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Danny Boonstra (Disintegrate)

Interview with Danny Boonstra from Disintegrate
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 04 November 2012, 7:46 PM

After already releasing their debut album by themselves, the Dutch melodic Death / Thrash Metal band, DISINTEGRATE, never backed down from finding a label to release their debut jewel. Amazingly they were able to link a deal with Massacre Records to release “Parasites Of A Shifting Future”. Blacknasa talked with the band’s vocalist, Danny Boonstra, about the new album, his own appreciation and the future. 

Hello there Danny, how are you? Thanks for taking this interview for Metal Temple. Not long ago the band released its debut album, “Parasites Of A Shifting Future”, via Massacre Records. How do you feel about it? Were there other great responses prior and after it was released?

Hi there. We are very pleased with the album. When we initially released the album ourselves early 2011, we mainly wanted to see how people would react to our music. When the reactions turned out really great, we decided to look for options to get a bigger audience for our music. Massacre Records was willing to help us with that and since the release a few months ago, overall reactions have been really great as well.

How did the signing with a known label influenced the band? Did it change the relations between people in the band?

I don't think much has changed. We've always had a good balance in the band and that's still the case.  There's no need to get arrogant or feel more important.

You guys come from Netherlands, province Friesland do people now recognize you after the rerelease? do you get signing request?

Well, not really. At least not on the signing part. We do see some more people at shows and festivals that are coming to check us out. So you could say the interest in the band has increased.

Do you guys plan a tour / fests?

Obviously, we want to get some touring done and play festivals and we are working on some things, but nothing is set in stone. It's too early to say.

Were you clear on a sort of message to pass on with your songs?

Every song has its own story to tell. Some are kind of political, others are more personal. But there is no overall concept.

How did you pick up the interest of Massacre Records? It’s not easy to get a good label in Metal these days.

When we decided to go look for a label, we made a decent promotional package and sent it to labels we would be interested in signing with. Massacre Records was one of them and they liked our album and wanted to release it.

Has Disintegrate already started composing new material for its second release?

Yes, we have. So far we've composed about nine songs and are demoing some of them. We want to maintain the balance of aggression and melody, but also improve and explore.

What are your future goals when it comes to live performances?

We are working on new things for our live shows. Nowadays, it's not only important to play good music, but also have a good live show and we're working on the visual aspect.

Have you got something interesting planned for the coming months?

Besides some shows and the new material, we are working on concepts for a new video for one of the songs.

Why was “Shatter Them” chosen as for the video? Do you think that is represents the album right?

Yes, we think it represents the album very well. It's a fast, aggressive song, with a lot of melody. Also, it's a compact song that has most of the elements of our album.

Did you guys enjoy making the video? It has been known that many times bands dislike these things.
I love it. But then again it's my job. We had a lot of fun making the video. Obviously, these things can get boring, especially when you're doing individual takes and the other members have to wait a while. But it's nice to do things away from the rehearsal room.

What other big things does Disintegrate have coming up this year?

Well, nothing really big. We are going to play in places we haven't been before. It’s exciting for us to see how the people there will react and we are looking forward to meeting new people.

Danny I wish to thank you for this interview, it has been a pleasure. I really hope for your success.

Thank you very much! Hopefully your readers will give our record a listen and enjoy it.

Disintegrate - Parasites Of A Shifting Future - Review


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