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Daniel Mikaelsson (Syn: drom)

Interview with Daniel Mikaelsson from Syn:drom
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 30 May 2010, 12:05 AM

When a fresh talented brutal Death Metal band appears out of the blue you just can't miss the chance to interview its members (its drummer in the specific case) and find out what they are all about. Meet SYN: DROM

Hello Daniel! How's everything in the SYN: DROM camp?
Hey! All is great; we are rehearsing our asses off right now to take our new album "With Flesh Unbound" out to the clubs! It contains pretty massive songs that needs you to be in a good shape in order to execute them perfect on stage!

Since some of our readers won't be aware of your band could you give us a short bio of SYN: DROM?
SYN: DROM is a five – piece Death Metal band from a town called Sundsvall in Sweden. The band was started in 2002 and has released four demos up to date. The band's purpose is to create furious and in your face supreme Death Metal! We are not trying to be unique or so, we just want to make Death Metal the way we want it to sound! On April 30, 2010, SYN: DROM released their first full-length album trough ViciSolum Productions. The album is called "With Flesh Unbound". It has received great reviews in the Metal press from all over the world! Line up:

Daniel Mikaelsson (Drums)
Roger Bergsten (Guitar)
David Karlsson (Lead Guitar)
Jonny Pettersson (Vocals)
Daniel Asen (Bass)

Whose idea was the band's name and what does it mean for you?
That's a common question! The band name doesn't really mean anything. We had a hard time to come up with a band name that would fit our style of music but we think this one does! The colon in the logo is just there because it made a pretty interesting logo that people seem to remember. It kinda sticks out a bit from the ordinary Death Metal logos out there.

From what I found, the band was originally named BLACKBREATH. Why did you change your name?
BLACKBREATH was actually just a two piece project involving me and David (lead guitar) which eventually was to become SYN: DROM.

This is your first ever full-length work. How do you feel about having your debut album out there? Are you satisfied with the result?
It feels amazing that we are finally done and the album has hit the stores and keeps getting killer reviews in the Metal press worldwide! The recording was a long process that kept us working for months and since we did it all by our selves. We did it all from pre production and all of the recording to mixing and mastering. So it was tough and hard work but definitely well worth it in the end!

How did you reach a deal with ViciSolum Productions? Did you have any offers from bigger labels?
Thomas at ViciSolum had heard our demos and liked our stuff so when I contacted him he was interested in SYN: DROM. We had a couple of offers from other labels and some were "bigger" but they didn't give us the deal that we were looking for, and some of them just didn't feel right. I am so satisfied working with Thomas, he is really dedicated to what he is doing and truly believes in the bands that he signs to his label! He also does a great job with promotion and distribution! I honestly don't think we could be in a better place right now!

Why did you decide to handle the mixing/engineering of the album yourselves?
Roger (guitar) is a co-owner of Nevostudios where I also work as an engineer. Nevo is a fantastic studio with great equipment and acoustics so since we know the studio the choice was easy! Plus the fact that we can control the whole process all the way to the final master suits us perfect!

Who designed the artwork and what does it exactly reflect? To tell you the truth it reminds of Medusa, in a bit more wicked form of course.
Jon Zig of Skingraver Tattoo did the artwork! He is a fantastic artist and we gave him some references to work from and it just came out perfect! I think it reflect what you hear when you listen to the album!

Have you scheduled any live dates to promote your album? Are there any festival plans being made?
We have our official release gig coming up on May 22 here in Sundsvall, we have also a couple of confirmed gigs together with AEON coming up this fall. We are eager to get on tour and hopefully we'll get to play Europe soon!

Which are your influences as a band? Your sound reminded me of the brutal Swedish Death Metal scene.
Being a Swedish Death Metal band I think we are pretty non-Swedish. Our main influences are NILE, HATE ETERNAL, DECAPITATED and VADER. So I think we sound like a mixture of American and European Death Metal. But sure there is probably a tiny bit of "Swedishness" in there too!

What more do you think SYN: DROM have to offer to the Death Metal scene? What makes your band special?
We don't try to be special or unique, we just want to make superb Death Metal the way we want it! And hopefully it works out!

Thank you for this interview and I hope you achieve all your goals with SYN: DROM. Anything last you would like to add?
Thank you for this interview! Keep the great work up and I hope we get to talk again soon!


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