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De Profundis

Interview with De Profundis from De Profundis
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 24 April 2008, 12:14 AM

DE PROFUNDIS recently tipped us with their debut album and days later we had the chance to see them performing live at MMD Festival here in Athens, Greece. Since I really enjoyed their set and I was really interested to meet them in person, I immediately got backstage to kidnap the band and ask them numerous questions! Just kidding… These guys are really some of the coolest musicians someone can ever meet! And by the way, Aeksej, I owe you some nice dirty food man!

So, first time in Greece, right?

\[Craig] Yes, absolutely, this is our first time in Greece. Yeah, this is our first gig in Greece. Our drummer is Greek and this was a great chance for him to play here. Unfortunately he is being very busy. I think he enjoyed playing in his hometown since he is from Athens, but for the rest of us it is the first time here.

And he lives in England, too…

\[Craig] Yes, the whole band is based in London, but we are all from different nationalities, which I think is a good representation of how London is these days. Metal gets everybody together! None of us is English and we have been drawn to England for different reasons. We are all metalheads from all over the world. I am from South Africa, Aleksej (bass) is from Serbia, Roman (guitar) from Russia…

How come you all went to London and decided to live there?

\[Craig] Hmmm, different reasons I suppose. Personally speaking, I left South Africa because it was getting difficult to live there. It was very difficult to get jobs… I had the opportunity to come to the UK and I took it!

So you went to the UK just to get a job or was it also a matter of the band?

\[Craig] Well, I had a band in South Africa between ? and ? and that’s actually how this band started because I wanted to reform that old band. The ex guitarist from my old band was living in London as well. I was going to reform that band and I put an advertisement on the internet looking for musicians to join me and our guitarist Roman answered and said he would like to come for an audition. By the next days the plan of reforming my old band changed and I said Roman that it would be nice to start something new and he was willing to do that. So, we got a band together and it all starts from there. We had a couple of line up changes. Many different people have entered the band and each one of them has brought different elements, something that made us basically what we are now and I am really happy about how things have turned up to be now.

Your new album is ready. When is it going to be released?

We have an album which was actually released in August 2007 and it is self financed. So at the moment it is only available from the band. You can get it through the band’s Myspace page, the official website or at our gigs, but at the moment it is really hard to get our stuff, unfortunately… We wish we had a distribution company at least to get our CD’s into the shops. It would be nice if more people could hear what we’re doing. We have had some offers, but until now nothing has been good enough to tempt us to go with that.

Do all of you have daily jobs?

\[Craig] We all have some sort of jobs. Some of us have full time jobs, some of us have part time jobs, but this takes a lot of our time. All our free time is being spent in DE PROFUNDIS. The advantage we have being in England is that there is a lot of gigging. And we are used to playing under any condition. We just plug in and play! The good thing is that most bands get a decent amount of time to play, even if they have a couple of songs. We played a gig last year and the band that opened the gig had only one song, but they played it! The got on stage, played their song, and left! The fact is that people in England don’t appreciate live music so much, because bands play live every day of the week. I was surprised to see people shouting and headbanging with our tunes here!

Yeah, people say that are a good crowd.

Yeah, Greek crowd is famous and I know many live recordings have taken place here.

Have you managed to share the stage with any well known acts until now?

\[Craig] Actually we are going to play in England in a couple of weeks in a billing that includes Blaze Bayley and also a French band called MISANTHROPE as well. We are also in the talks about playing in Metalcamp in Slovenia (their appearance has already been confirmed).

How hard is it for a band whose members have full time or part time jobs to play gigs?

\[Craig] It depends on what kind of job you have I suppose. I am working full time, but my boss is very flexible. If I take a day off, I tell him I will catch up the time later on. Aleksej is a school teacher for instance and it is very hard for him to take some time off.

\[Aleksej] It is not only hard to take some days off; it is that I am not allowed to take some days off. So, I have the school holidays and usually the gigs we plan are mostly during the holidays.

\[Craig] Regarding the free time, I believe that we are very well organized. Everyone writes down his free days and at the end we all know which days of the year are available for all of us.

So, what about a possible next DE PROFUNDIS album?

\[Craig] We are working on a new album, but a lot of gigs have came up recently and we have been rehearsing a lot for the March Metal Day so we have put the writing of the new stuff aside a little bit, but we have written a new song, which is a little bit longer than the other songs. It is about 14 minutes long and it is very atmospheric and dark.

Who writes the music and the lyrics?

\[Craig] Well, I write all the lyrics…

\[Roman] The way we work is that someone brings his idea and we all work around it.

\[Craig] When someone comes with an idea, it is like he is coming with a new song. We all work on it and work on it and we make sure that everything flows and everyone is happy with it. Every single person in the band has to be happy with the way a song is before we say that it’s finished.

If you could compare DE PROFUNDIS to another band, which band would it be?

\[Roman] I think it is hard to say because we all have different music tastes. I mean Craig likes a lot nasty Black Metal stuff, Aleksej likes a lot of Jazz/Fusion stuff, I like a lot of classical music and Black Metal and that’s what I think influences the band as a whole. For example my biggest influence is OPETH, because I heard what those guys were doing I was amazed.

\[Craig] I think the way OPETH arrange their songs has been a big influence on us. We don’t write 3 minute songs. We write songs that at least try to take you on a journey and I think OPETH used to do that very well. But I don’t think you can listen to us and say we sound like OPETH. I find it hard to say that we sound like anybody in particular. We are a new band but we have a very distinctive sound. I believe that after we’ve got a couple of albums out people will know that it is us if they have heard us.

Thanx a lot guys!

\[Craig] Thank you! It was a very entertaining interview. I really enjoyed it!


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