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Daniel Myhr (Civil War)

Interview with Daniel Myhr from Civil War
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 14 August 2013, 6:17 PM

After most of its lineup left the on growing Swedish Heavy Metal act, SABATON, the depart members founded another Heavy Metal entity entitled as CIVIL WAR, replenishing their minds with old wars and composing songs about them, the band released its debut, “The Killer Angels”. Blacknasa had a chance to take with Daniel Myhr, the band’s keyboards’ player regarding the new album, their abandoning SABATON and more…

Hi there Daniel, how are you? Thanks for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple.

Sorry for being so late with it. Feels like I had a million things in my head lately…..and a brain wasn't one of them. :PFour of you guys came from Sabaton and I know that you were probably get asked a lot about your departure from the band, but still it must be asked. Why?

We just felt it was a good time for us to get out. We had gotten tired of it for different reasons. I was the last one to leave, and I did it because I just felt that Sabaton wasn't really Sabaton anymore.

Now there is your new band, Civil War. Can you shed a little light about the band’s short past and how it came to be? What brought you all together?

A short time after the split from Sabaton we sat down and started talking about what we would do. The plans of playing together came early, but it wasn't for sure that it would be a new band…..maybe just to go out and play covers or something. Rikard had already talked to Pizza when they met on the local food store, and he said that he could play some bass if we ever needed one to do it.

And not long after that we got in touch with Patrik, after that he had heard from a common friend of ours that we left Sabaton and were thinking of doing something new. So we met up over a cup of coffee and suddenly we had a full band again.

How did you come to get Nils Patrik Johansson to the band? He is truly a great frontman and a veteran in your own local Metal scene and beyond.

It's our common friend Gunnar’s fault……….

I would like to convey my congrats on the debut, are you satisfied from the end result?

More than satisfied. The response from fans and media has been overwhelming. But most of all we feel that we managed to make an album that we're not totally sick and tired of after the recordings. Maybe because it was an achievement from all of us, we all got to participate in the creation. It feels varied and fresh even if all the stuff has been done a hundred times by other bands.

If you were able to, what would you have changed?

There's nothing in particular I would wanna change there. Maybe some small details here and there, but nothing that would make any differences to the whole picture.

Can you talk about some of the album’s songs and what they meant for you? Any likeable? I really took pleasure in “Rome Is Falling”.

“Rome is Falling” is special for us. That was the first song that we actually finished under the name Civil War. I wrote the basics for it during an afternoon, and showed it to the guys. Then Patrik made some basic vocals for it, and suddenly we had our first song. And it just felt great. That moment inspired me to finish off the whole EP in a very short time.

I can't put the finger on one of them really, we just feel that the variation on the album makes every song special in its own way, they're just great together as a unit. But they can manage quite well on their own also.

It has been known that the recording / production process of a release can be stressful. How did you guys feel while doing so?

It was a quite relaxed process all in all. We had lots of time to polish on details and we didn't do it all in a short period of time. All in all, the album was recorded in about 2.5 months, and it wasn't until the last 10 days that we felt any pressure. But it wasn't too bad after all.

What are the main influences on the album, I know that it’s probably historic events but did you have any specific event in mind?

The main subject is history, but in a little different way than it was with Sabaton. There was never anything specific in mind during the writing. We just found topics along the way. Some songs are not even related to history…..they are just pure metal lyrics that can mean nothing, or something. It's up for own interpretation.

Though I sensed that your songs are pretty loosen without leaving anything behind, is there something that you wanted to address the world about?

Not really. We just wanted to tell the world that we are here! And you might not be able to get rid of us just yet! Haha!

You are the band’s keyboards’ player, mostly in a Metal this role hasn’t been getting its right share of recognition as it should, unlike the solidity of the late John Lord. What do you think about that? Do you think that keyboards should have a bigger part in Metal music?

I think that keyboards should take as much place as they need, not that they deserve more or less place in the world of Metal. Some bands have shitloads of keys and they are doing very well, and some bands have no keys at all. It's not about how much keys you have, it's how you use them.
In CW I made the keys to take a step backwards compared to what it was like in Sabaton. I just felt that keys weren't needed as much.

How about supporting the album? Anything planned?

We had some festivals during the summer, and a few more coming up. Then we're planning on touring a bit later. But first we have to take care of our families. But there are things coming for you so keep your eyes open.

Are you planning for a video clip anytime soon?

We have plans for it and we already made some filming. But we still need more material to make it look interesting and good.

It might be early to talk about, but anything new on the material front for the next album?

We have recently started to get our inspiration back, and some very basic stuff has been written, but nothing is even close to be finished yet. But we're writing a little all the time. So there will be material for upcoming albums for sure.

Do you use the social network to keep in touch with your fans? Do you feel that it is important for artists, no matter the caliber, to keep a certain line of relations with their fans?

Social medias are very important. There you can create a more close connection to fans. We use it a lot, but I can't say how much each and every one of us does. But I use it quite a lot to keep in touch with people. Sometimes I just talk to random fans that I happen to have there.

Daniel, I wish to thank you for the time for this interview. On behalf of Metal Temple and myself I wish to congratulate you guys for making such an amazing debut. Any last words for the readers?

Hope to see you out there some time in the future……and these were not my last words at all. You'll be hearing more from me and the guys in the future! Cheers!


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