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Daniel Mÿhr (Civil War)

Interview with Daniel Mÿhr from Civil War
by Chelsea Jennings at 04 June 2015, 11:44 PM

A Swedish Heavy Metal band comprised of 4 previous members of SABATON. If that doesn't speak volumes then we don't know what does; joined by ASTRAL DOORS/LION'S SHARE vocalist Nils Patrick Johansson and VOLTURYON bassist Stefan "Pizza" Eriksson. Now dropping the debut album, "Gods and Generals", Chelsea plucked the mind of drummer Daniel about the new record, both literal and metaphorical war as lyrical inspiration and future touring plans.

Civil War just released their latest album “Gods And Generals”. How has the album been received by fans and music critics thus far? Has it met the band’s expectations?

The album has been received very fine by both the media and our fans. We were a bit anxious about it since TKA got received very well also. But we were also confident that we had managed to make something that could measure up with it, and was even better actually. But that is not for us to decide really. But people seem to agree with us on that one.

The latest album “Gods And Generals” is all about war. What inspired Civil War to write an album about war and violence like “Gods And Generals”?

It's actually not all about war to be honest. The first song War of The World is actually about the environment and pollution. So it's about Mother Earths fight to survive, and how we should help out. But well, that's a battle in itself. But when it comes to the general topic it is a lot about war indeed, but also more plain historical topics. Patrik is the one writing all the lyrics, and we've given him free hands to write about whatever he wants. But he choose the war/historical topic since it is one of his big interests and he always wanted to do it. And we others are not the ones to say no to that since we like that also.

A lot of the songs on Civil War’s latest specific events in history. Did Civil War do research to come up with specific events that related to war to write this album?

Of course research was made, but not everything is totally accurate I think. Bay of Pigs for example is based on the book American Tabloid by James Ellroy. So the source of inspiration and ”facts” can vary a bit.

What are Civil War’s plans for touring behind “Gods and Generals”? What countries are looking forward to playing in the most and why?

We're gonna do a bit of touring indeed. First we'll start with festivals in the summer, and towards the autumn we'll follow PowerWolf and Orden Ogan around for about 2 weeks on a tour around the continent. I don't remember exactly where right now, but I'm looking forward to each and every gig.

Do any of these plans to tour include international concerts in places like the US, South America, or Australia? What place would you like to see Civil War play that you have not yet played?

These places are not planned for at the moment, but we're gonna try to get out a bit outside the European borders in the future. Though I can't say when……but sometime. If I could choose one specific place to go to I'd say Japan. It's a place I've always wanted to go to.

With all songs Civil War discussed on their latest album “Gods And Generals” there are a lot of songs written about historical events. Which song and event are your favorites and why?

Favorite song depends very much on the mood of the moment. But one that always works for me seems to be Gods and Generals. I'm very satisfied with that one. It just have the power and drive that I can handle at any state of mind. When it comes to actual events I can't really answer. All of them are interesting in their own kind of way. But the topic of WOTW is quite intriguing in that way since it's something that we all live in, but maybe don't think about all the time.

Civil War discusses a lot of emotions related to war. Was anyone in the band ever included in some form of the military or defending their home country at some point? If so did this inspire such heartfelt, reflective lyrics?

At the moment it's only me and Patrik that has done military service (Oskar has also done it). But none of us has participated in ny military actions of any kind. So the reflections in the lyrics are not personal reflections. But I think it can be a quite emotional since you get to see a lot of horrible things on TV that leaves inressions on you, and it's possible to apply the feelings into lyrics and music no matter if it's about something that happened recently or a long time ago

Despite having just released “Gods And Generals” does Civil War have any new music in the works? If so, when can fans expect to hear more new material?

We already have some material for the next album and will continue to work on it. I can't say right now when it will be available to the fans. But if all goes really well it might even be during next year some time. But that is a bit much to hope for I guess, and maybe it's a little bit too tight between releases….. we'll finish off the work for GaG first before we settle down and decide what to do.

Civil War released to the album “Gods And Generals” through Napalm Records. How has Civil War found being signed to Napalm Records to work out?

It has worked really well so far and we're very satisfied. I don't know how I should describe it but it just works easy.

Where do Civil War see themselves in 5 or 10 years? What are the band’s hopes and aspirations for the future?

We are not looking that far ahead and we take one day at the time. We'll just wait and see how things develop from now on. Maybe we'll become big, maybe we'll disappear. I don't know. But we would of course like to go on until the day we can't get on stage ourselves…..or forgot what a stage is. Haha!


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