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Deion Kristen (Red Rose)

Interview with Deion Kristen from Red Rose
by Tomer 'Tommy-Foxx' Darmon at 13 January 2012, 10:55 PM

Though Israel doesn't have too many Hard N' Heavy bands, it doesn’t' mean that a band of such can't exist in it. Tommy-Foxx had a chance to have a talk with Deion Kristen of the newly found RED ROSE that recently signed in Italy and released a debut album.

Hey Deion, how are you doing? It is great to have you for an interview with Metal-Temple magazine.

Hi Tomer, I’m fine, thank you. It’s great for me as well to have this opportunity!

The way I see it, the road to the formation of RED ROSE was pretty complex. If you may, can you start from the beginning, with a little history lesson, and tell the readers how the band was formed?

Sure. The story is pretty interesting.

I think I’ll begin with the former band where Leve (the vocalist), Eli (the bassist) and I (the keyboardist) used to play. This band performed covers, and just began making first steps in the writing of original material. But we didn’t work out quite well in this band, and eventually it fell apart. For some time we stopped our musical endeavors, but after a while Eli came to me with the idea of creating something new, something mature and serious. And we decided to give it a try.

Leve was already there waiting for new action. And for the guitars we thought the best match would be our friend Elnur. He also parted from his former band approximately at the same time we did, and we loved the way he played guitar and the way he felt music. He accepted our offer with much enthusiasm, and together we started working on a material for the debut album of RED ROSE (Leve suggested this name for the band, and we felt that it suits us very well). We were only missing a drummer, but our friend Sam (who used to play in the same band with Elnur) gladly took the job of a session drummer. And that’s how the team was gathered.

Recently you guys signed with a branch of Scarlet Records, Bakerteam Records, and released your debut, "Live The Life You Have Imagined". First of all, congrats as it is a wonderful achievement. How do you feel about the turnout?

Thank you very much! We feel very happy that we could make it all happen, and that we had the luck finding Bakerteam Records and getting in collaboration with them. Sometimes when I think about all this, Freddie Mercury comes up in my mind singing “Made in heaven, made in heaven… It was all meant to be…” :)

Second, I noticed that your material shifts between 70s oriented Hard Rock towards a type of Progressive Metal. I found it to be a very interesting combination also due to the fact that you have a great DEEP PURPLE pattern that can be easily heard in your music. How did you succeed on reaching such a musical harmony and create a blend that is hardly heard of?

We just wanted our songs to be different from one another. We explored ourselves musically and tried different approaches. And this search is not over yet. But what made us reach this particular blend is the mix of personalities and influences that we have in the band, I think. Each of us contributed to every song, put a bit of himself in the final piece. And this mixture turned out to sound good. It came kind of naturally.

Beyond this musical combo, are there any more elements in your music that you think that are unique?

I think it’s difficult to be unique in the melodic genre today. But as I said, we’re still searching for the right recipe to our songs. What’s definitely unique about us – is our personal approach to the melodies, the harmonies and the lyrics.

Even though there were publications about the album's recording, artwork sketching and marketing in several places around the world, while you guys being an Israeli band, can you tell about the album's making process?

The album turned to be international in a way. It began as an idea in Israel, was recorded in Denmark, released by an Italian label, and its artwork was made in Brazil. Was it on purpose? Not really. We just wanted to get what’s called a “European quality”, and we found those people around the world to cooperate with, who are real professionals in what they do. It is quite an investment, but the result is definitely worth it.

Due to it being a debut album, what drove you all the way to Denmark to record?

As I said, we wanted the album to be of a world class, and we knew it would have to be recorded outside Israel. The question was where. And Eli shared his idea about Tommy Hansen, who is well known for his work with artists like Helloween, Jorn and many more. We listened to some of his works and figured that his signature sound could be exactly what our songs demanded. It was pretty insane to go that far for the recording, but the result was far beyond satisfying. We received an incredible experience, and Tommy helped us to get the best out of what we had.

Since the Israeli Metal scene is mainly extreme in its nature and recently even more to the line of Groove / Metalcore, how do you see yourself in it as a melodic Metal band?

Yeah, I guess we are a bit out of fashion here in Israel. But fashion wasn’t our goal from the start. We want to write sincere music that will come from our hearts and perhaps find a response in our listeners. Anyway fashion’s always changing. And there are many people who love this kind of music as much as we do. I think there is a decent place for us on the Israeli rock scene. But what we are really looking for is a place on the world scene. This is our main goal.

Who is mostly in charge of writing the material in the band?

We all participate. Perhaps I, being a keyboardist, am more in charge of arrangements. But each of us is full of ideas for lyrics and for musical themes. And each contributes his part into the final piece.

What are your plans ahead when it comes to future gigs?

Meanwhile we have several local shows in our plans. And we’d like to cross the borders of Israel for sure. But nothing specific is planned yet in this direction. We hope we can get on the road as soon as possible. Let’s see how things go.

I heard that you had quite a release party recently. What can you tell me about? How was it?

Oh, it was great! The public was so supporting, singing along with us and dancing… We had an amazing time on the stage, and received very warm feedbacks afterwards. Many people have bought our album that night, and this is very inspiring!

Deion I would like to thank you for taking this interview for Metal-Temple, are there any last words that you wish to share with the Metal-Temple readers?

It was a pleasure! Thank you for your time and interest, Tomer, and thanks to Metal-Temple. I’d like to say to all readers: keep rocking, live in full and make your dreams come true! And give a listen to our album. Perhaps you’ll like it! :)

Till next time! Stay tuned.

Red Rose’s Official website:


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