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Dennis Post (StarRats)

Interview with Dennis Post from StarRats
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 01 March 2007, 7:49 PM

There are times where I sit alone and wonder why some people do not accept the progress of music. How can someone remain faithful to stuff that, whether we want it or not, have died some time ago? Thank God there are still bands like STARRATS that make me stay faithful to old and heavy stuff, since they can still play them as they should be played in the 21st century. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy Mr. Dennis Post.

 Hello Dennis and thank you for taking the time for this interview. First of all, congratulations on your new album Rebelution.

Thanx a bunch bro’.. always a pleasure to chat with people who know sweet shit when they hear it…he…he! Unfortunatly, the other rats are busy as hell drinking and flashing their bling, so I’m the only one available ’cause I’m babysitting my daughter tonight….Damn! Even my girlfriend is partying..

 Could you give us some info about the band -like when it was formed etc.- for all the readers that don’t know you?

We’re a Danish heavy rock n’roll band who like to fuck the shit up! We started out in 03’ and we’ve released 2 albums so far and played hell of a lot of gigs…. Hopefully, 07’ will be the year we make it to the U.S…

 What is the reaction of the press and the Metal audience towards your album up to now?

It’s been bitchin’!!! The reviews have been really good, and the audience have been really suportive of Rebelution with the exception of a few who think we’ve become too punk, metal etc. But that’s what happens I guess…You can’t please everyone, and at the end of the day, we’re just gonna do whatever the hell we feel like and cross our fingers the audience will dig it as well.

How hard is it for a Hard Rock band to succeed in today’s Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scene?

Pretty fuckin’hard!!! But at least the market is so flooded with all these bullshit wannabe pretty boy poison dolls crap bands, who got the look but missing everything else that the cool bands like us, DIRTY RIG, BACKYARD BABIES, etc. stand a better chance of getting noticed…..

I guess what I’m trying to say is learn to play bitches!!!!  

 Which bands have influenced your music?

Everything dude!! This band consists of 4 very different people, so the influences are  everything from KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND to ARCH ENEMY… I pretty much don’t listen to anything other than the new HATEBREED these days!

I guess what really shines on through in Rebelution is our love for stuff like MOTORHEAD, SKID ROW, LARS FREDERIKSEN, MOTLEY CRUE, ANTHRAX, and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES…..

 Do you think that a ’classic’ Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band should stick to its ideals or try to present its music in a more modern way?

A lot of people have been slamming EUROPE for moving forward and doing a modern rock abum with Secret Society (2006), but I think they schould all go fuck themselves, ’cause that album is pure fuckin’ gold! …ha ha!! I just made 10.000 new enemies…

 What do STARRATS have more than other bands in the genre that is able to attract the listener and make him/her buy your album or attend one of your gigs?

Balls!!! It might sound cliche, but I’m serious… we’re the fuckin’ PANTERA of Hard Rock baby, and besides DIRTY RIG and a few others I can’t remember right now, I pretty much don’t hear that anymore…Also, we know how to play…. bam!! The enemy count just went up to 450.000 he…he…!

 I remember you told me that you liked PAIN OF SALVATION a lot. Would you ever try to put some progressive touches in your music or not?

Hell no!!! It won’t work for us… We never discussed what type of music we should play, we just ended up sounding like this, and I think that’s a special thing that shouldn’t be fucked with… I can’t imagine DREAM THEATER being a very good Punk n’ Roll band either!

You were formed in 2003 and have already released two full-length albums through two different record labels. How did you manage to do that?

We just did it because we love this shit, and because we love this shit, it never feels like work…. I guess that’s kinda like Ron Jeremy feels…he…he!

 In one song, which I don’t remember right now, you say I wish I was Britney Spears. Why do you say that?

I have no fucking clue what goes on in Nico’s head…ha..ha!, but I guess being filthy rich and drunk hanging out with Paris Hilton without any underwear isn’t the worst way to live your life….Hell, I already got the no underwear routine covered!

 How do you see the Metal scene today? Is it slowly dying or is it still alive and stronger than ever before?

Stronger than ever!!! I don’t know how things work out in the States, but in Europe, the scene is booming and there are more metal festivals than ever…

 Which new (not NU) Metal bands have attracted your attention?

HATEBREED is my newest passion, but as I said, the metal scene is fantastic with stuff like ARCH ENEMY, CHILDREN OF BODOM, DRAGONFORCE, MUSTASCH and the list goes on…In the hard rock dept. I think bands like BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, DANKO JONES and again DIRTY RIG’s got some good stuff, but I mostly listen to Metalcore and melodeath right now…

 If you could ask a famous musician to make a guest appearance on your upcoming album, who would you choose and why?

The PUSSYCAT DOLLS!!! We would of course never record anything, but hopefully we could get them drunk n’ stoned enough to get down with us..all the way down…downtown…ha…ha!!! Shit! I’m really on top of my game today eh??….

 What are your plans for now? Are you going to record another album, make some live appearances or rest for a while?

We’ve got a small tour and some other gigs, and we’re gonna bring a video-cam and record everything. On the 2nd of March, we’re planning to record a live DVD in Copenhagen, and then cut everything together and get it out to the headbangers of the world… I think we’re gonna finish up the next album sometime around summer, and I’m also recording an album with my own band PISSING ON STRYPER’S TOMB (P.O.S.T.), plus I’ll be doing whatever promotion I can for my guitar endorsement with Campbell American Guitars. Bloody hell, it’s gonna be a busy year after all..

What is the craziest thing that has happened during a live performance?

Hmm..We once opened for DOKKEN and a busted ass smoke-machine was leaking water all over my side of the stage which resulted in my mouth getting fried by lightning bolts from the microphone.. later that night I was thrown out of the venue for crashing into like 20 cases of beer out in their kitchen…. All in all a lovely evening…

 Who’s in charge of the songwriting? Is there a main composer or you all contribute to it?

Nico writes all the lyrics and we all chip in with the vibes… I might write more music than the two others but it’s not like I dictate what anyone should play.

 Thank you for your time. I wish you the best! I leave the last words to you…

Thanx for having me, here goes;

If you’re fed up with all the pussy-ass EMO Pop-Punk bitches out there polluting the airwaves and you miss a real bad-ass heavy rock band, you should check us out! ….Get ready for STARRATS.. We’re gonna FUCK SHIT UP!!!!


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