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David Andersson (Soilwork)

Interview with David Andersson from Soilwork
by Barney Wain at 04 September 2017, 9:10 PM

“We have a few ideas, but we're still discussing what direction we are going to go for the next album…”
-David Andersson (SOILWORK)

Sweden is a true home of heavy music, with plenty of metal & rock bands hailing from the country; it's obvious that at least one band would make an appearance at Bloodstock Open Air this year. Playing the main stage today is heavy metal band SOILWORK, who easily have gathered a huge audience to play for. Metal Temple speaks to guitarist David Andersson about potential new music and touring. 

It's SOILWORK’s second time playing Bloodstock; the last being 9 years ago, and your first since joining the band. Are you excited for today's set?

It's a great lineup; we love playing the UK, as we always have a great show. We have an afternoon slot and last week we played a set after midnight, which was strange, as I'm a daytime person, not a night owl.

Is there anyone you are hoping to see at the festival?

There are quite a few bands I'd like to watch but we're unfortunately heading to the airport after our set.

You released a compilation album last year, “Death Resonance”, which had two tracks specifically for that album, why did you choose to record the tracks for the compilation?

Actually we had started recording them during the sessions for “The Ride Majestic” but they didn't really fit with the songs on the rest of the album, so they were kind of half done. When we had the idea for the compilation album, we decided to get them finished to release on the album.

Your most recent studio album “The Ride Majestic” was released two years ago; are there any plans to start work on a new album soon, or has writing already begun?

We have a few ideas, but we're still discussing what direction we are going to go for the next album, but the process has begun for it. Hopefully we can begin recording from next spring.

You played a few UK shows supporting ARCH ENEMY last year and KREATOR this year, are there any plans for a UK headline tour of your own anytime soon?

To be honest, these days, it's hard to choose what we get to play as a band our size, so we take offers; we would love to do a headline UK tour though, so hopefully we get some good offers after our next release.

Are there any bands you'd personally be interested in sharing a stage with in future, whether co-headlining or supporting?

Oh absolutely, if it's a good line up we are open for anything.

Is there anyone you have in mind to do a co-headline with or support?

We'd love to do something with other Swedish bands that came up in the 90's, as that would be fun. 


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