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Dennis Buhl (Evil Masquerade)

Interview with Dennis Buhl from Evil Masquerade
by Karila Shannis at 28 May 2012, 7:06 PM

It has been three years since the last studio album of the Power Metallers, EVIL MASQUERADE, and now they have prepare a sweet, yet heavy surprise for the Metal world. For their new “Pentagram” album, which will leave no rest for the wicked, Karila “Femme Metale” Shannis discussed with the band’s drummer, Dennis Buhl, about the new album, the recording experience and about himself.

We're here today to discuss and promote your upcoming album "Pentagram". How are you feeling about its upcoming release?

We are all obviously super excited about this release, being the bands fifth album! We most definitely feel we've created something really special this time, and a bit different too!
Will you be hosting any public events to promote the album?

Yes we sure will, we will do one very special release party/concert on the 19th of May. A really intimate show/party for our close friends and local fans. But almost even more awesome than that, I'm told that there will be several independent release parties around the world, held by fan clubs in their respective countries (how kick-ass is that?). A huge “Metal Horn” from EVIL MASQUERADE to everybody attending and celebrating the release everywhere!

It's been three years since the release of your latest album.  What did you do in this time period?

Well, this time was obviously spent writing this album. And this writing process is always a huge heavy load of Metal on Henrik Flyman's shoulders, since he is and always has been the main songwriter/composer for EVIL MASQUERADE. Other than that, Henrik has been touring with LACRIMOSA, and I've been playing shows with my other band SIC!
How would you compare or contrast this upcoming album to your previous discography?

Well like you just said in the question, I would actually both compare and contrast it to previous releases. The comparison is that this is still EVIL MASQUERADE playing but in a new and refreshed way. The contrast will be pretty obvious to everybody who has any knowledge of our previous releases. This album, most definitely has a way heavier approach than before, focusing on simpler and more to the point songwriting. Written with live efficiency in mind. We really can't wait to get out there and kick ass with the new stuff live!
What should fans be expecting?

Well actually I just kind of answered this question, but once again, fans can definitely expect something different this time. The spirit of EVIL MASQUERADE is still, and will always be there, but we have made things heavier than ever before this time! I really think the old-school masters would be banging their heads in pride listening to this album - and maybe they would actually even secretly try to copy the heaviness.
We all know the sorts of things that the word "Pentagram" implies.  What was your concept in the creation of this album?

I'm going to leave this answer really short, I think people will be able to figure out the pentagram concept, if they put a little bit of thought into it.
Are there any set plans for tour dates for the album?  Going to get a chance to tour in the US and EU?

There are always grand schemes of world domination happening in the EVIL MASQUERADE camp. That being said, we are also - believe it or not - human beings that have to live and survive. This means that in order to tour, we have to get paid, and by today's standards this is nowhere near easy. But we are always working as hard as humanly possible to get out there, and play kick-ass shows for all the fans that have not had a chance to see us yet. So this is a shout-out to everybody out there who want to see EVIL MASQUERADE live, go kick your local booker/promoters ass, and let them know that there's still a shitload of undiscovered gold out there for them to dig up!
Who are your musical inspirations?

Well to be perfectly honest, answering this question in detail would take up close to a million pages. But the really obvious answer is of cause “good music”! There are so much incredible and awesome music out there right now, for people to discover, don't just listen to the radio, and don't just watch MTV! Dig in there and discover stuff for yourself. I truly believe that this is slowly getting lost by the younger generation of music fans, and parts of the older generation as well. This is really sad, as there is so much good shit out there, just waiting for people to open their ears to it!
What's the hardest part about the album making process?

On the fun side, the hardest part (for me) was surely, trying to make friends with that goddamn SLADE drum kit I had to play in the studio. That took a while, but once our drum engineer/producer Tommy Hansen made me wear the “one-take" hat, things got rolling real fast. On the more serious side, I think that trying to top ourselves again was probably the biggest challenge, be it playing-wise, in the songwriting or whatever. But I truly believe we ended up with something really special here.
What drew you into the metal scene in the first place?

I'm basing this answer on my personal experience, but I'm very certain that a lot of metal fans out there can kind of relate to this! Around 1988 I watched Lars Ulrich of METALLICA on TV, and this was seriously it for me. I had to play drums; there was no fucking way you could tell me any different! Now 20+ years later, I'm glad my parents didn't say no. But on a larger scale, I'm sure that every single metal fan out there can tell you a similar story with his or hers own personal twist! But come on, you seriously can't fuck with Metal!
Will there be a single or a music video available for promotion for those who can't stand the wait, like myself?

Yes there sure will, it's already out now on iTunes, and it's called “A Silhouette”. Check it out and raise your horns in anticipation of this “heavier-than-your-momma” piece of Metal!
Thank you for your time Dennis, and we here at Metal Temple eagerly await the release of your new album!

Thanks a lot for taking your time to do this interview, and supporting EVIL MASQUERADE, stay Metal! Support your local scene and brewery, and stay harder than your lame-ass neighbor!


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