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Dead Lucky

Interview with Dead Lucky from
by Erika Kuenstler at 23 May 2015, 11:40 PM

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, DEAD LUCKY is a new Rock ‘n Roll band, with an attitude to match. Whilst recently being in South Africa to cover Witchfest, Africa’s biggest Metal festival, Erika got to do a brief interview with them, albeit brief and seemingly uninterested, about 'cold, hard facts' such as the band's 'history', future plans, and anything else she could squeeze out of them.

How did you get into playing your particular style of Rock?

By fucking bad bitches.

You debuted with “Sons of Lazarus” was mastered in Los Angeles I believe. How did this come about?

Theo Crause (who mixed our album at Bellville Studios) and Reuben Cohen worked together a lot on various projects so it happened very naturally

What inspired the name of the album “Sons of Lazarus”?

It’s the first song off our first album. We wanted to call the album “13”, but it was taken by Black Sabbath.

“Sons of Lazarus” was released worldwide in March via Dr Music Records. How has the feedback from that been so far?

We have had outstanding reviews in some of the world’s biggest Rock ‘n Roll music magazines and album sales are looking good.

The album was originally released in 2013 I believe. Are there any plans for new material?

At the moment the focus is on promoting the album worldwide, but new material will surface early 2016.

How did the music video for “Live fast, Die last” come about?

We wanted to show the people that we aren’t just a Rock ‘n Roll band onstage, but also offstage. What better way to show the world this than by filming all your tours and shows in one year and making it into a music video.

Many bands struggle to break into the international scene. What do you think is the biggest thing holding South Africa back from the international market?


In the four years since your inception, you’ve already managed to build up quite a fan base and get signed with a German record label. To what do you attribute your success?

Not giving a fuck.

You’ve had several experiences opening for international bands. Which has been your favourite and why?

Billy Talent, because we were not expecting it at that time.

Are there any plans for gigs abroad?

We are busy planning a 6 month worldwide tour, more details to follow about that soon.

For those who have never heard Dead Lucky before, which song in particular would you recommend they listen to and why?

Kings of the Underworld, because we said so.

Any last words?

Drugs and porn.


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