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Danilo Trbojevic (Nadimac)

Interview with Danilo Trbojevic from Nadimac
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 December 2011, 12:54 AM

Probably one of the few European Thrash bands that still unleash its material in their native tongue, NADIMAC aren't surrendering to anything or anyone. With old school Thrash in their minds and tons of energies, they will keep on doing what they love to do and that is to tear places apart. Steinmetal had a chance to gain some of their up to date experience with a small conversation with their vocalist, Danilo Trbojevic.

Hello Danilo, how are you doing? I am glad to have you for an interview here at Metal Temple

Hello bro, glad to have the chance to answer to your questions!

Recently you guys released your second full-length release, "Po Kraktom Postupku", once again through AreaDeath Productions. Do you think that you crossed boundaries with it?

Hmm well we crossed boundaries maybe into extreme kind of Metal… We are still Thrash in just as the way we started, but there are some Hardcore / Punk or Grind influences. I can call it extreme Thrash Metal though not in the vein of CANNIBAL CORPSE / TERRORIZER kind of way, yet I think it's not poser-friendly release either, ha ha. Certainly it is not for anyone though it's not all the way noisy.
AreaDeath Productions did again a cool job, found us as artists who did excellent job with both our music and cover art. Furthermore, AreaDeath Productions also released our DVD release, spread patches and now the worldwide promotion starts.

Did you make any musical adjustments on this release in comparison to the debut and EP?

Well after that EP we had the first album which was pretty great but this is a different release. We reserved ourselves more freedom in writing, invested more time and effort in the rehearsals and it finally paid off, at least from what I think. The debut EP "Metal Is War", from 2008/9, was a cool release but it wasn't really a full length release that would truly show our style and ideas. As I mentioned earlier, the new release has more transparent influences from extreme forms of music we all love and admire, those influences or lyrics we wrote aren't rip off.

What is your personal favorite track on the album that you think it defines the band or you in particular?

Hmm…well… I think it is the track "Samo Kec". It is the most "popular" song from this album and also it has the greatest musical quality. It is a song about us, about real friends, real attitude towards making your own music and style. Its music is a mix of Punk, Thrash Metal, and some ultra-violent moments.

Since I have known you guys, your material has been in Serbian. After an EP, two albums and a couple of splits, have you ever thought about writing material in English for the next release?

Yes we did! But, the problem is that we are now in a wider contact with people all around the world who like our music and keep asking what the lyrics are all about. In the same time the idea from the beginning was to be an underground band and sing in Serbian and have a Serbian name unlike the most bands here and in region who try to copy some bigger bands and make their way to the world scene overnight.
We had an idea of doing sort of best off album in English with best songs from our three releases, but it's too early now for talks about that. Our aim is to stay desperately non commercialized.

After two albums, have you been thinking about signing to a bigger label?

Of course… and no  Well, we will never forget that AreaDeath Productions and Wang wanted us when nobody else did because we are Serbian and we don't sing in English. We were getting some invites from labels before AreaDeath Productions but no one was direct enough. Now, I don't know if we want to record a next album that is going to sound fifteen times more powerful, in production, than our latest one since we don't have money for studio and production, cover art, etc. I don't know if our label will have the money to support our effort next time. I sure hope so. That is probably the main reason we would need a bigger label so it will pay our studio fees. Nevertheless, I don't think we will meet a label that is a fan of the underground than AreaDeath Productions.

Please tell the Metal-Temple readers about events and occurrences throughout the band's career that made an impact on you guys.

I presume that when you say events you mean gigs and things like that. Well, here is our first gig ever, first gig on Exit Festival, first time in Bosnia, first time in Greece on a Thrash Metal festival, gigs with MUNICIPAL WASTE, THE ACCUSED, SODOM, WARBRINGER and all of those. Each of our albums is an event by itself. It brings us a lot of happiness to see that people listen to our music all over the world. Besides the music, Police state and living in Balkans region(ex-Yugoslavia), since we were born in 1985, till now our country was in a lot of wars, bombing and fight against terrorism, sanctions, blackouts. Those issues have a lot to do with our vision of music too.

I saw that you guys release additional splits after the album's release. Is the new album currently in the works?

Well we will probably record a new EP. I know you like this sort of things and we will use it for vinyl splits etc. We already started working on our new album, but we don't use pc and programs for making the songs, we do it all together in studio.

Please do tell what kinds of musical aspects influenced you as a vocalist?

A lot I guess and nothing in particular. Maybe Scott Walker, George Corpsegrinder Fisher, singers of EXPLOITED, maybe NAPALM DEATH, CRIPPLE BASTARDS. I really can't set my mind to any one as I don’t try to copy. Anyway I would probably fail trying, I am happy with discovering my sound in time. In the past, in the period of 2003-2009, I was singing in some Grind band and a dagger spawn Brutal Death Metal group, so my voice was different then.

Besides the works on new material, are you guys planning on touring beyond the borders of Serbia?

Never!! .. till now.. But since we have played in countries in our region we are thinking of playing a tour in Central and Eastern Europe next year. I hope we can find some good booking agency, who knows.

Danilo, I would like to thank you for taking this interview. I wish you guys the best and I hope to listen to a full length in English one day.

Thank YOU for being one of few who supported us all the way for years, it is always an honor to answer questions by someone who really took his time to actually listen music before everything else! Stay true / Metal IS War / DIY / 111. 


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