings, and Alessio Neroargento has helped us with this using all kind of keyboards and samplers, which definitely give a new shape to the album. Ettore has helped us a lot too, he is a great professional and working with him has been a real pleasure. We think we´ve reached a new step in this never ending staircase, but the fans are the ones who have to say this.

I think that this album has a fine edge on creating interest, and I am saying this as more of a Classic Metal and Hard Rock fan, was your aim to draw other than extreme Metal fans to your circa with this release?

No, it wasn´t really our aim. First, we make music to satisfy ourselves, we do what we like, but of course it is focused to the people who like this genre. We want to draw their attention first, and then, if possible, reach other people. Our music belongs to a concrete genre, but I´m pretty sure other Metal and Hard Rock fans would like our music.

Although you're nature is Death Metal, would you think about writing extreme ballads in your next album?

We are opened to almost anything, we don´t like discarding things. As I told you before, we like showing different things, we love contrasts, so who knows, maybe you can find some extreme ballads in our next album.

RISE TO FALL is influenced by many bands including IN FLAMES. In their latest album, IN FLAMES turned to Metalcore / Groove genres. Is this something you're connected to?

Well, to be honest, we do not care a lot about what other bands do. IN FLAMES is a great band, it is one of our influences like many other bands, but we don´t take notice of what they do to get inspired. We have influences as every single band has, but our inspiration comes from other places, especially from personal experiences and feelings that make us feel music in our particular way. As I said before, we do what we like, what we feel, what comes from the inside and ,to answer your question, I consider has little to do with Metalcore or Groove.

Any special plan for the near future?

We are now touring around Spain and we are arranging a possible tour in Europe after the summer. We are expecting a respond from Japan too, because we hope to go back there soon.

Dalay was a pleasure interviewing you for Metal Temple, I wish you the best and for your band. Thank so much Sharon, the pleasure in all mine, best wishes for you as well. And finally, any message to your fans?

Thank you all for your big support, we hope you enjoy our new album “Defying The Gods”. If so, please help us broadcasting our music, we are looking forward to tour around the world, but people have to know us first and every help is vital and very welcome. Hope to see you soon in the upcoming shows. Stay tuned, stay Metal!


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