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Dave Evans: "The object was to find a suitable singer and then form a new band. He invited me to jam with them in their rehearsal room in the suburb of Newtown, so I went over there, pretty excited to meet them, especially Colin Burgess, and we jammed."

Interview with Dave Evans from Dave Evans
by JoJo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 14 June 2022, 12:31 PM

Dave Evans was one of the Co-Founding members of the legendary Rock Metal band AC/DC. He is currently on tour in Argentina in Buenos Airies on the Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll tour 2022. Today Dave takes time out his busy schedule to talk to Metal Temple Co-Editor In Chief Jojo “Rocket Queen” Hamilton.

Dave, as everyone knows you were one of the founding member & the original singer of AC/DC back in 1973-74. Can you tell me how it all started? How did the band come together & what was it like in the early days?

Well, I was in a band in Sydney called Velvet Underground, which was not Lou Reed's Velvet Underground, of course; it was Sydney's Velvet Underground. I joined the band their singer had left. Also one of the guitarists had left. He was Malcolm Young. I'd heard of him, but I hadn't met him. He was also the younger brother of George Young, from the famous Easybeats band. We eventually split up and not long after that I did answered an advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald for a rock singer into Chuck Berry, the Rolling Stones, Free and other bands like that. When I called the number in the advertisement it was Malcolm Young who answered it and when he found out that I was calling him we chatted about our mutual friends in the now defunct Velvet Underground and then he told me he had a couple of guys that he was jamming with, like Colin Burgess former drummer of the famous Master's Apprentices, which was a big band in Australia that had broken up, and a friend of his on bass called Larry Van Kriedt. The object was to find a suitable singer and then form a new band., He invited me to jam with them that afternoon in their rehearsal room in the suburb of Newtown so I went over there, pretty excited to meet them, especially Colin Burgess – and we jammed. We were all very happy, we all shook hands, and declared ourselves now a band. A week later, Malcolm, at our rehearsal, said that his younger brother Angus' band, Kentuckee had split up and asked it he could audition for us. We were all fine with that and Angus came along to the next rehearsal and we jammed together with Angus and all agreed for him to join us and now there were the five of us. We eventually called our new Band AC/DC just before our first show at Chequers Nightclub. That's how it happened and we were eager to get out there and prove ourselves. The music scene back then was fantastic but not many record labels and all the bands had to be original and the absolute best to get signed. The peace didn't last long once AC/DC became established. Can you elaborate on the reasons why you left the band please? Mostly because of mismanagement and ending up with no money at all from so many shows with a hit record on the charts, tv exposure and performing at the top venues throughout Australia. I had a physical confrontation with our then manager, our third at the time and then it was just a matter of time as I made it plain that we were all pissed off and that I would not continue with him as manager. I split shortly after and noticed that not too long after that the manager was no longer with the band either.

You replaced Greg Douglas as the singer for the band A RABBIT in October 1974. What was that like after playing with AC/DC previously?

The band was called "A Rabbit" and were very good but had no record deal. Greg left the band and I was approached to join this exciting outfit from the city of Newcastle just north of Sydney. I jammed with them and it really rockin' and the guys were great so I was very happy to join them. After we signed with CBS records they changed the name to simply Rabbit and so "Rabbit" was born. We were one of Australia's top acts with two album releases and known for our exciting and manic stage act fueled by sexual energy with one female journalist calling me personally "savagely heterosexual" which was then a source of amusement for the other band members. Yes, a great time was had by all.

Your currently working on your solo material Dave, what can we expect next?

I have two new songs being released, Guitarman and a rock/blues version of the Elvis Presley hit song "Heartbreak Hotel". I will continue to record new material.

Dave, you have just signed up to Rock Solid Talent Entertainment with Phil Taylor, what do you hope to bring the fans in the future through your collaboration with RSTE?

Looking forward to a great working partnership with the release of new music on the label and their worldwide distribution partners, Sony and AMG. You have been in the music industry since your first band was formed at the age of 17, that wasn't yesterday! What would you say your biggest achievement has been in all that time? My longevity really as acts and performers come and go because of changing circumstances and I have been blessed I suppose to still be performing around the world and writing and recording and releasing new music for the fans. Dave, you are a busy man! But you must have some time for a bit of R&R! What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies you like to indulge in? I like to work out at the gym and keep as fit as possible and just relax. I am lucky to see so much of the world during my tours so it is nice to have quiet time to myself.

Your new songs have been produced by Grammy winning producer Flemming Rasmussen. Tell me Dave, what was it like working with such a legendary producer?

Yes, it was quite a privilege and of course I am very happy about it.

If you could collaberate with any other artist to write & perform a new song with, who would it be & why?

Well there are so many great artists and no greater than Paul McCartney. Fingers crossed for this one, but have you thought of retirement or will you continue to rock our blocks off for years to come yet? I am still rocking strong right now and as long as the fans still enjoy my music and my shows I will continue at least for the foreseeable future.

Dave where do you see the future taking you on your adventures through the next few years? What do you hope to accomplish?

I still get excited to record new songs so I hope that continues and the tours are already being booked for the rest of this year and plans for next year are also underway.

Dave, I'd like to thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me today for the readers of Metal Temple magazine. It's been an absolute pleasure speaking with you & hopefully I will be able to catch a gig on your UK tour!

Thank you so much and appreciated.


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