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Derrick Green (Musica Diablo)

Interview with Derrick Green from Musica Diablo
by Lior Stein at 08 August 2010, 3:08 AM

There was a time when he was just a fan, years after he became the vocalist of one of the greatest Metal bands from Brazil, SEPULTURA. I am sure you know who he is, but if you do not, hear it for Derrick Green. After being SEPULTURA’s frontman for so long, along came MUSICA DIABLO to offer Green a chance to thrash your asses off. Take a look at what he had to say.

Hello Derrick and thanks for taking this interview for METAL TEMPLE on behalf of your new band, MUSICA DIABLO, it is a real honor! MUSICA DIABLO has been up and running fast with a debut self-titled album, how is it rolling so far?
So far so good! We have already done a two-week European tour and we plan on doing more shows hopefully at the end of the year. We have had a lot of great feedback from people who were able to check out the album.

From the short story of the band, I understood approached you to take the role as lead vocalist. What was your first reaction when you heard their demos?
I thought these guys are good and I felt that I would like to be able to try my vocals with the style songs that they had. I thought it would be a good match. It’s very straight forward and in your face! The way I like it!!!

What made you join this team of metalheads?
They have a lot of heart and I always felt it would be nice to perform with other musicians from Brazil. I got lucky because they also ended up being very cool guys.

When I reviewed your album, I could not help noticing the energy of this band. Sometimes I thought about the old SEPULTURA, besides the other influences. Do you think that this is like a reinvention of the old flame of SEPULTURA or something near it?
I think there are some old elements but that is natural. We all grew up listening to SEPULTURA and it will have some type of influence on the music. We are working on defining are on style but I think those elements will be there because music has an influence over you.

Do you think, that in some point, you being the frontman of those two bands, one new and one old, contracted new views or perspective towards Metal music?
There are many things that are the same. It’s not easy with an old or new band there are always problems that have to be solved in order to show your work. You want people to hear your music under the best conditions and you always have to fight for that as an artist.

Since you enrolled as the vocalist of MUSICA DIABLO, was there any attempt to do a joint venture live gigs along with SEPULTURA? If not, will you try to do something like it?
We haven’t tried anything yet but it would be interesting for sure, and I would need a lot of sleep the night before ahaha!

Let us go forward, let’s say five years from now, where do you see MUSICA DIABLO?
Writing, touring growing and becoming better!!

Do you think that the band’s influence will spread farther than South America?
I believe so, the power of music is stronger then what people can imagine. I have been able to travel to many places around the world and see the impact that has. It’s mind blowing and stays alive and has no borders.

What are you plans with MUSICA DIABLO for the near future? Touring or writing new material and such?
We plan on doing much more touring since just started working with a booking agent M.A.D. from Germany. We have already started working on some new stuff but it’s just the begging phase.

Do you have a message for the readers of METAL TEMPLE?
Come to know the work of MUSICA DIABLO we won’t let you down! We believe in what we do and you can hear it and see it live yourself!

Derrick, I would like to thank you for taking this interview for Metal Temple. I hope you will have a blast with MUSICA DIABLO and that the new album will get good credits. Cheers for you man!
Cheers mate, thanks for the interview and we hope to come destroy the stages of your country soon!


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